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Full-size standard-cab short-bed pickups are going away. Ford and Chevy still make them, but Ram just announced they are discontinuing theirs. This isn't really surprising. They don't sell a standard-cab short-bed version of the current Ram 1500. Instead they've kept the previous generation (essentially the 2019 model with no changes) in production as the Ram 1500 Classic to fill the small amount of demand that still exists. However, if you're quick, you can still order the 1500 Classic before the order books close. Added incentive to buy one are 13 low production colors you can order for an additional $450. They make for a nice change from the usual four shades or grey and white.

Detonator Yellow
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New Holland Blue
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School Bus Yellow
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Oh boy, would love to have one in a decent blue or yellow. One of my feverish dreams is to have a standard-cab short-bed converted to some sort of pro touring/NASCAR-style monstrosity. The Ram's design is the most appealing to me for sure.
Looks good, even though this is already the 4-stroke version with the Polo engine.
Fiat Toro and Ram 1000 (sold in Panama, Chile, Colombia, and Peru.) Based on the FCA Small Wide 4x4 chassis, shared with the Fiat 500L, 500X, Jeep Compass and Jeep Renegade.