PlayStation 3 Officially Discontinued in Japan

United Kingdom
Just so you know there is a huge difference between WRC5 and Driveclub - aside from one being a rally title, it is by a very small studio and it's their first driving game. DC to buy is £12 on the PS Store and probably another £12 for the season pass and it has a lot of content by a far bigger studio. have a look at the threads in the DC forum here. They are worlds apart.
I know, just they were the driving games on PS Plus.
Did you not try Driveclub @Latvija27 ? Still seems to be active on the online side and the physics aren't half-bad plus the atmosphere is quite involving. Dirt cheap now, of course.

Driveclub is a very good looking game but its bad online the driving is good but to arcade I got bored of it in a few weeks but I occasionally play it to drive the RUF.