Non-Drag Racing Transmission tuning guide

Discussion in 'GT6 Tuning' started by Otaliema, Nov 25, 2015.

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    @speedy turtle ypu may have too long if gears so the gains with the power band are so low you can't see them in terms of how fast the tach is moving or changes in speed.
    If your using MPH switch to km/h it's half as big so it's easier to see an increase or decrease in a low powered car.

    As for starting in 3rd or 4th go grab a car with a 1/1 PtWR (power to weight ratio)
    Set top speed at the half way and go test it, you'll see what I mean.
    Some cars like classic American muscle will have a 2/1 torque to weight they need to be treated the same.

    Also don't over or under tire the car that can and will affect it.
    Too much grip slows the car too little and the tires slip too much.