Peugeot 306 Maxi and Seat Ibiza Kit Car DiRT Rally 2.0 DLC Now Available

Discussion in 'DiRT Series' started by GTPNewsWire, Sep 25, 2019.

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  2. Gregfranklin


    I'm looking forward to getting back into this game. The FFB is vastly improved in my opinion
  3. GT Kelv

    GT Kelv

    I just bought this game. It looks great. I’m having a problem getting the rwd cars to hold a drift. Especially on the gravel. I’m using my controller too. Is there some kind of setting for the controller or differential so I can get these cars to hold a slide instead of spinning out?

    The car is also becoming very off balanced when braking hard. To the point where the car goes left or right while braking on a straight line. Any suggestions?
  4. flatdarkmars


    Add rear toe-in. Soften rear suspension. Reduce rear differential locking under acceleration. Also, in general, neat & tidy is often faster than "holding" a drift. Yes, you will drift a bit on gravel, but rarely for very long, just for quick changes of direction.

    Move brake bias forward. Stiffen front / soften rear suspension. Reduce rear differential locking under deceleration.

    There's actually at least one error in this infographic (Turn In -> Oversteer -> 3. Decrease front toe out is wrong) but otherwise it's pretty useful.
  5. GT Kelv

    GT Kelv

    thanks for the suggestions and settings. I’ll try them out. I wanted to get the controls down with the controller before using wheel rig. Thanks again.