Ok. I'm stuck. Anybody beat Nascar Exteme B-Spec yet?

Discussion in 'GT5 B-Spec Forum' started by Johnny.Ly, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. Johnny.Ly


    I'm able to beat the first course out of the 5 courses with no problems, but as soon as I start the 2nd course, the boneheaded B-spec driver of mind drives like a 2-year-old: horrible. Any of you guys manage to get a gold for this series?
  2. I got so freaking close myself, 20 points.
    Won the first, 4th, 7th, 3rd, LAST!!! You know why he lost the last race, he could have won, because for some retarded reason he BRAKES going over the start finish line.

    For the road courses keep him from pushing for the first half of the race and towards the end he will have better condition rears than the rest and can pick off all the spinners and any others going slow. High speed ring is the bitch. I wont touch the setup for B-Spec since he drives so weird its impossible to setup to his liking/ability.

    I'm more stuck on Historic Race cars at Monaco, he just crashes all the time after the tunnel. Best place yet is 6th, using the Toyota 7.
  3. Morsolo


    I'm not up to these races in B-Spec yet (level 15), but I can tell they are going to be near-impossible. Especially seeing how hard the NASCAR and Historic Car Cup events were in A-Spec, I have no idea how Bob is going to win.

    Bob has severe mental retardation when it comes to Daytona, he brakes coming into the bends and even in the straights, when I'm pretty sure Daytona is full throttle the entire way through.

    For the Historic Cup, you have to find a car Bob is good with, thank god I've got the XJ15, Ford Mk.IV and Ferrari P4... Hopefully Bob can win in ONE of them.

    As for NASCAR, I think you just have to get lucky, there's no way to make your car better than the competition :(
  4. Johnny.Ly


    Man. It's so depressing. I smoked the living squat out of them in the first race. My driver's a level 21 too, so he has "experience," My perfect 125 win streak with Mr. E.Jean is now 125/126 -_-
  5. Johnny.Ly


    For that race i used Pace Down after the tunnel and smoked the competition with my 2J. Got it on my first try :)
  6. happycorey

    United States Florida

    Wow that's impressive. I let my drivers fail more often than not now. I used to quit every race when they were hopeless but then I end up babysitting the stupid guy for 4 of the longest laps of my life only for him to be passed on the last turn and lose the race. You want to lose? I'll let you lose.

    I don't understand the driver man.. It's like he has no concept of racing and I got the dumbest ones out of all the AI, no matter what his stats say. Just when I thought I could take an easy win on Daytona Truck race this dude can't pass to save his life, nor can he keep his foot off the brakes on an oval. One time I even gave him TWICE the horsepower and he couldn't win on Daytona in a VEYRON!! Are you freaking kidding me??
  7. emparedado


    haven't tried the complete championship, but my bob is now running in the oval and he's doing quite fine. I added some downforce, max speed of 380kmh, and given that my Mr Bullock (level 19) tends to brake when it is not necessary I decided to set the brakes 1 front - 1 rear.

    Had to remind constantly that he was in race, otherwise he would let everyone overtake him.

    Edit:I just won the Nascar Series!! My Bob got first in all the races except for the second one. Here are some settings I used: max down-force, brake bias 1f 1r, car heigt -15f -15, hardened springs a bit, max speed from 330 kmh to 370 (depending on the lenght of the straight). Hope it works for you. :)

    Btw, there's no way for me to beat this second one, Bob seems to be happy just being 6th, and if I tell him to speed up or overtake he will drift at every corner and wear the tyres off by the 5th lap. Need some help to beat that!
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  8. Nooomoto


    B-Spec is unreliable. Sometimes these guys are regular Schumachers...and sometimes they are Karthekayans :(
  9. Muzik33


    When do i actually get to the nascar racers? im currently level 13, i have done al of the special nascar events i can, but im ready to do an actual nascar race -.-
  10. emparedado



    Nascar Series are available at level 21
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  11. Muzik33


    Bahhhh, seems like it takes SO long to get there, ive raced soooo many races and im only level 13 ><
  12. I swear on the grand valley one the overtake button does not work anywhere or in any position on that track, so freaking frustrating. 1st in all the others, but i cannot seem to move up from 6th.
  13. Johnny.Ly


    i managed to beat it last night, after a couple of attempts :D
  14. happycorey

    United States Florida

    So I pretty much have to buy a NASCAR right??
  15. Is there any difference between the Nascar cars? They all cost 500k
  16. Rule #1: oil change. I beat the Nascar Bspec without too much troubles but don't expect to beat the other ai drivers by much at all. The thing you should focus on is shortening the gear ratios and tweaking the downforce higher for technical the tracks. You want bob to bounce off the rev limit just before he brakes in his fastest section. The grand valley race, make sure to babysit him like a paranoid mom. On grand valley he'll roast the tires if the pace is too high and end up pitting for fresh rubber. You have to go max pace to get him out front and then lower his pace to a sweet spot where he isn't drifting everywhere and not driving too slow. The ai will be nipping his bumper the entire race forcing him to up his pace. It's your job to make sure they don't over pressure him.
  17. You can win a camry nascar from completing the nascar challenge in special events. I found it has a smidge less hp (8) after oil changed compared to the other ones. I used the jeff gordon car since it had a hair more hp after the oil change then the stupid freebie camry.
  18. No you win one of them for the Nascar challenge. I got #14 Chev something-or-other

    I just completed it now, 4 wins and last at Daytona. Just max the DF, and he should win the first 4.
  19. DC9990


    I ended up winning it by 15 points!! I went into the Daytona race with a decent lead but I set my Transmission a little bit short so I was expecting to lose quite badly & just had to hope that the Edwards, Montoya & Gordon cars weren't high up as they were the closest to me on points.
    I ended up finishing in the middle of the pack & was rather worried I'd fail by a matter of points but it came up with me on top xD

    All I can suggest is Oil change! Then adjust the Transmission according to track & whack up the downforce to full

  20. Hahaha, good idea, wish we could just disable his brakes all together. I'll try 1F 1R bias settings next time I have to do B-spec daytona in any car.
  21. CeeJay

    United States Ohio

    I had to yank the game out of my PS3 and put in Vanquish so I could go on a robot killing spree after attempting this STUPID B-Spec NASCAR joke.. What is my AI driver doing DRIFTING in a NASCAR car?? He tore up his tires & finished dead last.. :mad: I tried to pace him down some but then he'd drive so slow he'd never be close to the front! UGH!! Ok... calm down... it's just a game.. :lol:
  22. Keep him pace down and at the back of the pack for the first 3/4 of the race upto 3 seconds behind even, then tell him to go max and overtake all the time till the end, he will win most races as he will have higher strength and better tyres than the rest.
  23. sumbrownkid

    United States Stockbridge, Georgia

    Meh don't sweat it. Even Schumacher had losses in his career.
  24. neema_t

    Online Now!
    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    I just won Grand Valley on my first try. I set my car up as emparedado suggested (big thanks for that by the way!) but forgot to reduce my top speed from what I'd set for Indianapolis, which was 230mph (370km/h). I didn't make much progress pushing from the start, I managed to get to 5th by lap 5; at the bridge I got passed but got my position back before the S-bend before the sweeping right hander to the straight, where the 4th and 3rd place cars had a slight accident and allowed me to breeze past on the straight. Then I caught up with the 2nd place car by lap 7, passed him and then passed the 1st place car at the end of the straight on lap 8, it seemed so easy.

    The key is to keep your driver halfway between the middle and right hand end of the heat bar when tucked up behind another driver, I noticed at the end of the race they were pulling massive drifts and by keeping your driver calm he would gain ground on them and had better exit speed through most turns, and once you get some breathing space (admittedly that was down to luck for me) you can focus on taking one car at a time.
  25. Centura


    It was pretty easy for me. I increased the downforce and adjusted the Max Speed for each track and he won every single race. My driver was Level 19 or 20 and he was in the red until he got to first place.
  26. The guy above who posted some settings with brakes at 1 front and 1 rear has some great advice. The only other thing I would mention is make sure your oil is changed so ur car is at 892HP. And instead of pressing overtake just keep pressing pace up. I've got golds on all the NASCAR events doing this.
  27. neema_t

    Online Now!
    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    Ok, I'm now at Daytona and losing pretty severely because I geared my car a little bit too short, 230mph (370km/h) isn't enough and I'm bouncing off the limiter, fluctuating from 3rd to 12th place every few laps. But I won every race up to this point so I should still win the championship.

    emparedado's settings worked so incredibly well, thank you, you're a genius, though I should probably have anticipated that 370km/h at Daytona wouldn't be enough!

    Hang on a sec- My driver is in the lead! He keeps getting rammed by the faster cars but he carries more speed into the turns, I did not expect this to happen...

    Edit: Oh, great, I was winning from laps 14-19, then on lap 20 I got passed then rammed from behind which made Bob slam the anchors on, ended up 5th from that.
  28. priesty_lfc

    England Bristol

    Thanks mates, used this and won them all pretty easy apart from Daytona, I went to 370 but was redlining at 332 so maybe should have went 385? anyway great set up :tup:

    EDIT: Should have read the above post first as I had exactly the same issues! Finished 4th tho in the end
  29. Hmm 1 1 brakes sounds like a great idea the b spec drivers always overbrake while the rest of the ai field seems to be able to take corners flat out even on the supercar series, finally stuck them in a full on race car and just kept spamming pace up in the turns lacked some on the straights but pushing the bob in the corners won it barely.

    Really annoying cause my italia owns that race easily but in the hands of bob nope we going to brake to 150 every damn bend.
  30. My driver is such a tard he spun out on the last lap of the first track even when his pace was constantly in the middle! And then he just sat there for about have a minute before setting off again. I think he needed a **** or something such a stupid frustrating game mode!

    I didn't buy the game to watch someone else play it!
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