Nissan Skyline (R31) GTS-R [Premium] 1987Done (GT7) 

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This Skyline has been in the GT franchise since Gran Turismo 2 and has become one of my 5 favorite Skylines. Though with the fact it's a Skyline, I find it surprising that it's still a PS2 model in GT6. Especially on the fact that Kaz is quite fond of the Nissan Skyline in general. This is one of the more unique Skylines in GT on the fact that a majority of them are variants of R33 & R34 GT-Rs. With that said, I believe it's time for this one to get a premium remodel.




Engine - Turbocharged RB20DET-R, DOHC Straight 6
Transmission - 5-Speed MT
Drivetrain - Front Engine, RWD
Weight - 2965 lbs (1345 kg)
Power - 207 hp (154 kW)
Torque - 181 ft-lbs (245 Nm)


Update: I got recent motivation to update my suggestion thread a bit. So, I added a couple more pictures including an interior shot and a video. I'm also going to add a bit more to why I'm suggesting this.

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Such a cool Skyline, yes all of us hates pd when they add another nissan skyline or GT-R but i think a car like this shouldn't wouldn't be hated at all.
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