PlayStation 4 Tops 53 Million Units Sold Worldwide

Discussion in 'Console & PC Gaming' started by GTPNewsWire, Jan 5, 2017.

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  2. Obelisk


    This is my first article for GTP, ever. Not the most glamorous thing, but I think I did a good job.
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  3. Sharpie

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    Good job.
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  4. gigio79

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    I think SONY has reached a great goal by selling 53 milions of PS4, now I hope they will do their best to please customers improving all services. This should be the priority.
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  5. RodeRuner1967

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    The PS4 Pro isn't compatible with all 4K TV's. They need to patch this now.
  6. gtfanforlife

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    Been trying to order the PS4 Pro, but they're sold out on Amazon...
  7. BLADErunner80

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    Same with PSVR sold out most places, problems with manufacturing is hurting the sales numbers.

    As GT Sport is releasing unusually late into this console generation, we may not see the typical spike in console sales associated with a new GT game.

    I wonder how many people will be purchasing a PS4 for Gt Sport? Surely the series importance has diminished somewhat for Sony.
  8. Maddens Raiders

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    Good job Sony & I love my PS4. I just hate that it pisses my girlfriend off so much. All I want to do is race or play battlefield when I have a little free time to myself and it drives her berserk! :irked: Stupid 1st world problem I know...
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  9. John_Marsten

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    I don't want to be 'that guy', but there is nothing unusual about GT arriving late in a console generation.
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  10. SlipZtrEm

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    Ah, but GT Sport truly is "unusually late" for PS4.

    It's now been a longer time since the system's release than it was between PS1 and GT1. That should hardly count though, since the series didn't exist before that.

    PS2? GT3 arrived barely a year after the system did. PS3 had GT HD mere weeks into its lifecycle, and GT5 Prologue showed up a little over a year in.
  11. Northstar

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    Selling 3 million consoles over the holiday period this late in the generation seems pretty good, although I'm not familiar with what's normal.

    Congrats Sony. :cheers:

    Yeah well...


    Congrats on the job!
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  12. showmethepuppiz

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    Excellent news for all gamers
  13. In line with the PS2's typical sales over typical holiday periods, but skewed because the Japanese market is completely dead in this console generation; and also skewed because the PS2 had outsold the PS4 pretty much every other time of the year despite all of the press releases and news articles that talk about how the PS4 keeps somehow breaking sales records (and the gap is increasing).

    Still, kicking the crap out of the PS3, and Sony is actually making money on this one. So they probably don't care either way.
  14. SlipZtrEm

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    Someone commented on the Shotokou Battle article on our Facebook page that they hope the game — and all of mobile gaming — fails, so that the console market can "recover".

    Seems fine to me. :D
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    To be fair, Facebook comments are a bit of a cesspool.
  16. LeGeNd-1

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    Why is this in Sim Racing Hardware instead of Console & Gaming? EDIT: Fixed.

    On topic: no doubt the PS4 sales is helped a lot by all the XB1 defectors in the early days. I wonder if sales has slowed down now because everyone that wants one already got one. I'm predicting maybe GTS can shift another 5 million. Add another 10 million slow trickle until the end of its lifespan and we end up with around 70 million. Not bad at all but still less than PS3.
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  17. fatkrakr


    I don't even own a PS4. :O First time since Sony launched a console I havent had one hooked to at least 1 TV. To be completely honest I don't think Ill be buying one either. :confused: What happened?
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