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@Sian used the 4C both in Gr.3 and Gr.4, but the designs were specific enough to show the "double" creativity I was looking for in the entries. And the bonus shots were truly amazing.

Thank you very much, I really appreciate. :)

Congrats to @Noisy for the win, he was one of my favorites but I "knew" he would have a lot of votes so I decided to mention another coup de cœur.

I'm 7th ex-æquo out of 25 in this LEC, seeing what some of you have done, I'm truly happy!
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Thorin Cain

Congratulations to all podium finishers, especially @Noisy with the win :cheers:. But @AlfoDesigns, @hairless_ape and @Cytoria take no shame with those outstanding efforts. Well done all :bowdown:.

There really were some hard decisions to be made but ultimately, I ended up voting for #s 6,13 &19. And very nearly about 8 others. I think every entry that had an Alfa in it was outstanding, and I really liked @Cytoria's pair. Ultimately that was the final one cut in favour of @Noisy's, I just preferred the colours a little more and also the more 'orderly' pattern work. And @wowbaggerBR, I also really liked both of your Porsches too, the wave patterns worked in really nicely and I liked the colours used.

But there was an elegance about the other two entries of @hairless_ape and
@RealJaySee that stood out more to me than the others. I really appreciate the clean looks of those machines. Hard to say which one I would have picked if I only had 1 vote. Great work guys :bowdown::cheers:.

Also a big thanks to the 5 people who voted for the twins 👍:bowdown:.


Edit: And a big thanks to @KK78 for picking the theme :cheers: