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Very challenging but lots of fun. First hour was mostly just figuring out how to get around without crashing. Too bad about the bots, though.

I can see a couple more seconds in there but I'll never find them, at least not for a while. Was pretty clean but I did lose a bunch of time in the downhill banked turn a couple times(one of them with a little clunk) which didn't help. Of course the leaderboard says there's 2 more seconds per lap but we'll just not talk about that. :D
My result is posted.

Good fun challenge this one, at least the car/track combo - the AI, well, bless them - they tried I guess :lol:... I know I left a lot of time on the track but it was definitely a very enjoyable drive 👍.

Absolutely no point in posting a replay of this race, as I saw nothing of the bots after turn 1, and that's not an interesting watch :lol:
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Final race & championship standings updated...

So after 5 months... 11 random drivers came together to race 10 random cars around 10 random tracks across all 3 platforms using 2 different controller inputs.

The result.... We're all winners, because it was fun.

A massive congratulations & thank you to all of you who participated in the PCCP CHAMPIONSHIP.

@John Wells

It's been a pleasure to race with you all.

Mr Grumpy 👍
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Funnily enough, there was a prize courtesy of our banned driver @Chikane_GTR.

This is what he sent me.

Mr Grumpy if his ok if i donate a prize to the winner of the PCCP? Its not much but you see i by mistake bought a year of PSNow thinking it was a year of ps plus I still have the digital code of psnow (Unused) but i have no interest in that service but maybe someone else can find enjoyment in psnow so i would like to donate it to the winner, only thing is its a US digital code so i think it'll only work with a us account.

But considering we don't know when he'll be back I don't know what's happening.

I'll leave it up to him to decide who gets it, if he's still able to do so

I'm on xbox so it's no good for me anyway.
Thanks Mr Grumpy well done.:D
Thank you John, it's a shame you only joined towards the end, if you ever fancy a random race you can have a look back over some of the combinations we done earlier in the championship back on page 1, have a blast online or against the AI 👍
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