PlayStation Store Black Friday Early Access Starts for PS+ Members

Fanatec is offering 40% off clubsport inverted V3 pedals on Black Friday only for those interested. That is a HUGE savings on some of the best pedals currently available.
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F1 2016? Someone's gotten the shaft.

MotoGP 17 is a game I've been looking at for quite some time now, but I'm just not sure about it on account of it being, you know, Milestone. MXGP3 is a good game of theirs though. But then I have that on my laptop. Everything else I either have or don't fancy at all.
GT Sport and F1 2017 are 50% off in EU store! also NFS Payback is at 40%!

Right now its early for PS Plus members, 23rd for everyone else.
Considering getting the Nioh season pass for 50% off. I don't know why. No game infuriates me as much as Nioh, and yet, I can't help but want to conquer all of it. I might be a masochist...

Also really want to get my hands on Persona 5, but prefer physical copies. Of course this is all made more difficult by how there are so few game retailers left in Denmark, and I need a Danish region game to get the DLC, specifically the Japanese language DLC pack. That digital Ultimate Edition is looking very tempting though...