Polyphony Digital Cup trackside commentary

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    Very nice write up!

    I finally know what tracks lay before my RUF CTR2... which, if you havent guessed already, destroys the competition easily. I'm racing with the T5 tires... so obviously I'm pitting more often. I run a 3 pit race no matter what. It seems that the 350Z, Skyline and Cobra all pit 3 times regardless too

    I just know that once I complete the cup, I'll have over 90% of the game complete :D
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    Thanks, Bankheist, and welcome to GTPlanet! Try your hand and record your run through the PD Cup for us. I'm always interested to read other people's experiences.
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    I just finished this series. Unfortunately I underestimated my racing skills. Thinking myself on the short end of the talent pool I chose the Nissan 400R. After the oild change I started the series with 414BHP. Using the T2 tyres (which I ended up using the whole series) I did the first race according to Dukes schedule. It soon became apparent that the Nissan was way to powerful as I was in the lead for most of the race by a large margin. I chuckled as the Vette did his/her 2 lap pit stops through the whole series. I didn't want to rerun the race so I can up with a few rules to make it interesting for me. As a FM3/4 gamer, I'm a big full sim type of racer. It always appealed to my RL sense of the game. A mistake in any area and your race could be over.

    So any contact that was initiated by me would be followed by

    1. A mandatory pit stop in addition to my scheduled one or
    2. Waiting until traffic cleared (in the case of an off) or
    3. End of my race.

    I purposely started from 6th place every race so that I could slowly work my way to the lead. I had 2 extra pits on Seattle, 1 on SSR5 and 1 on Deep Forest which actually made the race much closer because I was down on BHP and that track the AI just were much better for some reason. But I still was able to win all 7 races before I stopped and won the TVR Cerbera. I already had 2 of the other cars through the MAXDRIVE game cheat that gave me pretty much everything and 10 trillion credits.
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