Online drifters AIM/MSN

If you guys haven't noticed yet, the drift chat has changed

the new drift chat address is:

or just click the link in my sig; SPREAD THE WORD PEOPLE!
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Hiya Peeps!!!!

My MSN is: dj_milkie AT
PSN: MilkieDJ

I'm free for online drifting usually from 8-9pm GMT onwards..

I'm new to drifting in GT, but have been drifting my RC car's elleccy and nitro for a couple of years.
Yo bruhz whats good.


still tryna get the heng of Gt5p cant seem to drift well with wheel on it. But in Gt4 im all pro watch my vids . if you want to drift on gt5 add me to Psn and give me tips on gt5 cant seem to get it right with wheel >.>
hey guys, I don't think we need MSN or AIM as much anymore due to the recent innovation.. THE DRIFT CHAT!

to setup a session, have people agree to drift and do a ready-go method

when everyone's ready, someone says go and you connect 👍
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