OK, so what is the trick to doing these cars without traction control?

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I am using moderate TC while online racing because I dont want to keep crashing people.

I cant quite get the "touch" to not spin out...using Logitech G27 wheel.

I try to do it with slight brakes at same time, not good at that either. What is the trick other than practice, practice, practice?


With the wheel I cant hit the xbox button, the one you have to hold down to read messages, I dont know how to assign a button on my wheel to do that...none of the buttons currently will

also is the tune I put in for qualifying online race need to be put in a 2nd time before the race starts after the qualifying, assuming i want to use same tune, is it already in there>
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And where is "single race or arcade?"
And where do you set the AI skill level?

and the timing info, can I have that also show that I am ahead or behind by how much over the previous lap? Up in the right hand corner?

GT has it, Gran Turismo, each lap you will see in green that you are faster by X or in yellow you are slower by X...

Do you have to RELOAD the set up if you want the same one after you do qualifying?
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