Draft [Postponed] World Touring Car Championship Tour of the World

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    Hello fellow GT6ers, it has been a long time since I have been involved in a mid-week championship on this game ever since my main club became PC-only, and I am yet to find a suitable one to join. So I thought it would be a good idea to set one up myself. So I present to you, the World Touring Car Championship Tour of the World, or WTCCTW for short - to be hosted on Monday nights from 8pm UK time, with the lobby being opened at 7:30pm.

    In short: as opposed to just running different circuits every week for a number of weeks, the cars will change too. Ten 'nations' will be represented with both cars and circuits from each, meaning ten nights across ten weeks of one-make races, with the overall winner needing to be able to handle front-engined, mid-engined, turbocharged, naturally aspirated, high-downforce and low-downforce machinery. Not all cars will be just Touring Cars as such, as we will be using Super Tourers, Grand Touring machinery and even dipping into the Vision Gran Turismo stuff. This negates the need to spec the cars, and therefore removes any arguments there.

    There will be a mixture of 40/20minute feature/sprint respectively splits, and one hour 'endurance' races. With that in mind, we will be going with MotoGP's 25/20/16/13/11/10/9/8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1 points system for the sprint races, with points doubled for the feature races, and tripled for the endurance races.
    for this series. As for points, due to the nature of the series, and the length of it, dropped points will come into effect, with either the worst two weeks dropped for each driver.

    The excellent 'Good Racecraft Guide' is what will be followed here when it comes to how 'clean' or 'dirty' the racing will be.

    The calendar:

    1. Australia - Ford Falcon XR8 - Mount Panorama - Endurance - Dry
    2. France - Renault Megane Trophy - Cote d'Azur - Feature/Sprint - Dry
    3. Great Britain - Lister Storm V12 Race Car - Brands Hatch (Grand Prix) - Endurance - Wet
    4. Germany - Audi A4 Touring Car - Nurburgring (Grand Prix) - Feature/Sprint - Variable
    5. Italy - Lamborghini NOMAD Diablo GT-1 - Monza (Grand Prix) - Feature/Sprint - Variable
    6. PDI - Subaru VIZIV GT VGT - Grand Valley Speedway (Full) - Feature/Sprint - Dry
    7. Europe - BMW 320i Touring Car - Ascari - Feature/Sprint - Dry
    8. United States - Panoz Esperante GTR-1 - Daytona (Road Course) - Endurance - Dry
    9. Japan - Nissan Z GT500 - Suzuka (Grand Prix) - Endurance - Variable
    10. Belgium - Gillet Vertigo Race Car - Spa-Francorchamps - Endurance - Very Variable

    The event format:

    Room mode: TBC
    Room privacy: Club Only (will be hosted in the GT6 club which is in my signature - no signup required on any other website)

    Race alone
    Final corner start
    10 minute limit

    Endurance race limit 20/40/60 minutes

    Race settings:
    Grid start with false start check
    Grid order - Fastest first for Feature and Endurance races, reverse grid based on previous race results for Sprint races
    Boost - off
    Penalties - off (there will be a stewarding panel however to report incidents, which will include repeated corner cutting)
    Tyre/fuel depletion - normal
    Grip reduction - real
    Mechanical damage - light
    Slipstream strength - real

    Tyre limit - Racing Hards
    Vehicle tuning - unlimited
    Vehicle upgrades - power and weight upgrades - prohibited, otherwise unlimited.
    All aids prohibited except for ABS.

    All GT Auto pit services are recommended and allowed.

    Depending on the number of sign-ups, we may also have a team's championship. The points system will also depend on the number of drivers interested. Points will only be awarded to those who finish the race, within 90% of the race winner. Should we exceed sixteen sign-ups, then subsequent entries will become reserves, ordered by the order of sign-up. Each driver must state prior to each race whether they are in or out for each race.

    Reporting a penalty will be as simple as sending a message to one of the stewards with the names of the driver(s) involved and the lap number. Penalties will range from swapping of positions, to time penalties, to simply being chucked out.

    Regarding the time and weather, there will be time/weather which will likely reflect real-world events on the circuits (where applicable), but it will vary from race to race. For example, as rain is unlikely at Bathurst normally, rain will be unlikely here. Compare that to Brands Hatch, where the weather is British, so the weather will be set to 'British'.

    I'll do a handy Excel spreadsheet to show the points standings for Drivers' (and Teams' if we do it).

    As for restarts - no restarts, unless there is a mass disconnection or the lobby fails. End of. Anybody caught using the text box for no relevant reason receive a serious reprimand or more. I should make it clear that I absolutely despise restarts.

    Driver line-up (Driver Number - PSN ID - GTPlanet ID - Status)

    (Eiffel Power Motorsports)
    1. #86 - Craighypheno - @CraigHyphenO - Admin/Steward
    2. #TBC - TBC - TBC
    1. #TBC - TBC - TBC
    2. #TBC - TBC - TBC
    Finally, there is no precise start date for this, however I have Monday 21st September pencilled in, which will give everybody plenty of time to grind enough credits (the Red Bull X Standard Championship remains the best way to grind) for the volume of cars. If you have any questions, do not be afraid to ask.
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    Definitely interested. Sounds like a good idea for a series. Plus, I like the car choices that we are using. Definitely will keep my ear open with this.
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    OP updated, with points system and event format confirmed.
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    Count me in for this Craig.

    (Team ATOM)

    1. #40, GremlinOne, @GremlinWon - happy to steward if needed.
    2. TBC

    I have raced with @Harsk100 and @lxmmy and thoroughly recommend them to join in with this :)
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    Postponed until the new year due to lack of interest, where I will evaluate whether I will be able to host the series.
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