Play RaceRoom Racing Experience for Free This Weekend

After the usual fun in running games on PC (getting stuff to work) i tried it, seems like fun, but not my kind of fun. Compared to only other racing game i play, GT-Sports, the graphics are underwhelming and the cars feels very heavy. Without a doubt it would feel and drive better with a wheel, but sadly that is not happening.
Good idea: recreate the one-make Porsche GT2 race in Spa from that happened this summer. I did it in VR yesterday, had a blast.

Raceroom offers many great things but i think i like the Porsche Carrera Cup, DTM and ADAC GT Masters the most. GT3 at Macau is another experiene thats hard to find anywhere else..
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As a PC simracer it does seem like the developers are fighting for our attention. First we had iRacing - play me here is a big update. Couple of days later Sector 3 - no play Raceroom - here is a big update. Couple of days later Kunos - no play ACC - here is a big update. Couple of days later S397 - no play rF2 - here is the UI you've been waiting years for. Now Sector3 comes back for the last word before Christmas - no play Raceroom - its free for a weekend!. Shame as a typical man I've got so much Christmas shopping to do this weekend!!
I’ve always liked Raceroom.
Ranked servers are now live with expansion happening next year.

DX9 but still looks good, even better after some fine tuning in Nvidia CP. FFB is great and we all know the audio is :)
doh why did I delete it after last free weekend, now another 3hr download lol, sounds are awesome, if gt sport had sound like that I'd never leave home :)
Oh frick, I forgot about this sim. I haven't touched it in months despite getting a new computer and upgrading it. I have to get on it again.
One of my favorite PC sims that I've played. Would highly recommend giving it a try 👍
Wasn't this game free to play? I owned this game as my very first Steam game but I left it in a dust since I bought GT6 and other racing games.