PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series Shortages Might Last Into 2022

Worked my butt off to get my brother a PS5 in November (and succeeded), but now I regret not looking for a XSX for myself. Can't even see one in online stores for so much as a split second. If not for others experiencing the contrary, I'd say they haven't been restocked since December. I'm not in immediate need for one, but a 2022 date is much longer than what I even considered as a worst case scenario (Fall 2021).

I certainly have the money to buy one well above marketing price. I just have trust issues with buying anything online from an individual. If a retailer was selling a XSX through Amazon, I'd take it. But some average joe on Ebay with a picture of the box on their bedroom floor? Not a chance. Its just a shame that Amazon had to remove both the XSX and PS5 from their website, the 3rd party retailers were getting absurd with their pricing leading up to December ($2100CAD for a PS5). But now that the winter holidays are over, I'd assume the chaos would have settled down.

At least the Series S seems to be in better supply for those interested. I do occasionally see them restocked online, and even saw three last Friday on shelf at my local Wal-Mart. It was like seeing a Unicorn out in the wild.
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I got a PS5 today. At retail although I also got an extra pad, the headset and a copy of Miles Morales.

Trying to work out how to invert the horizon look in Astro Playroom. Not finding anything to do it. Waiting for the PS5 version of Destiny 2 to download. Then I've got the Plus titles I've been adding to my collection on the PlayStation website so I'd have some games to play.

I was supposed to be shopping for food and stuff. I didn't get any of that stuff, just headed home asap.
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