Premium imperfect: The WIP list of visual problems and inconsistencies

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Simply Ctrl-f (search) a 'premium' car name or manufacturer to see what's wrong.

After spending so many man-hours on each premium car, little inaccuracies just seem wrong. Worse still, they are sometimes exceedingly obvious when viewing side by side with the real car. (Google image search is your friend.)

Another key reason for this thread is that GT6's engine can replicate these details to an amazing degree IMHO, it's just that this ability is not applied in a consistent manner to every car fitted out as such, hence these observations are totally fair. One can call it nitpicking, but the basis of the thread is factual nonetheless.

Search for 'bonus list' to see cars which 'work fully' in a visual manner to a satisfactory degree. Search 'personal opinion' to see my views on similar details in other games and a mini review of GT6.

If anyone actually cares, do feel free to post or PM stuff to add to the list below or suggestions. No point telling me I'm wasting time since most cars have already been covered. Heck, wouldn't time be wasted typing a post telling another he's wasting time?

Regarding the structure/content of the list:

GT6 cars are marked with double asterisks.

Fuel gauges are only checked by seeing if they're full in short drives and from their position in the photo travel mode. I've not quite the willpower to see if they deplete in race as they should.

I do not expect tire pressures or engine and gearbox fluid temperatures to be reported accurately as they are not yet simulated in game. Perhaps PD shot themselves in the foot by simulating atmospheric temperatures in 6, thus requiring an extra working gauge compared to 5.

Cars will have basic names as only premiums are of interest here.

The word 'apparently' is used when I've not confirmed the bug myself or via YouTube but feel more than confident enough in others' posts to add it. Thanks by the way if I forget to post a thanks. There's no way I can cover every premium in a decent enough time frame. Most of my initial post was made with lower standards over the past 6 months in private with GT5 where I had easy access to most cars.

My terminology for the wheels may be a little confusing too but feel free to ask. Mentions of wheel offsets are with regard to the inboard curvature of visible spokes, deeper mounting hubs or dishing.

The wheel's 'raw' offset value could still be correct and brake disc's mounting face could even be at the correct place, just with odd 'spacer' like attachments at the wheel's mounting hub that shouldn't be there. (This was often the case with Shift 2, see the SRT-10 for a clear example.)

Alternatively the offset is simply wrong but track width and brake mounting face location is accurate and the wheel magically floats off the rest of the brake assembly. (It's the case with the '08 RS6.)

Track width is used simply, or inaccurately, as a generic term when the outer tire sidewall isn't quite where it should be.

I'm also working on listing cars that lack torque converter physics, have wrong gearing ratios or LSD settings (e.g. 5/20/10) when they have it fully open or use a brake-LSD. (I set it to 5/5/5 in these cases.)

There's a 'severe' and 'nitpick' tag too. The former will usually be used for major exterior issues and gauge mis-calibrations while nitpicks are fairly minor and won't count against a car being considered 'proper'. Subjective suggestions can be considered nitpicks.

Considering that it's really random what dash lights turn on when a car is only recently stopped with unlocked doors and/or headlights on, don't take the 'off' state comments too seriously.

So here goes... (Starts typing at 1530, GMT +8. Posts at 1922. 100 edits later...)


**Abarth 1500 Biposto

Odometer, trip meter and fuel gauge don't work.

(Severe) Oil pressure gauge is mis-calibrated.

(See Fiat for other Abarths)




Odometer, trip meter, oil pressure gauge and clock don't work. Fuel gauge is either mis-calibrated or non-functional.

**NSX Concept

(Severe) The battery meter and odometer have vanished compared to the car's debut trailer. There's nothing displayed in the space now.

Also, fuel gauge is suspect.


Alfa Romeo


(Severe) The unique rear wheels weren't modeled. They have concave style spokes that curve inboard with deeper hubs, somewhat like the C63 AMG's rears. The track width is also negatively affected unlike the floating wheeled RS6.

(Severe) Front wheel & tire placement. (Wheelbase related. Front wheels are too close to the doors.)

Ambient thermometer, trip meter, odometer, clock and fuel gauge don't work. High beams seem set to the normal beam indicator.


Front ride height. (Should be bit higher, fender currently scraping tire edge.)

Fuel gauge, odometer, trip meter, clock and ambient thermometer don't work. Tachometer is mis-calibrated past 1500 rpm. Is that blob below actually a fuel economy gauge or a radio display?

Shouldn't have a LSD. Only the Q2 JTD had them AFAIK.


Tire placement/size. (Too much tire width relative to wheel causing the sidewall to bulge excessively. Opposite issue to the Vitz/Maserati/LFAs/SLS AMG.)

Clock, e-brake indicator, high beam indicator, ambient thermometer, odometer and trip meter don't work. Can't make out the readings of fuel gauge or the fluid temps.

Would prefer if radio was off.


Ambient thermometer doesn't work.

Ride height seems low all round.

(Severe) Needs more rear track width.

(Severe) The clock digits sometimes don't display (e.g. 1835 becomes 183, 105 becomes 15) and the trip meter's tenth of km is stuck between 1 and 2.

Like the styling parts.

Has a brake-LSD so rather than fully open, I like setting it to 5/5/5.


Oil pressure gauge, odometer and trip meter don't work.


Oil pressure gauge doesn't work.

Has working shift lights and odometer unlike the near identical Viper SRT-10. It's the only 'similar' interior I can think of that has been updated with more working instruments.


**Alpine A110

Odometer and trip meter don't work.


Aston Martin


(Severe) All wheel offset. The wheel spokes, when approaching the wheel mounting hub, should start curving inboard instead of continuing outboard. The standard version in GT5 did the offset better but was replaced with an interior-less premium, with the offset problem, in 6.

Blanked out digital display in the center of analog speedometer where the odometer, trip meter and ambient thermometer are normally displayed. The clock in front of the gear stick doesn't work either.

(Nitpick) Slightly odd speedometer digit transition from 99 to 100 (2 to 3 digits), somewhat like the LFA's digit 'slide' problem.

Has a semi-off state in photo travel with 0 fuel and coolant temperature, but the digital speedometer is still on.

Not a visual issue but the gearing is unbelievably wrong. Final drive is correct but individual ratios are all too tall, especially 6th. The ratios should instead be the ones from the other AMs below.

V12 Vantage

Rear ride height. (Too high.)

Same interior issues as the DB9 with more minor stuff:

E-brake indicator doesn't work at all.

The digital speedometer should show the unit (km/h) at the bottom corner like the others.

I think there should be shift lights in the upper center circle (maybe only later MY models).

Not visual but there's a possible incorrect tire size specified in the physics causing the speed in 6th at 7K rpm to be 297-ish vs 312 kph actual. Need to check off-throttle cruising rpm to be sure. The final drive and gear ratios are correct.

Note that there seems to be 5% rpm losses across most GT6 transmissions under throttle for some reason and some cars may have been 'secretly' compensated with larger tire diameters, hence the idea of comparing speeds/rpm at full and zero throttle.


(Severe) Blanked out displays like the other AMs, severe here as the car's auto-clutch and is hence missing the gear indicator in the small top center circle (where the V12 Vantage possibly has the shift lights).

Fuel gauge may be mis-calibrated and not completely broken. There should be a clock and ambient thermometer at the top right of the center console screen too.

Also wonder if there's a more suitable display setting than the main menu, the car is too rare in reality for sufficient pictures or videos of the functions...

Poor interior textures on gauges and displays may be due to LOD issues. Many of the new GT6 cars drop the FPS a bit.

(Severe) That darn tire stretching issue like the LFA and Huayra too, where the edges of the wheel stick out from the tire sidewall.

0 down-force front and rear is rather odd for such a modern exotic.

At least it sounds appropriately different from the other AMs though. Can also appreciate the deeper rear wheels.



**Sport Quattro S1 rally car

I'm guessing that the pressure gauges are for fuel, oil, and turbo boost. None of them work, though I don't think fuel pressure can be simulated in any car with the current game engine.

**S1 Pike Peak

Turbo pressure gauge doesn't work; 1 to 3 bar seems low for fuel or oil so guess it's boost.

(Severe) Tachometer is mis-calibrated below 8K rpm. Likely due to the readings starting at 1K and not 0.

R8 V10 specific

(Severe) All 4 wheels are about 1/2 inch too small. Zoom in and one can see a gap(!) between the tire and the wheel.

(Severe) It still has the wrong front headlights; the V10 has LED headlights as standard compared to the V8.

both R8s

Fuel gauge, high beam and e-brake indicator, trip meter, odometer, clock, ambient thermometer and fuel economy display don't work.

(Nitpicks) The center console screens should be on and show a redundant clock and the V8's date displays a pre-2007 year.

Weirdly, both have half off-states. They'll switch to a different LOD where the dash displays are off and coolant and fuel readings drop. Oil temp and battery still at mid-way though.

Should use brake-LSDs for front axle.


(Severe) All 4 wheels' offset and size. They should curve in steeply yet smoothly :odd:, somewhat like the rears of the 430 Scuderia. They're also about 1/2 inch too small and fit very poorly to the tires.

(Severe) Speedometer is mis-calibrated past 100 kph. It'll read 320 at 295 actual.

Fuel gauge, trip meter, odometer, high beam indicator, gear indicator, e-brake indicator, clock, ambient thermometer and fuel economy display don't work. Coolant temperature is stuck at minimum, as nit-picky it is. Would also prefer not having a radio station in the display.

Center console screen should have a redundant clock in the lower center.

The date texture is set to 2003 despite the car being MY2008. The Gallardo has an appropriate year set so it should be done here too.

The car lacks a fully 'off' state.

Lacks torque converter feel. Audi diff issue (See TT/TTS), should have a brake-LSD on rear axle too unlike the TTs.

So, good bodywork geometry, bad everything else.

The flat floor upgrade increases 'hidden' downforce, PP, and also greatly reduces top speed. I suspect the race cars generally have this 'hidden' parameter set. Shouldn't a flat floor increase top speed though...

TT (1st gen)

Clock, odometer, trip meter, ambient thermometer and gear indicator don't work. Fuel gauge is suspect.


All round ride height. (Too high at front, too low at back.)

Clock, odometer, trip meter, economy readout, ambient thermometer, e-brake indicator and gear indicator don't work in the V6. The S goes a step further and blurs out the textures too.

The V6's center screen should show a redundant clock while the one in the S doesn't work.

The TTS' fuel gauge is suspect and the speedo is mis-calibrated past 140 kph, eventually reading 300 at 275. And its gear stick is in R.

TTS wrongly shares the TT V6's sound sample. Should use the Golf GTi's or R's at least.

Not visual, but the S also lacks DSG physics.

Another non-visual note, all modern front engine Audis were given front LSDs when they actually use the brakes IRL. The inconsistent issue with GT5 and 6 is that these Audis, the Scirocco R, the current Focus ST and all modern Lambos, except the SV, were set proper front LSDs but others like the 2nd gen new-Minis and the Golf R have to make do with open diffs when they all actually use similar brake-LSD systems IRL to varying intensity. (The SV has an actual mechanical front LSD.)
I set most of the basic ones to 5/5/5 for a little effect. Stronger systems get 5/10/5 to 5/20/5. (I've no actual idea what I'm doing here.) The RS6 is notable for having the brake-LSD on both axles.




Front wheels should have less concave/inboard sloping, i.e. more positive offset. Fairly minor and hard to see but since the tii's were modeled...

Has similar dashboard problems as tii below.

Not visual, but a good example of recording the right car the wrong way. The wrong aspect of the engine note is 'amplified'.

Shouldn't have a LSD but has a brake-LSD system. I give these 5/5/5 though I think they don't 'activate' under deceleration.

1 Series tii

(Severe) Speedometer is inaccurate, reading 235 at 240 kph and freezing around the 270 reading when it's doing around 278.

Ambient thermometer, clock, trip meter and odometer don't work.


(Severe) Oil pressure is mis-calibrated and reads high even in photo travel and when stalling the engine.

Fuel gauge is suspect, coolant temp doesn't work and it has the analog odometer bug.

M3 E92

E-brake indicator, clock, ambient thermometer, trip meter, odometer and fuel gauge don't work. Clock in the iDrive display doesn't either. Pointless radio tune and trip ETA thingy is also displayed there. A stopwatch or trip computer with average info can be shown, and the screen can be turned off entirely.

I consider it the stereotypical Prologue quality premium. Minimum working gauges, decent bodywork, and bothering to model the deeper rear wheels unlike another certain title that claims to have overhauled its models...

Sounds great from the back, too much whine from the front end. Hence I prefer the outside mic option for engine sound.


Fuel range estimate doesn't work. (It sort of works in the RR Evoque.)

(Nitpick preference) Seeing that range isn't an issue most of the time, I'd toggle the above display to ambient temperature instead since GT6 supposedly simulates the effects of it.

The white arc below the gear indicator will either show the 2 separate sportiness settings (or 3 with the optional dampers) or the classic BMW 'live' fuel economy gauge; it'll only be the plain arc when launch control is active or when the car is just started up. There should also be the 3 gearshift 'intensity' bars next to the gear indicator as this one has DCT.

The center screen won't stay at that startup screen, it'll go to a menu display. If one prefers, the screen can also be switched off entirely.

(Nitpick preference) Expanding on the menu, fun things like a combined power and torque display or a detailed secondary trip computer can be displayed instead and in most, a clock will show at the top so there's a concentration of info to distract oneself with.

Also would prefer if a/c was off. Sharing the exact 135i sound isn't ideal though they similarly sound flat at the exhaust IRL. This car is notorious for fake interior engine sounds IRL too.

Very slightly too much track width. Tire sidewalls should be somewhat squarer. The update with added camber helps in the visual accuracy. Car has a full off-state in photo travel when lights are off which is good.


(Severe) Wheels stick into respective bumpers, fronts in particular. Also insufficient track width. Really stupid that the standard version doesn't suffer from this.

(Severe) Poor smoothing of front bumper, front windows, head and taillights and general odd doughy/'plasticky' look all round. (Broken smoothing groups maybe?)

Fuel range readout, e-brake indicator, trip meter and odometer don't work. Like M3, clock in the iDrive display doesn't work and there's a useless radio tune and trip ETA thingy displayed.

(Severe) Massive problem with the projected speed display that has to be seen to be fully understood. It reads 111 higher than actual most of the time with bizarre behavior below 100 and above 300 actual. See post 77.

(Severe?) HUD is missing the tachometer but not sure if there's a mode which displays only speed. There's definitely a sporty tach and speedo mode and a GPS mode which displays current speed and directions in reality.

(Severe) The gear indicator doesn't show R, is missing the shift intensity indicator, and the selector itself appears to be in N.

Like the RS6, I get the impression this was a frantic low quality, last minute 'premium' addition to the series. Funny that the 2 share a scene in some GT5 intros. Big shame nothing's been fixed so far and the 'standard' had much more quality in its time. Possibly the worst premium car. :boggled:

**Z4 GT3

(Severe) Mis-calibrated tachometer that reads low at about 7K at 9K actual revs. Possibly due to lower numbers (2, 3, 4) being closer together. Normally this isn't a problem for un-even tick speedometers but it was somehow overlooked here.


Odometer, trip meter and ambient thermometer don't work.

(Severe-ish) The head unit says BMW nav, but the screen above the a/c vents is missing (unlike the M below) so the base CD player should have been modeled with its own small screen. Regardless of which screen, a clock can be displayed. So it's an error in spec like the R8 V10 and Evo X.

Low readings of the speedo and tach due to odd zero points, but not as bad as the Tesla roadster.

Another case of right car, bad engine note sync. The 'roar' should kick in sooner rather than at the fuel cutoff.

Not visual, but it shouldn't have a LSD. Like the 135i, it uses the brakes.

Z4 M

Odometer, trip meter and fuel economy gauge don't work.

(Severe) Speedo is mis-calibrated below 120 kph.

Ride height's a bit low. Maxing it out seems better.

Subjectively, would prefer the center screen flipped up so there's a clock, and if the a/c was off.

Not visual, but it has to be said that none of the Ms that share this engine have the correct sound. Funny part it that they all were given various sounds from the marque. It's the normal Z4 3.0 here, E92 for the normal E46 and even the 135i/M4 for the CSL.


Clock and odometer display don't work.

When driving, the seat belt sometimes clips through the guide ring and the driver's suit.

Subjectively, would prefer the radio's lid flipped closed.

I know BMW is notorious for optional extras, but this is the first time I've been charged to raise the existing power roof of my convertible. The least PD should have done is model the car's free hardtop accessory.

Not visual, but like the 135i and Z4 IRL, it uses brakes instead of a normal LSD.

**Bugatti Veyron '09/'13 (Oh boy...)

Analog clock, odometer display (center of power gauge), E-brake indicator and ambient thermometer (center of tachometer) don't work. Interior is rather low in texture and poly detail for a new car. Feels like it was rushed for GT5 but got canned and forgotten.

(Nitpick-ish) Would've preferred the economy display since cruise control isn't used. '0.5 MPG' with mods at top speed, LOL.

(Severe) The driver uses a duplicate black seat belt in events while the actual orange one remains at the side.

(Severe-ish) There should be more tire profile all round. Wheels seem a bit big too and I think it's due to the metric unit wheel diameters including a bit of the bespoke tire. Every other game has this issue too. Correct deeper rear offset though.

The 1 to 7 gear display should be present as paddled manual mode is used.

(Nitpick) The digital speedometer may have 3 digits even at rest based on what I've googled. E.g. 000 at 0 mph.

(Nitpick) Spoiler shouldn't retract to top speed mode automatically at 370+. However in the interest of reaching top speed I don't mind. That said, the dash display would remove ambient temperature and the toggle-able info to show only 'TOP SPEED' and the gear selection. I think it'll show 'HANDLING' above 220 too.

(Severe) Year is definitely wrong and is it even possible to have a 'basic' Veyron coupe with the new lights?

Off centered driving position.

Car lacks a proper off state, even the gear indicator is still in D in photo travel.

Not visual, but the gearing is about 10% too short. 0 front down-force too. Front diff should be open but with brake intervention.

Very disappointed considering the car's significance and how long it's been around. Can't even choose an alternate interior color considering the orange doesn't quite go with some of the exterior ones. Very, very, very, very, stupendously sloppy job overall from PD.... 😖 👎

In 1.10, the power gauge now works, fuel is now fixed to 4/5 vs reading empty while the oil temperature gauge now has a believable static reading, though they still don't function.


**Cadillac CTS-V

Supercharger boost gauge doesn't work like in every other car. See the 'Vette ZR1 and Ford GT.

(Superchargers and natural aspiration aren't simulated to the extent of turbos in GT. Hence boost/vacuum gauges don't work and nothing's displayed in the game's HUD.)

Ambient thermometer and compass don't work and a minor thing, (nitpick) the coolant temp is pegged to minimum. Would prefer if screen was retracted as the temperature should still show.

Odd angled driving position.

Ride height seems low.

Appreciate the modeled differences between the front and rear wheels though, a really subtle detail nailed.

Lacks torque converter feel.

Would prefer if M gear setting and paddles are used for sake of consistency.



Camaro Z28

Odometer, oil pressure gauge and fuel gauge don't work.

(Severe) Clock is 1 hour fast.

Camaro SS (The 21st century one)

(Severe) Front wheel & tire placement. (Track width should be wider and thus make the tire sidewalls closer to edge of fender.)

(Severe) Rear wheel & tire placement. (Wheelbase related; the wheels currently stick too much into the fender behind the doors.)

Odometer and compass displays are blank. Likewise, the center console display should show an ambient thermometer and a clock above the line but it's blank.

Digital speedometer stops at 180 mph, don't know if it's true to the real deal or a game bug.

Don't like how most of the dash warning lights are on.

Art Morrison Corvette

Need to check this again at some point but I believe the oil pressure gauge and odometer don't work.

**Stingray racer concept (C2)

(Severe) Oil pressure gauge is calibrated for wrong units and barely spins.

Is that blur at the speedometer supposed to be an odometer?

**Corvette C2

Clock doesn't work. Neither do the oil pressure gauge, trip meter or odometer. Fuel stays at F in photo mode which makes its functionality suspect.

Corvette C3

Mis-calibrated mph to kph speedometer was fixed in a patch. Some basic calibration issues still.

The clock, odometer, trip meter and oil pressure gauge don't work. Fuel stays at F in photo mode which makes its functionality suspect.

Wonder why this convertible is never seen topless...

Corvette C5 Z06

Odometer display doesn't work. Oil pressure gauge completely doesn't work in 1.10. (Was mis-calibrated to bar instead of psi before.) Fuel gauge seems fixed in 1.10 but I need to check again.

Center console's clock and ambient thermometer are blank.

Front wheels should have less/no dish compared to rears. IRL, this subtle style of difference is present on early Countachs and Supra twin turbos.

Something seems off with the rear fascia. Is it too big in relation to the rest of the car?

Corvette C6 Z06

Oil pressure gauge and multi-function dash display (odometer) don't work.

HUD is missing the tach and G-meter.

Center console's clock and ambient thermometer are blank.

Low beam indicator seems permanently on.

Need to re-check the wheels.

ZR1 too

The above problems and...

Supercharger boost gauge missing from HUD and the present gauge doesn't work possibly due to possible lack of simulation.

Corvette C7

Oil pressure gauge, compass, fuel economy readouts, odometer and fuel gauge don't work.

Tachometer is 100 rpm optimistic until 5000.

Subjective, but I'd use the 'track' hockey stick style tachometer display which can add a lap timer and more fluid temperature readouts.

Center console menu screen should have a clock and an ambient thermometer at the top corners.

Would've expected more accuracy from a cover car. That said, the SLS wasn't really done well either...

**El Camino

(Severe) The headlights don't light up when flashing high beams in daylight but light is still projected sometimes. They do light up in day time photo travel.

(Severe) Clock works but is very mis-calibrated.

Odometer goes crazy in photo travel but works properly in-race, may be a LOD issue as some others are also affected this way.

Unsure about fuel gauge, it's stuck at F in photo travel but it could be the kind which doesn't drop to E when the engine's off. Same occurrence as the BMW 507, which I've placed in the 'proper' category.

Love the variety of body parts available in the shop.

A possible improvement would be for the driver's animation to manually shift between 1 and 2 instead of using D. My understanding is that this car's D preset will short shift even at WOT. This manual gear toggling method was used to extract max performance in old automatics according to the various US car magazine archives.

Lacks torque converter feel, won't blip.


Odometer doesn't work.


Citroen C4

Odometer, trip meter, fuel gauge and fuel range estimate don't work on the upper display where the speedometer is.

Rev counter display doesn't turn red at excessive revs.

The center display below the center a/c vents is very low resolution and lacks a working clock and ambient thermometer. The a/c setting display further below wrongly copies the above display.


**Cizeta V16

(Severe-ish) Needs a little more rear track width.

(Severe) Tachometer is mis-calibrated below 6K rpm

Odometer doesn't work.

E-brake indicator doesn't work in events but does in photo travel.

Fluid temperatures are static which is minor but fuel gauge is suspect.


Daihatsu Copen

Fuel gauge is suspect. Think there should be a clock on the radio display. Tach won't rev past 8500 rpm.



'70 Challenger

Oil pressure gauge, clock, trip meter and odometer don't work. Fuel gauge stays at F in photo travel which makes it suspect.

The night time dash illumination is really low res.

I'm pretty sure Hemi models have 15" wheels instead of the current 14".

Wish there was a way to de-vinyl the roof and de-stripe.

Challenger SRT8

G-Force display doesn't work. Why not display mileage and ambient temp instead?

There should be a clock displayed in the center console screen.

Shouldn't have a proper LSD and instead have a brake-LSD system. Lacks torque converter feel, won't blip. Should ideally share the SL55's transmission physics.

**Charger SRT8

Odometer and the 2 compasses doesn't work.

(Nitpick-ish) As manual mode is used, the gear display should show the exact gear rather than D.

(Nitpick) Fuel gauge settles around midway instead of minimum in photo travel.

(Nitpick) When the engine is off in said gallery modes, the center gauge display is on the normal screen when it should have a sort of wallpaper/press to start display.

Conversely, the center console screen works appropriately in-race and out. (It has a working clock and redundant ambient thermometer and turns off when it should.)

Ride height a bit low, try 125/120 F/R.

Off centered driving position.

More of a PS3 limitation but the lower LOD kicks in too aggressively, one can get too many jaggies and uneven surfaces when viewing the exterior unless in gallery mode. (The full detail model there is alright.)

Subjectively, I'd prefer setting the center gauge display to something remotely useful instead of the main menu. Fuel economy or a digital speedometer perhaps? And the console screen to any of the performance pages.

Same transmission physics issue as the other SRT8 but 6.4s do have a proper LSD.

Viper GTS '02

All round ride height. (Bit high at front, like a trophy truck at rear.)

Odometer, trip meter, oil pressure gauge and clock don't work.

Viper SRT-10 & ACR

(Severe) Front wheel arches have an odd notch on the half nearer to the SRT-10 badge. Something as a whole doesn't quite look right with the arches' overall shape and perhaps size, assuming the tires are the correct size.

Odometer, oil pressure gauge, shift lights and center console's clock don't work.

Door ajar sign shouldn't be displayed on the odometer.

The old 8.3 has an appropriate sound source but the whine of the dyno(?) overwhelms it.

ACR specific

Excess front track width.

Rear wheel hubs should be deeper inboard, like the normal Lexus LFA to a lesser degree.

Not visual, but isn't there supposed to be adjust-ability in the stock suspension and aerodynamics?

And why does it sound more like a muffled V12 than the same engined Alfa TZ3 or any other Viper?

**SRT Viper GTS Launch Edition

(Severe) Weirdly, the non-15th anniversary 'Launch Edition' (the one that's blue with white stripes) has rear wheels that are very slightly too close each other (insufficient track width).



**250 GT

Odometer, trip meter and clock don't work.

(Severe) Oil pressure gauge is mis-calibrated.

Tires don't fit right to the wheels and also need more sidewall bulge.

(Severe) All 4 wheels/tires should be closer to the front of their respective wheel arches.

**250 GTO

Oil pressure gauge doesn't work.

**288 GTO

Odometer and trip meter don't work.

1.04 fixed the broken tach, oil and turbo pressure gauges.

**365 'Daytona'

Tach and speedometer have swapped functions. Fixed by 1.02.

Clock, trip meter, odometer and oil pressure gauge don't work. As a whole rather silly for the first 3 as the instruments are so similar to the Dino's working ones.


Oil pressure gauge doesn't work.

(Severe-ish) Tachometer is mis-calibrated below 6000 rpm.

Tires are too stretched over the wheels.


Ambient thermometer and parking/e-brake indicator don't work.

(Nitpick) Oil and coolant temperature readings at mid way even in photo travel and gallery views, thus also lacking a full 'off' state.

AFAIK, there should be a digital speedometer next to the odometer and a clock at the top right of the analog speedometer display.

Subjectively, would prefer the other display mode that instead (of the fluid temperatures,) shows an 'active' reading like oil pressure since temperatures don't matter in-game and are static.

Minor, but the rear wheel lugs should be deeper inboard.

Front winglets don't lower/deploy at high speed.

Also, it's lifted a bit too much at the front as though it has the optional front axle lift permanently active. Try 110/115 (F/R) ride height instead.

512 BB

Odometer, trip meter and clock don't work.

Similarly to the Dino, the tire sidewalls should bulge outwards over the wheel edges.


Like the 430, there are different f/r wheels. However, also like the 430, they are a bit off.
The current spoke 'flatness' of rear wheels also should be used for the front. Then the wheels at the rear need deeper offsets but only at the mounting hub, where the hub area is a fair bit deeper compared to the front's.

Fuel gauge, odometer, trip meter, ambient thermometer and clock don't work. Fluid temperatures pointed at minimum which is kinda odd. Car lacks a fully off state and uses a static texture for the assorted gauges mentioned above.

And not visual but, 0 down-force compared with the other Ferraris?



Like the 599 above, a static texture is used for the multi-display. This means the odometer doesn't work, the fuel gauge is very suspect, and the fluid temperatures don't change. The time and ambient temperature display is missing too. Also stuff like missing parking brake and seat belt indicators compared to others and the headlight indicators don't work in photo travel. Finally, it also lacks a fully off state.

Center screen should also show something at least in drives. The Horse? A redundant digital clock from infotainment?


Odometer and trip meter don't work. Otherwise seems near perfect.

F430 specific (non Scuderia)

Front wheel offset. Spokes are very slightly too convex/outboard at the most outward point and are too obvious when looking at the car from a front view. The spoke curvature should also be more like the Scuderia where it curves back inboard when nearing the hub, like a 'B' or a 'm' on its side. Now, like the DB9, it fails to curve inboard enough at the hub and has that blown out 'balloony' look.

(Severe) Tachometer reads 400 rpm high and gradually becomes more accurate, reading true only around 9000 rpm. Speedometer is slightly inaccurate by about 5 kph at 320.

(Severe) Gear indicator and oil pressure gauge have somehow been covered up entirely.

1.04 apparently fixed visual modifications not showing up on car.

All variants including the SP1

Fuel gauge seems to be a static texture, hence not working.

Odometer doesn't work. Think there's a missing clock or indicator of some kind at the drive mode indicator.

Gearing seems a little short.


The clock, ambient thermometer, trip meter, trip time (duration), trip average speed, trip max speed, fuel gauge and odometer don't work. The fluid temperature pointers are missing. Forgot to check the e-brake.

(Severe) There's an odd mesh bug causing the road to be visible at the edge of the bonnet just above the base of the windscreen vipers.

Sounds like a 458 still? Should re-use the 599's sample...



**Grande Punto Abarth

Fuel meter and fuel economy gauge don't work. I'd prefer the boost display instead of the latter. Wonder if the mileage displayed should be the trip meter instead of the odometer.

(Nitpick) Coolant gauge is static. Would prefer if a/c was off.

(Severe) Front wheels perhaps a bit close to the doors.

Nuova 500

Odometer doesn't work.

**500 Abarth specific

Boost gauge seems mis-calibrated for only the 2nd half amount of pressure.

the above and 500 1.2

Ambient thermometer doesn't work.

(Nitpicks) Coolant gauge is static and there's no fully 'off' state for the interior in photo travel.

Subjectively, would prefer a fuel consumption or range readout where the date is now.

**Fisker Karma

Tire sidewalls don't quite wrap around the wheel edges sufficiently, though nowhere as severe as the One-77 and Huayra.

The rear wheel hubs should be slightly deeper and the front wheel lugs shallower; the former is possibly the most subtle I've ever seen so I dunno... The CTS-V, Tesla Roadster and V12 Vantage show that PD can get such details right sometimes though... (I feel really, really bad about moving the Karma from the 'proper' list :P)

Missing shift animations, but the shift controls (Drive, reverse, etc) are rather uniquely placed; they're push button yet mounted on the transmission tunnel. Paddles change drive mode, not gears.

(Nitpick) Slightly odd speedometer digit transition from 99 to 100 like the DB9.

Otherwise an excellent example of working dash displays, indicators and center console screens; the latter has time, redundant ambient temperature and a working redundant compass(!). Proper photo travel LOD implementation too. 👍👍

Detailed model and textures inside and out does result in some lag on older PS3s.

Some issue with the hybrid drive-train not working as expected but it's not a visual issue.



**Focus ST

Compass, trip average fuel economy readout, clock, turbo boost and oil pressure gauges don't work. Would prefer if a/c was off.

(Subjective) Would prefer if the trip computer's quad display was selected instead of the single. It'll add a trip meter, estimated range display, and a trip timer. The only way for a pre-facelift model to have a digital speedometer is by toggling the debug modes.

Has a silly 5th and 6th gear ratio issue; they are made taller as though only the shorter final drive ratio (for 1st-4th) is present but GT correctly supports and switches to the taller, hidden 2nd final drive. Hence they are super tall now. Using the exact same ratios in the custom transmission fixes this problem.

As mentioned at Audi, it shouldn't have a proper LSD but its brake-LSD/TVB system is notoriously effective and aggressive to the point of killing the front brakes.

Focus ST (The Volvo 5-cylinder one)

The odometer, trip meter and ambient thermometer displays are blank. Tachometer reads too high and speedometer too low at higher values.

Shouldn't have a LSD.


Trip meter and odometer don't work. Supercharger gauge too.


Odometer doesn't work.

(Severe) Oil pressure gauge is set to wrong units and barely spins.

Grand Touring Garage Mustang Trans-Cammer

Oil pressure gauge doesn't work.

Mustang Mach 1

Wheelbase seems short relative to bodywork.

Odometer and trip meter do work but blink between digits like they're digital. The FC RX7 also has this issue.

Oil pressure gauge and clock don't work.

Minor, but temp gauge is always at midway in photo travel.

Mustang GT

Something about the rear wheel placement in relation to the arch seems off. Maybe it needs more rake to the extent of the GT500. Ride height's a bit low too.

Wheel offset doesn't seem right either. The premium package 5-spoke wheels, 18 inch here, don't have spokes that curve inboard that much. It makes the wheels look small though they're the same size as the Boss. It's a similar problem to the Elise 111R, though much less noticeable here.

Clock, 'fake' oil pressure gauge, e-brake indicator, odometer and trip meter don't work. The odometer display can also show economy/range displays. Speedometer is mis-calibrated.

Lacks torque converter feel, won't blip.

Lack of colors is odd.

**Boss 302

Front and rear wheels seem a bit too close to the doors.

In addition to a clock like the pre-double-facelift GT above, the center display can show a compass on the left and an ambient thermometer on the right.

(Nitpick) Odometer is set to km mode rather than miles.

**Shelby GT500

(Severe) Fuel gauge starts at E. Don't know if it even works or PD somehow mixed up F and E. Also, the speedometer needle sweep is calibrated for kph on the main (larger) scale of mph. (Reads 200 mph at actual 200 kph) Stupid part is that the Boss 302's equivalents work perfect.

Subjectively, along with Boss, nothing wrong with being in the main menu of the dash computer, but would prefer one of the trip, g-meter, or even economy readouts.

Same additional issues as Boss above.

These 2 facelift Mustangs may have perfect 'off' states.




Fuel and battery gauge, hybrid power allocation gauge, live fuel economy gauge, e-brake indicator, odometer and ambient thermometer don't work. Center console screen should show the time instead of being blank.

The average tri-economy thingy (at the odometer and ambient thermometer) doesn't work either. A simpler display would be trip average fuel economy.

Shouldn't have a LSD.

Civic Type R (EK)

Trip meter and odometer don't work while fuel gauge is suspect.

Coolant gauge is stuck too and there's the odd super dark window tint effect. Other lesser details like the cigarette lighter and seat belt buckles are quite low poly.

Civic Type R '08

(Severe) All round wheel & tire placement. (Wheelbase related. Both front and rear wheels aren't aligned with wheel arch and are too close to the rear of the car. Especially bad with rear. Amazed that this issue and the M5's is still unnoticed by most.)

Ambient thermometer and trip meter don't work. Rather odd driving position and somewhat blurry interior textures.


Live fuel economy gauge doesn't work. Center console screen should show the time instead of being blank.

Front wheels should be a little bit closer to the front bumper.

Tires could use more sidewall bulge.


Power allocation gauge doesn't work. The display that shows the odometer, trip meter and various trip computer functions is blank. The digits of the speedometer cover the k in km/h. Center console screen should show the time instead of being blank.

There's an animation issue where the hands approach the paddles, as though to shift up, even though it's in D (and thus, normal CVT) mode. This also means there isn't any proper shift animation to go into reverse. The car needs to be in S to even activate the 7 virtual gears mode with the paddles as well, and should be in S regardless even in pure CVT mode since it's probably in a race.

(Not really a visual issue but would prefer a consistent stance on CVT cars with simulated gears. The Yaris RS gets to use its fake gears but not this? Isn't pure CVT mode supposed to be more efficient than fake gear mode too? Sigh...)

Would prefer if a/c was off and shouldn't have a LSD..

NSX Type-R

(Severe) All 4 wheels' modeling. Wheels are noticeably smaller than the 'standard size' aftermarket wheels and the real deal. Rear hubs should be deeper. 'H' hubcaps stick out a bit too much at front, way too much at rear. The wheels also don't quite fit right to the tires.

Both front and rear wheels have the odd 'bending outward along the spoke' bug like the LFA Nurb. The rears are more badly affected, as if they were originally modeled correctly and then somehow got 'pulled' outboard like a dent. Unlike the Nurb, at least some offset differences were modeled.

Lugs should be more noticeable too. Minor, I know.

Real vs GT5. (Hell, Shift 2 did a better job of conveying the wheel differences.)

Also from the comparison pictures, the bit of the front bumper that meets the fenders at the wheel arch is a little off. Acura is not affected.

Also like the Acura, the odometer, trip meter, oil pressure gauge and clock don't work. Would prefer if a/c was off.


Fuel and temp gauge, clock, odometer and trip meter don't work. Photo travel shows that they have a static, non-changing texture. Thus a 'full-off' state is missing.

Seems to have a little excessive ride height.

The wheels seem too far forward relative to bodywork.


**Hyundai Genesis

Fuel gauge is slightly mis-calibrated and won't show the last bar before full.

Center console screen is stuck in the startup load screen when it should actually display the last used menu; some show an ambient thermometer and a few add a clock.

(Severe error in spec) Gear display shows 1 instead of N in photo travel but being a manual model, there shouldn't be any persistent gear indicator.

The torque meter doesn't work. Also, between events and gallery/photo travel mode, the analog fuel economy gauge shows different but nonetheless static and incorrect readings.

Minor but, along with the XKR-S and 458, the rear wheel lugs should be slightly deeper inboard compared to the front ones.

(Nitpick) The oil and coolant temperatures are stuck at a fixed position that's the same between events, photo travel and gallery mode.

Basically, it lacks a decent LOD for photo travel.




(Severe) All 4 wheels have offset issues. Like the STi spec C RA and DB9, wheel spokes curve excessively outboard at the hub.

Interior textures are a bit blurry and the ambient thermometer doesn't work. Think there should be a compass in the console with the thermometer. Would prefer if a/c was off.

G37 High End Perf

The analog clock doesn't work like the JDM Skyline. No idea if there should be the '7825' and '210' numbers below the tach and speedo. (Max value reachable?)

(Severe) Oil pressure gauge works but it jerks from one number to another.

Non-working clock is likely shared with the Skyline 370.

Isuzu 4200R

Odometer, trip meter, e-brake indicator, possibly a clock and others are blank. Only pictures online are blurry and low-res.




Odometer and oil pressure gauge don't work.


(Severe) Rear wheel offset is an issue. Both XK and R rears have deeper hubs but weren't modeled here. XK's 'Carelia' spoke bendy inboard-ness should be pronounced somewhat like the 430 Scuderia. XKR's 'Nevis' should have gentler yet still noticeable inward sloping like the 1 Series tii to a bigger degree.

Take note that the rear 'Nevis' wheels are correctly 'flat' on the XFR. (Though they are undersized there, sigh...) Only the XKR version has the inboard angling rear wheel spokes. No game has correct rear XKR wheels of this design.

(Severe) Regardless of offset, the XKR's wheels have a shading issue. The spokes and badge don't react perfectly to light. Oddly, the next lower LOD used for the service shop and the garage screen (with the driver posing) is properly shaded.

(Severe-ish) Excess rear track width on XKR too. There's quite a bit of fender overhang on stock XKRs; very noticeable from lower angles IRL. (I've even seen a few Jag forum goers sourcing spacers to help fill the gaps.)

Clocks, trip meters and odometers don't work in any XK, the latter 2 are completely missing in the Rs.

(Severe) There should be a fuel readout below the mileage meters too.

The center console screen should show an ambient thermometer and a digital clock instead of staying on the startup Jaaaag logo.

For the 4.2, the 1 to 6 gear display should be shown as manual shift paddles are used. It's correct in the Rs.

The 4.2 shouldn't have a LSD. All lack torque converter feel. There does seem to be some account for front axle lift though.

Odd angled driving position.

**XKR-S specific

There should be a comically large redundant gear readout instead of the clock as manual mode is used. (The 1 to 6 above is still shown.)

The font sizes and placements for the odometer and anything below the gear readout are new compared to the pre-facelift models too.

Like the XKR, track width's slightly too much at the rear, though to a lesser extent as the R-S seems slightly wider IRL. Could be exaggerated by the ride height which is way too high. The default setting for the fully adjustable suspension is more or less perfect. (105 F/R)

Oddly, the other XKs don't have the ride height issue. Did PD jack up the height for physics reasons? That didn't help as the car understeers like a pig in game even with hard acceleration. IRL it's addicted to power oversteer.

XKR-S has very slightly deeper lug slots at the rear wheels like the Tesla Roadster. Unlike the Tesla, they weren't modeled here. (A 2014 British racing game did them. Don't think GT's main rival modeled it either. Kinda minor like the 458's TBH.)

(Severe) The XKR-S' speedometer stops rotating around 255 kph, it's also actually doing 270 at that moment. All speeds are misreported by around 10%.

Wonder why PD altered the R sound sample, the new R-S sound is too whooshy.

TL;DR, the XKs are sloppy, R-S especially so. Still, the R sounds great and drives decently IMHO. 4.2 has an appropriate sound source but too much odd whining.

Continuing on the axle lift, there's possibly some hidden parameters at work which can be quantified by comparing the pp of the R and R-S at similar power to weight. XKs are known for high speed lift without the various aero packs.




Ambient thermometer in the gauge cluster doesn't work. My main objective grouse here.

(Nitpick) Center screen doesn't function, though the missing ambient temperature and time readout is redundant anyway as they are displayed in the main gauge cluster.

Need to check if the parking brake indicator works.

According to a US dealership: The cooling vents only open as required (GT is acceptable in this respect as it doesn't simulate coolant temperature) while the spoiler only has 2 raised positions versus the 3 shown now. The angles of the 2 raised positions are about between the current 3. Top speed run videos suggest the reactivation of the lower raised position around 190 kph, effectively a basic DRS.

The indicator of spoiler position next to the low beam indicator is missing too.

Track width is very slightly too much. The furthest edge of the tire sidewall should not exceed the fenders. Not as severe as the ACR.

Sounds like an altered Gallardo. If they bothered to alter the sound sample, why not alter any Zonda's instead? Or even the Mclaren F1's?

Gearing's a bit short too. In 7th gear, it should do 355 at about 8K rpm instead of 8800.

A more positive note is that GT could be the only series who bothered to take into account the minor offset difference between the front and rear wheels. Also, at least some consideration was put into the spoiler's multiple raised positions, many games only feature 1 raised position and force the cooling vents up at speed.

Should use a brake-LSD for front axle. Aggressive to the point of killing the front brakes like the current Focus ST.

**Countach LP400

Odometer doesn't work. Fuel gauge is suspect while the photo travel's minimum points of the fluid temperatures and oil pressure are quite odd.

Love the subtle modeled differences between the front and rear wheels.

**Countach Anniversary

(Severe) Rear track width is too wide even after setting camber and toe-in to accurate values.

Tires ought to be 'fatter' around the lips of the wheels, especially rears.

Clock (the VDO rectangle behind the driver's right hand/knee), odometer, trip meter and oil pressure gauge don't work. Fuel seems OK unlike the older LP400. Would prefer if a/c was off.

**Diablo GT

Clock and odometer don't function. Tires also on the skinny side.


Rear wheel offset. There's a hilariously subtle inboard curving of the spokes. It's easier to see the curve and other details IRL with the 2013 facelift models and their contrasting wheel accents. The hub (where the 5 lugs hide) for the rear wheels should be deeper than the fronts' too.

(It should also be noted that only 3 games, one of which is from 2007, got any visible offset differences of any Gallardo's rear wheels right.)

(Severe) Non-functioning rear spoiler. (Soooo many games make this mistake as well.)

(Severe) Interior's shade of grey is way too bright. There should be better contrast with the (fake?) metal accents. Most displays work though, unlike the similar Audi ones.

The ambient thermometer is missing. It should be in the currently empty space above the economy gauge. Not sure what will show in the top part when the radio's off.

In photo mode, a lower LOD for the interior is used instead of including a fully off state. The interior displays show random numbers and the e-brake and light indicators don't work. The indicators work properly in events.

Also wonder why there's only three exterior colors available, weren't some press cars in Verde Ithaca?

Not a visual issue but gearing is still too short by around 10%, I posted this in the GT5 wrong specification thread a long time back. 0 down-force at both sides when it should have a little at the front; rear spoiler really only reduces lift. It has the opposite down-force profile of the R8 IRL.

Should instead use a brake-LSD for front axle


PD fixed the SV's oil pressure gauge between GT5 and 6. Mind blown. Normal 640's was fixed with one of the patches.

Multi-function display above the main gear indicator doesn't seem to work. It should display a clock. Speedometer is slightly inaccurate at high speeds.

Off centered driving position.

The oil pressure, fuel and coolant temperature gauges are not properly calibrated to 0 in photo travel. Also, both lack a full off state.

There's a slight issue with the active spoiler, according to the dyno videos and the same US dealership: The LP640's actually tilts about 2/3 from 130 KPH to 220 KPH and tilts fully from 220 KPH and above. Currently, it tilts fully at the former speed range then deactivates completely above 220.

Same sound issue as the Aventador. Using the old Zonda C12 samples would be a decent fit.

At least there's some rear spoiler animation... There's also the fact that the GTs are among the games that got the wheel offsets right. There're really only 2 prominent related culprits today. Coincidentally, one also messed up its Reventon's wheels...

The 640 should instead use a brake-LSD for front axle


(Severe) Like Gallardo, the rear spoiler (not the raising side vents) doesn't work. Only two games remember the Reventon's rear spoiler, and the 1 is paid DLC.

The fuel gauge is suspect. G-meter seems mis-calibrated.

Considering that there are now 3 V12 Lamborghinis of the same generation, maybe PD should go record one. They sound glorious IMHO.

Otherwise, very decent static model with properly done wheels and tires. It should be noted that the side vents on this and the Murcielago are not speed sensitive like many other games show. They are engine temperature engaged, hence it's fine that the GTs don't feature it.

From a driving perspective, the effective gearing is too long; it now does 400 kph in 6th around 8000 rpm when the actual car does 335. Probably due to mixing up the front and rear final drive ratios. Gearing of the Murcies are alright.

Should instead use a brake-LSD for front axle

And 0 down-force too!?!




Oil pressure gauge swings but barely as though it's calibrated for the wrong units like the Stingray racer. Also swings around the minimum marking, a wrong zero point?

(Notable but not severe considering the 'consistency' of the bug) Odometer and trip meter are wrongly calibrated for a lower power of ten and increase quite rapidly.


Trip meter and odometer don't work. Turbo boost gauge is mis-calibrated relative to the custom gauge version. Fuel stays at F in photo travel which makes it suspect.

Rather hilariously, the adjustable rear spoiler's flip up position is considered a special rear wing. Like the Viper ACR, it's also not adjustable when stock.




Odometer and clock (just in front of the gear stick) don't work. I believe the currently blank center screen can show ambient temperature in the a/c setting page. (Maybe only in the updated cars with the new gauge cluster?)

(Subjective nitpick) I believe the screen with the F can be toggled to show more useful things like ambient temperature and a range to empty (fuel) estimate.

In photo travel, it's in acc-on mode all the time meaning that the displays are on. The gear stick and display are correctly set to P. The LOD is a bit low too.

(Subjective nitpick) I'd prefer it being completely off when the headlights aren't required. The Fisker Karma gets this right.

Pre-2010 models have a brake-LSD system instead of an actual one.

Good model and it's correctly set to manual paddle shift mode; some claim it'll accelerate faster than in auto mode. The updated CCS-R is a 'proper' premium.

**LFA Nurburgring specific

(Severe) All round wheel offset. The spokes should be slightly flatter and the rear hub should be much deeper inboard. The current spoke mistake is similar to the DB9's.

(Severe) The 'standard' custom wheel size mismatches the stock wheels because the stocks are too big.

(Severe) From some angles in photo travel, the wheel hub becomes see through and the entire lug can be seen sticking out of the brake assembly.

0 front down-force is odd for all the front bits unless there's some hidden trickery like the XKR-S, 50 rear is odd too considering the big fixed wing when a Scuderia or R8 gets 200 and the ordianry IS-F 30...

'Normal' LFA too

Tires don't quite fit right over the wheels of either.

Odometer, fuel gauge, clock, parking brake indicator, oil pressure gauge and ambient thermometer don't work. Not sure if there's any light indicator. Speedometer reads 80 when going 90 and has an odd transition around 109-110 kph. Center screen is blank though no useful info is provided to my knowledge. No full 'off' state.

Another significant car incomplete to such an extent...👎



Elise (1st gen)

Fuel display is blank. I believe it should display an odometer and trip meter too.

High beam and e-brake indicators don't work.

Elise 111R

(Severe) All round wheel offset. More positive offset is needed like the 'standard' 111S. Personally like the incorrect version more but (in)accuracy is non-subjective. Mustang GT also has too deep wheels.

(Severe) Speedometer is, like the Shelby GT500, calibrated for the wrong units.

The multi-display is blank.

Radio screen should show a clock.

Rather low res textures and low poly geometry in the interior.

**Elise (Facelift)

Multi-display is very faint but not totally blank. It appears to show the odometer, fuel and coolant temperature and none work. Think there can be a digital speedo above mileage.

Radio screen should show a clock.


Odometer, trip meter, dipped and high beam indicators, e-brake indicator, fuel gauge and ambient thermometer don't work. I think there should be shift lights too.

Should instead have a brake-LSD.

Esprit V8

Fuel gauge, e-brake indicator, odometer and ambient thermometer don't work. Temperature gauge too but that's minor. Lacks a full off state.

(Severe) Needs more rear track width.

**Europa Special

Trip meter and odometer don't work.

(Severe) Tach is mis-calibrated.


The above, and the speedometer is also mis-calibrated.


Maserati GTS

Tires don't quite fit right over the wheels and lack the crucial sidewall bulge.

(Severe) The wheel diameter is too little and is between the 2 custom wheel sizes.

(Severe) Odometer is oddly broken, the 1st digit displayed corresponds wrongly to tens of km. E.g. 10 km is shown as 1.

(Severe) Speedometer is mis-calibrated past 20 kph. Obvious at very high speeds.

Ambient thermometer doesn't work. Fuel gauge is suspect due to odd position in photo mode.

E-brake indicator doesn't work in events. Center console display doesn't work though info is redundant while a fully 'off' state is lacking. Coolant temperature is stuck too.

Gear ratios are wrong. Currently has ZF ratios and the XKR's final drive even though the interior model lacks the gear lever and it's a 2008 model. Even the description says it should have the MC-shift which has significantly shorter ratios. (The ZF models only came out in 2009 and have a conventional shifter rather than the MC's push button selector.)

Also wish it used the Alfa 8C's engine sound sample instead of the Ferrari California's.




Ambient thermometer, clock and trip meter don't work. Tach is about 200 rpm optimistic. Speedo a bit off too.

Don't think it should have a LSD.

Autozam AZ-1

Odometer and fuel gauge don't work.


Odometer doesn't work.


Oil and turbo pressure gauge don't work.

(Severe) The speedometer and tachometer are mis-calibrated and only show the correct value at 100 kph and 4500 rpm. They read too high below and too low above the readings. (E.g. At 180 actual, it stops at 175. At 15 actual, it shows 20.)

In photo travel, there's a proper off-state but the otherwise working odometer and trip meter show random values.

While I don't really mind, it should be noted that the odometer and trip meter erroneously work like digital gauges and 'blink' between numbers instead of smoothly scrolling. It does avoid the GT6 analog odometer bug this way though. (When proper analog digits rotate a bit. E.g. at 15 km, the digit representing multiples of 10 scrolls half way between 1 and 2.)

RX7 Type R specific

(Maybe severe) All round wheel modeling. Spokes jut outboard a little too much at the most outward point along the arch while perhaps not quite curving inboard enough when nearing the hub. The spokes should not stick out further than the tire sidewall, which is itself a bit lacking in bulge. Some sources claim there were different suppliers for the wheels, causing them to look a little different.

Also, there should be a sort of lip where the wheel and tires meet on all wheels. It seems to have been modeled but got covered by the tire edge; see the flicker in replay photo mode.

Front splitter should be a tiny bit forward. There should be a significant gap between the back part of it and the wheel arch.

Oil pressure gauge doesn't work.

Spirit R specific

(Severe) The steering wheel doesn't look quite right. Game VS reality.


(Severe) All 4 wheels should be a little closer to the front relative to the bodywork.

Odometer and trip meter don't work or light up at night. Fuel gauge stays at F in photo travel which makes it suspect.

The clocks on the radio displays don't work.


Rear ride height too low.

(Severe) Rear wheels a bit too far forward too.

Fuel gauge, ambient thermometer, clock, trip meter and odometer don't work.

Interesting to note that this is 1 of 2 cars whose oil pressure gauge shouldn't dance about. It should drop to zero when the car is off in photo travel (or maybe even stalling in race) but doesn't. The other is the Mustang GT.

Fun fact: This idiot light style oil gauge is used in many Fords of the 90s and beyond. The later NA and all NB MX-5s also have dummy gauges coinciding with Ford's then influence on Mazda. Even the 2010-12 5.4 Shelby GT500s had 'fake' analog oil pressure gauges. Boss 302s simply had no gauge there like V6 Mustangs, so I guess one must go through Ford Racing for a genuine gauge, though the new '15 Mustang's performance pack is bucking that trend. The GT and Focus STs did get proper gauges too.

Eunos Roadster (NA)

(Severe) Wheel modeling is fairly iffy. Like the series 6 RX7, the outer lips of the wheels (where they meet the tire) have been over simplified and thus fail to stick out from the rest of the wheel and tire. This exaggerates the outward curving of the spokes and hubcap and makes everything look too balloon-like.

Wheelbase is slightly too little relative to the bodywork.

Inside, the odometer and trip meter don't work while oil pressure gauge calibration is iffy at 'zero' point and the needle doesn't move smoothly past the '4' marking. The fuel gauge is suspect too and the radio should be able to display time instead of being blank. In photo travel, the high beam indicator doesn't work.

In events, the driver clips excessively through the seat while the seat belt clips all over and doesn't wrap properly around the buckle.

Roadster (NC)

(Severe) Front and rear wheel/tire placement. (Wheelbase related. Rear wheels are slightly too far forward. Fronts even more so.)

(Severe) Speedometer is very slightly inaccurate after 140 kph, reading low and high depending on actual speed. The bigger problem is when actual speed is around 190 kph; the needle will jump and freeze to 194 until the car exceeds it.

(Severe) Similarly, the tachometer does the same jump and freeze around 3750 rpm.

The odometer display, which also displays ambient temperature or a trip meter, doesn't work at all. The center radio display should be able to show the time too; it's lit up at night but blank.

Oil pressure gauge doesn't work. Its 'zero' point (in photo mode) is also mis-calibrated. The fact that it shows different positions between drives and photo mode implies that PD either thought it's a 'fake' oil pressure or maybe even an oil temperature gauge.

(With the NCs, even the base 1.8 got a 'fake', yet spinning/moving oil pressure gauge. People complain that it actually only uses a mumbo-jumbo of throttle and RPM to fake the pressure reading. It's still fun to watch it dance about though.)


(Severe) Front wheels are too close to the doors. (Wheelbase issue.)

The clock at the center console display doesn't appear like in the NC above.




Fuel gauge, range estimate, ambient thermometer and high beam indicator don't work. The shift mode indicator is blank too. The center console screen is stuck in start-up mode but the potentially displayed clock and thermometer would be redundant. The car also lacks a fully 'off' state and, like the Gallardo, shows random erroneous info in photo mode.

Odometer rolls back to 0000.0 at actual 10000. Game engine limitation or oversight?

(Nitpick) Subjectively nothing wrong with the spoiler not tilting but it just seems like something that should be set for track driving. The 12C's spoiler requires being manually set to tilt unlike the auto speed sensitive deployment in the TTs, SLR, and co.

Funnily, the new 650S' spoiler is said to tilt itself automatically for downforce as needed. A even more funny development is that the 12C can be officially retrofitted with the 650S' spoiler software along with other software tweaks.

In GT6, maybe the tilt setting could be reflected in the tuning page. Instead of being able to adjust the wing in many steps like race cars, there will only 2 settings where the one with more downforce tilts the wing. Or use the nitro key to control in-race or something.

Not visual but gearing is too short (pre-production car?) while 0 front downforce is odd. The brake-LSD here is very effective IRL so I guess it's alright to use 'normal' LSD settings in-game.

Otherwise, very well done wheels unlike some other games. The 3D model here is probably the best right now in the genre, the runner up is also a Sony exclusive...


Odometer, trip meter and clock don't work. Fuel gauge is suspect.

Gearing is about 10% too tall. Odd that this car has more than double the rear downforce of a Veyron and also has significant front downforce. The resulting drag is probably the reason for its inability to hit 360 even with corrected gearing. Lowering the car to 50 ride height fixes the drag problem at the cost of unrealistic stance and handling.

Along with the 12C, a somewhat subjective improvement would be to add the manual downforce setting of the rear spoiler to the tune menu.

Mercedes-Benz (look at all the owner manuals at the US website)

300SL (Gullwing)

(Severe) Like the FC RX7, speedometer and tachometer are mis-calibrated to varying degrees; they read high below 100 kph and 4K rpm and read low above.

(Severe) All 4 wheels are too close to the doors. More wheelbase relative to bodywork is needed.

Clock doesn't work. Odometer and trip meter seem to have vanished entirely from the speedo.

(Nitpick) Oil and coolant temp are stuck near maximum all the time. Oil pressure has an odd reading in photo travel too.

Physics' tire circumference for speed calculation needs to be about 2-5% bigger.


(Severe) Front wheel offset. (Spokes should be flatter like XKR/8C front wheels. In other words, more perpendicular to flat ground, not curving inboard as much as the rears.)

(Severe) All round wheel/tire placement. (Track width, front and rear, is slightly too wide while rear wheels are too near to bumper.)

Clock, ambient thermometer, trip meter and odometer don't work. I think the center display flashes red as a shift indicator.

Lacks torque converter feel.


Odometer, trip meter, e-brake indicator, ambient thermometer and clock don't work.

(Somewhat nitpicky) Gear mode should be in S(tandard) or ideally M(anual) rather than W(inter).

(Severe) Driver shift animations are absent, the gear indicator stuck at P, the gear stick is wedged in R, and the tach is slightly out of sync.

Command screen won't stay at the Benz logo, it'll go to the disclaimer about distractions. It should be turned entirely off since the most useful thing it can show in GT's context is a redundant clock.

Possible problems with wheel LOD causing it to glow/get lit up excessively by lighting effects.

It should either have an open diff or a brake-LSD, think it's the latter.


(Severe) All round wheel and tire placement. Tires themselves a teeny bit too far out but wheels somehow stick out even further from sidewalls, especially with rear. Basically ended up with slightly too much track width and a halfway-to-hellaflush. :P

1.09 improved things a little with the added camber but could use more. The real deal has a lot.

Somewhat slight inboard curve needed along the whole of the rear wheel spokes like the CTS-V. So less positive offset needed in a sense. Now, a slight gap can be seen between the hub face (brakes) and the wheel's hub. If pre-release shots of GT5 are any indication, the rear wheels are just the fronts after being scaled larger with no consideration to the different offsets.

Fuel gauge and ambient thermometer don't work.

Subjective, but why not display mileage instead (of the temperatures which GT doesn't support yet)? Only downside is the loss of the digital speedometer.

A nitpick subjective preference would be for the command screen to remain on at the main menu where a analog style clock display would show. Other menus can show a redundant digital clock. (The screen can be toggled off here so it's OK for it to be blank.)

As mentioned at the C7, too many mistakes for a cover car. :indiff:


Lap timer and counter don't work.

In comical PD fashion, it sounds like a V12.


Odometer, trip meter e-brake indicator and ambient thermometer don't work. Transmission should be in M(anual) mode rather than C(omfort), there'd also be a upshift indicator.

(Severe) Clock is 1 hour fast.

A possible somewhat subjective improvement, the rear spoiler has an additional manual downforce setting which sets it to 30 degrees vs the automatic speed sensitive 10 degrees. Maybe set in tune menu/toggle with nitro key, etc. Rear downforce points of 400 seems excessive too.

Lacks torque converter feel, won't blip. Note that later AMG 5-speeds like the 722 and SL65 Black series do attempt to blip. Gear ratios are a little off-spec due to rounding up and may be effectively too short overall due to excess drive-train slippage. Why PD didn't just reuse the Sl55's transmission values and physics is beyond me.

**Vision GT

Rear wheels stick out from the tires. 1.02 reduced the problem and it's weirdly less prominent in a race. It's very obvious in the dealership gallery view at the beginning as there's a buggy reflection where it should be covered up by the tire.



Cooper S '05

The e-brake indicator, fuel gauge, odometer, trip meter and ambient thermometer don't work


Cooper S '11 (and '07)

(Severe) The '07's front ride height is too low and the both models' front wheels are too close to doors.

The odometer, trip meter and ambient thermometer don't work while the center console display shows many splotches of yellow when it can actually clearly show a clock and date readout. For the '11, the latter display and the digital speedometer also lack a full 'off' state for photo mode unlike the former odometer display. The '07's clock and range display don't work.

The e-brake indicator doesn't work in events for the '11.

No custom parts too!?


Fuel gauge, odometer, trip meter and range estimate don't work while the center console display shows many splotches of yellow when it can actually clearly show a clock and date readout.



(Severe) Unique front wheels weren't modeled. They are convex looking with more positive offset. This small city car has a staggered setup with different looking front and rear wheels like a Smart fortwo.

Clock display in the center screen is missing.

Evo IV

Odometer display is blank, fuel gauge is suspect. Clock is blank.


Odometer display doesn't seem to work. Hidden behind the wheel like the SRT Viper and March.

Fuel gauge stays at F in photo mode which makes it suspect.

Evo IX

Fuel gauge is suspect. Odometer/multi-function display is blank.

A possible LOD problem, only in photo mode, means that low/high beam and e-brake indicators don't work there. They work perfectly in drives.

Not totally sure about JDM models, but there may be a clock above the hazard light switch.

(Severe) Wheel modeling is iffy; like many others, the spokes should not 'bend' outboard near the hubs. Thus, less positive offset is required in a sense.

And why no changeable exterior parts?

Evo X

Ambient thermometer, S-AWC torque distribution meter and fuel gauge don't work. Would prefer an odometer and trip meter in place of the S-AWC meter.

(Severe) The radio/LCD screen which doubles as a clock is totally missing as though it's the base spec. This is supposed to be the top of the line GSR Premium model, hence error in spec details like the Z4 and R8 V10.

(Nitpick-ish) Gearbox mode is set to 'normal' instead of S-sport.

Gear indicator should show the gear number when using paddles instead of D.

(Severe) Gear indicator is static and shows D even in reverse gear. Indicator light at the selector is lit up at P, though the selector itself is correctly in D. Driver's hands sometimes clip through the wheel too.

Monster Sport E-Runner (Well, I did see Mitsubishi somewhere on it...)

(Severe) Interior's rev-counter seems to be reading throttle input instead of revs. Very bizarre...




Found out that JDM Turbos don't come with the wider concave rear wheels that export models have.

(Severe) All round ride height is way too low, there seems to be too much rear camber, and the front track width is excessive.

Clock (just in front of gear shifter), odometer and trip meter don't work. Would prefer if radio frequency display was blank. Radio is very low LOD in photo travel.


(Severe) Wheels need less positive offset; hubs should be further inboard. Something about the geometry seems simplified like a scale model rather than the actual car.

Speedometer is mis-calibrated past 100 kph. Eventually reads max of 190 at 200 actual.

Trip meter and odometer don't work. Don't think the clock at the radio display works. Would prefer if the center screen cover was closed since nothing useful is displayed there.


(Severe) Rear wheel offset. The hub should be much deeper inboard relative to the fronts like the correctly modeled '07 GT-R. This car has appeared in how many Academy special events and demos? The difference is really noticeable IRL IMHO, as obvious as the mentioned GT-R.

The screen between coolant temp and fuel can display a couple of things including ambient temp. Center screen can be covered like the old Z above or show another clock and ambient thermometer.

R32 GT-R

Odometer, trip meter and front axle torque gauge don't work. Really poor modeling and textures for the out of sight elements like the a/c controls even in main LOD.

Boost gauge's idle point is on the low side; think it'll idle closer to 0 rather than just above -7. It's close the the game's HUD reading though.

R33 GT-R

Has the 'all digit rotating' odometer bug. Boost gauge's idle point is on the low side like the R32.

Front axle torque gauge doesn't seem to work. Assuming active torque splits aren't simulated, it should still be possible to calculate based on the current fixed value.

E-brake indicator doesn't work in events. Photo mode LOD has it and the seat belt reminder working but shows random mileage.

(Severe but hilarious) The first 2 digits and colon of the clock slide into each other over the hour when 4 digits are required (e.g. At 10:00 everything's fine, but at 10:49 the 1, 0, and colon will have merged together. It's alright again at 11:00. Needs to be seen to be believed.)

(Severe) At night, there's an overlapping turbo gauge texture at the fuel gauge. Easily seen in the night view when adding custom gauges.

Needs more tire sidewall plumpness and the wheel spokes should curve inboard more at the hub. Less positive offset in a sense. The wheels on the revised standard version look a little closer to the actual ones, though aren't quite exact either.

Otherwise, fairly good bodywork and interior textures and modeling.

R34 GT-R

Odometer doesn't work. Multi-function display is completely blank when it can actually function as a turbo boost gauge among others. There should be a digital clock display at the air-con LCD too.

The center console seems rather low quality too, especially in photo travel. Can't tell if it's a LOD switching problem or if it's always been like the R32's.

The wheel modeling here is possibly the best of the genre. The competition often make them too flat and simplified.

**R35 NISMO specific

(Severe) The rear wheels lack the slight dish and concave style of spokes that would result in noticeably deeper rear offset. PD just copied the fronts and pasted them on the rear, same 'shortcut' as many others...

Photo mode interior LOD is also rather low and while the center screen turns off, the main dash one doesn't. Likely applies to the rest.

It's a shame that this, the LFA Nurb, and the XKR-S weren't updated like the Alfa TZ3 relative to the SRT-10.

Spec V specific

(Severe) All 4 wheels' offset. Fronts' spokes near the hubs should be somewhat more convex/outboard, simply more like the N24 Academy. Rears should have a little more dish and then have the spokes near the hubs curve more inboard.

N24 Academy specific

(Severe) All 4 wheels' offset. They currently have cues from the actual front and rear wheels like the Spec V. Rears' spokes near the hubs should be somewhat more concave angling/ less perpendicular to the ground and originate further inboard, effectively more dish. Fronts should have less dish until the spokes are almost as outboard as the tire sidewall.

Very noticeable mistake for a cover car considering the pictured angle, the rear offset issue is very obvious.

Black Edition specific

Rear wheel offset in a sense. Some additional concave near the hubs was modeled compared to fronts, but solely at the lug slots and thus not deep enough as a whole. The angling of the initial concave at the spokes when approaching the hub is too gentle too. The rear hub's 'deepness' intensity should be more like the older '07 GT-R.

Kinda frustrating when a difference in wheels is noticed and modeled but not properly.

R35s in general...

In the main dash cluster, the shift lights, fuel economy readout, trip meter and odometer don't work.

(Nitpick preference) I'd toggle said economy display to the digital speedometer like what the CTS-V does.

A clock will show at the top right of the center console display where boost and cornering stuff is now shown.

(Nitpick preference) With the display's custom view mode, I'd replace steering angle with oil pressure. There's also an estimated fuel range display to substitute for the main dash display's economy readout being changed to speed. Considering PD helped with the screen, some special detail like the above would have been appreciated.

Apparently should have a brake-LSD on the open front axle. Compared to the R34, the 4WD system here is more advanced in terms of F/R split and uses brakes on the clutch type rear LSD to juggle torque L/R. Sources claim that the road-spec R34 V-specs use a vario-lock rear diff with no real vectoring capability.


Odometer and trip meter don't work. Not sure if there's an e-brake indicator or it only does brake faults. Pretty sure time can be shown on the center screen.

(Minor nitpick) Seatbelt reminder doesn't work as car lacks a dedicated photo travel LOD.


Ambient thermometer doesn't work.

Silvia S13

Odometer, trip meter and clock don't work. Front wheels a little far forward. Need to check e-brake indicator. Slightly too much driver clipping through the seat for my liking.

Silvia S15

Quite an interesting case study.

(Severe) 'Visual' track width is too little, potentially partly due to too narrow wheels and tires. Also, tire sidewalls ought to 'bulge' out more around the wheel edges like with the M4 and couple others. The edges of the wheel currently stick out from the sidewalls like the One-77, Huayra and Dino.

And once again, like the M5 and the GT4/5 DB9, the 'standard' version doesn't suffer from the wheel issues.

Fuel gauge seems to work but is mis-calibrated; it shows about 2/3 in photo travel when it should read empty.

Handbrake indicator above coolant temperature gauge works only in photo mode. The temperature gauge itself is always at a midway position even at rest.

On the other hand, PD remembered to light up the seat belt warning lamp when the car is driver-less.

Skyline 370GT (coupe) and 350GT (sedan)

Odometer and trip meter don't work. The scramble above should be able to display economy or an ambient thermometer. The automatic sedan is missing the gear indicator.

Center console's analog clock doesn't work. Center screen should be able to show a digital clock in the menus.

Sedan lacks torque converter feel and has one of the first non-ZFs to blip.


**Oldsmobile Toronado by Leno

Turbo boost gauge doesn't work. Oil pressure gauge shows the 80 psi maximum even at idle but stalling the car reveals that it is a semi-working gauge.

Some nitpicks; the main oil temperature gauge is pegged to max in events while the secondary oil and coolant temperature gauges are pegged to minimum. Don't expect fuel pressure to work.

In photo travel, the fuel gauge and odometer show odd readings. May be a LOD issue.



Zonda R

Lap timer, oil pressure and other digital readouts are blank.

**Huayra (Both models.)

(Severe) Tires over-stretched over the wheels like the SLS AMG and Countach 25th. Also Hellaflush capable?

Odometer, trip meter, ambient thermometer, clock and oil pressure gauge don't work in the dash pod while the fuel gauge is suspect. Minor annoyance but gear mode shouldn't be in automatic.

Center console screen should show an analog style clock graphic clock along with a redundant exterior thermometer rather than staying at the startup screen. Car completely lacks any off-state while temperatures and oil pressure, being static, will show the same reading even when the engine is off.

Overall, rather ironic that it's seen at the official website where PD talks about 'recreating everything' that is seen inside TBPH.

Engine sounds odd above 3500 RPM, there's still some of the turbine hum of the V12 but it's been minimized under an odd whine.

(Shift 2 and PCars got the gauges and tires right but forgot the center console. The genre's 2013 lineup generally also made some mistakes here and there with the Huayra. A track width and wheel size here and insufficient rear dish there...)

I will give PD this though, the active aero effects are nailed. Unlike most other games (of the time anyway), the flaps retract gradually and then fully at increasing high speed as they should AFAIK. I believe only one other 'full' game of 2013 did this.



307 CC

(Severe) All round wheel offset should be less positive. The spokes curve inboard nearing the hubs IRL.

(Severe) Excess track width all round and lacking in tire sidewall 'bulge'.

(Severe) Gear stick stuck in P position in events but is in N in photo travel.

Odometer, trip meter and, severely, gear indicator don't work. What I think is a digital oil temperature gauge below the gear indicator doesn't work, though minor. Fuel gauge is suspect as it doesn't point all the way to F. Clock and ambient thermometer on the center console's top display don't work.

Lacks torque converter feel, won't blip.

The speed to rpm ratio is fairly close to reality but all the ratios are wrong. The tire size for speed calculation seems to be wrong too.

207 GTi

Odometer, trip meter and fuel gauge don't work. The meters should be in the upper LCD, not the lower one.

The tach and speedo needles don't seem to be aligned with the number markers so readings are odd apart from pointing straight up.

The center console screen display has the reverse sensor screen over the non-working clock, ambient thermometer and average speed and fuel consumption displays.


(Severe) Front ride height a bit low, front track width a bit narrow too.

Odometer and trip meter display (the small one within the speedometer) completely don't work or light up.

The large gauge display in the dash cluster and the one above the analog clock are blank yet light up at night. The former should show live fuel economy and an estimated range readout. The latter should show a digital clock and an ambient thermometer like other PSA cars.

Funny how this has more rear downforce than many of the current Lamborghinis.

My OCD prefers that the 2nd custom gauge uses the right a/c vent instead of the clock.



Odometer doesn't work. Oil pressure gauge is mis-calibrated to bar instead of psi. (Not actually sure it's psi but the max reading is 100.)

The engine odometer and vacuum gauge don't work.

**AAR 'Cuda

The main oil pressure gauge, clock, trip meter and odometer don't work. Fuel gauge stays at F in photo travel which makes it suspect.

(Severe) The secondary oil pressure gauge is mis-calibrated and barely spins.

In photo travel, the gear indicator shows P but the lever seems to be in N.

Would prefer if the driver manually shifted through 1-2-D. Also lacks torque converter feel, won't blip here.


**Pontiac Firebird

Oil pressure and water temperature gauges don't work. Rear ride height a little high. Has the all digit rotating odometer.

An unusual issue, but the standard size aftermarket wheels are an inch smaller than the stock ones. The stock ones do seem to be correctly modeled so it's probably a case of mis-spec.

I do like the variety of visual parts.



Clio V6

(Severe) All round wheel offset. (Same problem as Elise 111R. Needs more positive offset. The 'standard' Lutecia V6 conversely has too much positive offset.)

Also, the edge of the alloys should be further outboard, somewhat like having more 'visual' track width, and the tire sidewalls shouldn't bulge so much.

Clock and odometer don't work, though the back-light for the displays turn off in the static display modes as they should. Interior is otherwise functional.

Think it should have an open diff instead.

**Clio R.S

The fuel gauge stays at F in photo travel so it's suspect. The ambient thermometer may be mis-calibrated or static.

(Severe) Front wheels are a bit close to the front bumper.

Ride height is a bit low all round. Funny to see a working rear wiper.

**Megane R.S

Ride height's too low at the rear, set it to 155 instead.

(Severe) All 4 wheels are too far forward relative to bodywork.

(Severe) Speedometer is slightly inaccurate.

Handbrake and shift indicator, center display's clock and ambient thermometer don't work. The latter 2 would be on the right side of the screen when the radio and displays are off. I think it'll only show the RS thing when starting up.

Subjectively, I'd set the center display to show more useful stuff like a lap timer or engine info, the time and ambient temperature display will move to the side in the former or be replaced with a gear indicator in the latter. One of the rival games added the feature to toggle between the displays in-game.

Best modeled wheels though. Also, not a visual issue but gearing is way, way, too short.

Megane R.S (The old 5-door, big-butt one)

Odometer and trip meter don't work. Fuel gauge is similar to C7 'Vette in its non-operation.

The dash top display should display an ambient thermometer and clock instead of a blur.

Would prefer if a/c was off.

**R8 Gordini

(Severe) The tires have appropriate sidewall geometry, but the (normally airtight) seal between them and the wheels has a slight gap(!). Also to clarify, it's not the wheel lip sticking out as that's correct in this car's case.




Oil pressure and fuel gauge don't work.

(Severe) Mileage meters are calibrated to km rather than miles

Also, they have the rapid trip meter bug like the Stratos and Supra.

**Cobra Daytona

(Severe?) Like the road Cobra above, the odometer and trip meter is set to km rather than miles. In addition, all digits start at 1 instead of zero at initial mileage. They 'fix' themselves after the first full 1 to 9 rotation though.

**GT350 Mustang

Odometer doesn't work. (It's the center rectangle below the speedometer needle.)

Quite detailed otherwise though, and has a working oil pressure gauge along with the Daytona above.



WRX STi spec C RA (hawkeye)

(Severe) All round wheel offset. Spokes should not curve outboard towards the hub this much. Thus too much positive offset. It seems to cause insufficient track width too.

Considering how many cars here and in other major games of the era have the problem of ballooning wheels, it almost seems like a modeling software bug. Hot Pursuit (2010) has quite a few for example.

Ambient thermometer, odometer and trip meter don't work. Clock is blank. Problem with photo travel LOD causes some textures like the instruments to be blank.

Rear axle should be a little closer to bumper.

**current-gen hatchback STi spec C (and probably the other hatch and sedans)

Front wheels a bit close to the bumper but less so with sedans.

Speedometer slightly pessimistic; reads around 255 at 260. Also continues spinning beyond the max reading of 260 which seems odd when everything is electronically controlled nowadays.

Handbrake indicator doesn't work.

Odometer, center dash top's clock and ambient thermometer don't work. The displays do appear to be a potentially workable one unlike the fixed texture ones such as the Honda S2000's.



Cappuccino (probably both models)

Handbrake indicator, odometer and trip meter don't work. Fuel gauge is suspect. Speedometer and tachometer are mis-calibrated.

Low LOD of wheels used in the initial garage scene (with the driver) and pit service menu. Gallery view and photo travel are fine.

Defaults to a hard top, PD probably didn't bother to model the raised soft top.

Cervo SR

The odometer and consumption gauges don't work. I'm assuming there should be a clock and ambient thermometer in the blank but glowing center console screens.

Speedometer is slightly off.

Gear stick and physics in M(anual) but dash indicator in D. Also, the dash indicator does work when shifting to R but the light at the stick stays at M.


Odometer doesn't work while the upper display's clock, ambient thermometer and I think economy readout are blank.



**Model S

Clock, range/battery readouts, odometer and the 2 ambient thermometers (dash and center screen) don't work. Is the center console display's non-functioning battery meter supposed to be for the whole car's main battery?

(Severe) No driver shift animation from D to R. It's a column shift like some others, no excuse here.

(Severe-ish) Front wheels are a bit too close to doors.


(Severe) Speedometer and tachometer don't rest at zero thus causing slight inaccuracies for all readings.

(Severe) Gear indicator stuck at D even in reverse.

Range readout, battery meter and odometer don't work.

Another classic PD case study. While there are many issues with the interior, the exterior is pretty much uncanny valley good.

Perfect wheel positions length and width wise, good ride height, smooth geometry, (the 'ripple' at the front of the rear wheel arch is there IRL, if less obvious), and the masterpieces that are the wheels and tires.

The slight lips of rubber over the edge of the wheels are modeled, as are the slightly deeper hubs on the wider rear wheels. Granted both the front and rear wheels float slightly off the mounting area but the exterior is otherwise solid gold.




Clock doesn't work. Would be cool if the stop watch next to it also worked. Fuel gauge is suspect like the El Camino's.

A very minor annoyance is the 2 fluid temperature gauges having the same readings in photo travel as in events.

86 GT/Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ

All round ride height is too low, especially at rear. Maxing the rear ride height with about 150 front makes it look more like the real deal.

Fuel gauge does not work. Both it and temperature gauge are stuck around 50% positions even in photo travel.

Odd minor issues with the odometer; it measures in tenths of km and shows 0 in photo travel due to LOD issues. Also means the car lacks a full off-state.

Would prefer a/c being off. Appreciate the BRZ getting different spring rates and having the OEM spoiler and STi-esque parts available in custom parts.

**Aqua S (Prius C in some markets)

Hybrid power allocation display doesn't work. E-brake indicator doesn't work in events but does in photo travel.

Can't help but feel that the center console screen can show something more useful than the car's name.

(Severe) Clock display is one hour slow from 6 to 10, whether AM or PM, but works otherwise. (E.g. at 0600 it shows 0500, at 1800 it shows 1700)

Celica GT-4 (rally car)

Oil pressure and (I think) turbo pressure gauge don't work.

(Severe) Harnesses floating off the driver.

**FT-1 concept

Fuel gauge may not work. Other images suggest there should be an odometer on the display below the tachometer.

At least the deeper rear wheels are present.


Clock, odometer, power allocation and fuel economy gauge don't work.

Supra 3.0GT something...

Like the Lancia Stratos, the odometer and trip meter are both calibrated for lesser powers of ten so they increase very rapidly. That said, the digits roll in a readable fashion instead of having all the digits advance at the same time. (If there's 5 km, certain cars seem to roll the '10' digit halfway, making it mis-readable as 15 km.)

The fuel gauge and e-brake indicator don't work.

(Severe) The oil and turbo pressure gauges read very low and are not calibrated to the custom gauges.

(Nitpick) The coolant gauge is static.

Front wheels are a bit close to the doors. Tires should be fatter.

**Vitz 1.3

Fuel gauge is suspect.

(Somewhat nitpick-ish) In race, the clock and odometer work but show 0:00 and 0 from outside views.

Suspect the above issues are related to the dash display lacking an 'off' state in photo travel and gallery mode; the alternate LODs are incomplete.

All four wheels are a bit far backward like the other new-to-GT6 compacts.

Vitz 1.5 RS

Tires, like the Dino, 307 CC and Fit RS, need more sidewall bulge. Center logo has a lighting/material issue like the XKR. Fuel gauge is suspect.

Can't find a reliable source as to whether it has a parking brake indicator so consider this and the Fisker Karma near perfects.




(Severe) The wheels are too small as they wrongly copy the Tamora's wheels in size.

The factory stock wheels are also 16 inch and have 7 spokes but are otherwise completely different. Most cars IRL and the GT4 incarnation instead option the 18 inch wheels, basically the current wheel design but noticeably bigger. The black hub is correct compared to the yellow with the Tamora.

Rear ride height is a bit high.

E-brake indicator doesn't work in events but is fine in photo travel. The interior textures for the indicators and tachometer are a little blurry.

Fuel and coolant temp gauges don't work at all.


Clock, fuel gauge, (minor) coolant temp and odometer don't work.


Volvo C30

Ambient thermometer, clock, trip meter and odometer don't work.

Lacks torque converter feel, won't blip.

Raise the front ride height to 145 for a more realistic look.




Odometer doesn't work. Speedometer reads low throughout.


Odometer doesn't work.

Scirocco R

Odometer, trip meter and ambient thermometer don't work. Lacks a proper standby or off-state in photo travel; it always shows a random texture for the main dash display (like the 12C and a few others) showing random ambient temperature and time.

(Severe) Driver's hands clip through the steering wheel. Tach is 100 rpm optimistic below 6.5K.

The wheels appear to be the 18's and have the spoke curvature quite well done. The Scirocco 3D model here is probably the best in the business.

Golf GTi IV

Trip meter, odometer, clock (within the tach), ambient thermometer and economy display don't work.

(Severe) Tach is mis-calibrated, the gear indicator from an automatic model is shown, and the front wheels are too far forward.

Tires and the wheel edges should be a tad bit fatter.

Shouldn't have a LSD.

Golf GTi V

E-brake indicator, trip meter, odometer, clock, ambient thermometer and trip duration display (time taken) don't work. Think there should be a high beam indicator too.

Shouldn't have a LSD either; XDS only introduced with the VI.

Bus (Type 2)

Odometer and clock don't work. I think there's a high beam indicator that doesn't work.

Fuel points slightly away from F but does change position to E in photo travel vs the Beetle below.

The absence of water temperature gauges in the custom part shop is a very good touch. (Air cooled engine, etc.)


Odometer doesn't work. Fuel gauge is suspect and isn't pointing exactly at F.

Bonus list time!
Cars here are mostly believed to be 'proper' premiums where most aspects look and function sufficiently 'right'. There are minor flaws though.

- RR Evoque. The screen is turned off so it's fine in an objective manner. Possible relevant info that can be displayed are a clock on all menus and a compass and altimeter screen.
Like the Insight, would prefer if S was used instead of D as the paddles are used and here, D won't blip on downshifts. Using paddles will also add the large redundant center gear readout that's also missing in the Jaguar XKR-S. (Wonder why Jaaag-RRover insists on having 2 gear readouts within a few cm of each other TBH.) Nice to see the light at the gear selector changing to R when reversing though. Lacks torque converter physics. Front and rear diffs should instead use brake-LSDs. Ride height's a bit low.

- Both KTM X-Bows. Horns don't work but that's not a visual issue. PD took note of the reduced track width of the lesser model. Excellent wheels and has an off state. Model and dash indicators are about perfect.

- LCC Rocket is as good as the X-Bows. Interesting to see that the 3 most accurately detailed cars in GT6 are track day specials with complex exposed components and all-in-one instruments.

- Lambo Miura. It could use a little more tire sidewall bulge but the wheel lip fits about right unlike the Dino. Oil and coolant temperature don't work and has the GT6 analog odometer bug where all digits rotate at the same time.

- Ferrari FXX

- SRT Viper. There's an off button for the center screen so I can overlook the consequently missing ambient thermometer, clock, compass, and the other possible SRT apps. I'd personally leave the screen on for the sake of consistency with certain others. There should be a bit more tire sidewall for the rear wheels too.

- Lexus IS-F CCS-R. Not sure about the lap timers, but the stock gauges of this facelift model work like a charm.

Another list!?!
A recap of the more advanced things GT6's engine is capable of 'visually' simulating:

- Variable 'tick' value speedometers (E.g. modern VW and Audi speedometers that have 100 at halfway and 300 at the end of the rotation sweep.)
- Headlight indicator lamps including sidelights, low and high beams, and parking/emergency brake indicators
- Analog/digital clocks, odometers, trip meters and navigational compasses(!). Analog odometers don't work flawlessly in 6 vs GT5 and have 3 types with different flaws.
- Digital ambient thermometers, fuel consumption/range gauges, lap/race timers and average speed readouts (E.g. KTM X-Bow).
- Analog and digital fuel gauges, oil pressure gauges and turbo boost gauges (but not supercharger boost or intake vacuum).
- Animated gear sticks/selectors including 'P' position outside of events and fully working gear indicators, including 'P' and 'R' for the respective automatic cars. Neutral is absent though.
- Properly guided seat belts of the correct kind (The competitor games often use generic harnesses in all cars that are 'glued' to/part of the driver model).
- Multi-function dash and center console displays that are in off/standby mode outside of events and on during them. GT pretty much stands alone with console screens that show realistic menus/displays.
- All speed/brake/steering sensitive active aerodynamic spoilers, wings and flaps.
- Differentiation of fluid temperature gauge readings between events and garage/photo travel but no actual simulation yet.

(Personal opinion time below so ignore these last bits if you prefer)

Sloppy content is sloppy content and will be listed. GT and others must strive for improvement to an appropriate level for their console's capabilities.

So, let me whine about 2013 onwards.

With other licensed-car games in said years, it's been more or less same-old-same-old with regard to these types of niggles.

Game no. 1

A licensed-mostly-road-car-racing-game around early 2013 failed to take into any account the cars in its 2 lower tiers with regard to alternate style/offset front or rear wheels. There were also some cases of sloppy wheel positioning and ride heights among other common genre modeling faults. That said, the flaws aren't necessarily jarring as car bodies were relatively low poly for 2013. Aftermarket wheels do correctly take note of wider rear sizes and corresponding deeper offsets though. Some absent active aero animations too. In 2014, the half-sequel has carried forward all flaws and has standard GT6 open roof style cockpits of its own flavor; just bothering with a couple of rev/shift lights would've improved them so much...

Then 2 AAA current-gen console launch titles had varied results. They definitely had some degree of improvements in general polygonal detail compared to predecessors, but still are (were?) full of iffy-ness.

Game no. 2

The earlier title had some genuine surprises though, somewhat an improvement for the series as a whole compared to certain predecessors, especially late 2011's entry, but still made a couple of odd or even obvious errors in various departments. It's also somewhat guilty of fixing and breaking things that weren't before. I've to admit the working convertible roofs are a surprise, though I wish some thought had gone to targa tops.

It lost a self made-up 'perfect visual active aero award' some of its predecessors had. The 2010 entry definitely had it, maybe 2012's too. Can you guess the series yet? A really big hint would be entries of 1997 and 2000 easily winning this award...

One car of a renowned, reintroduced manufacturer (11 year absence, discounting a certain 2009 version) was completely absent of its rear spoiler animation in this title. Many people did notice this issue. (Said car doesn't have this bug in GT5 and 6.) Active braking cooling vents don't work on another car of this manufacturer unlike game 3 below.

Other than missing animations, the effects were sometimes simplified. If we take a Huayra as an example, in 2012's title, the spoilers correctly close up at high speeds. Here, they don't. Though they still have the air brake and cornering abilities.

DLC quality is split, some cars have the minute details in wheels and other aspects that I like and others don't.

The game's 2015/2016 sequel unfortunately relapses in terms of accuracy, a possible trade-off for more visual modification. A Murcie SV gets excess rear track width when it was finally perfectly modeled in 2013 (though it sounds much better here). Many cars lack correct rear wheel offset modeling too, though there's a notable exception for a new British supercar.

Game no. 3

The latter game, well, kind of disappointed. The main graphical feature improvement of it, apart from modeled engine bays and boots for all cars, was support of the alternate 'offset style' of stock factory wheel for the opposite axle compared to previous gen entries of the series. (Recap: IRL, when wider rear tires are fitted resulting in dished or deeper hub rear wheels to fit with the suspension and body. See Zonda, Huayra, Diablo, Countach, etc)

The problem was that, like the competition, only a mostly random selection of cars took advantage of the new ability despite claims of extensive touching-up and the like. This is supposedly one of the causes for the big drop in car numbers. The worst part is that most DLC cars also suffer from the problem.

Add to that some odd tire modeling, odd wheel placement issues, incorrect wheel geometry and other modeling oddities, and it equates to great personal annoyance like the GTs. Some overlook the many inaccuracies simply because the cars have the highest polycounts and are greatest in number in that level of quality. (Usually the people who are more into video games than cars IMHO. I'll still say the general level of interior functionality and model accuracy hasn't shifted much over the past 5 years. There seem to be a number of smoothing errors in certain models too.)

And like GT5 and 6, it messed up a reasonably obvious part of its cover car. Unlike GT, I can immediately notice the problem simply by looking at the game's cover. (The half sequel did it again. Ugh...)

That title is really only more consistent than GT6 (minus GT's standard cars) with fuel, supercharger and turbo boost gauges, and digital trip and odometers. Digital clocks are calibrated to real world time and only 'survive' if they are prominently mounted in the driver's sight. The interior 'visuals' side of the game isn't as thorough as GT's and cannot do, among many other things, oil pressure, analog clocks and odometers. The artists also don't bother with center console screens with few exceptions and inconsistencies between cars from the same manufacturer. Digital odometers tend to have excess 0 digits in front of the readings. Some gear indicators show inaccurate info.

The 2014 half sequel is identical in issues, except digital clocks don't work
and are fixed to 12:00. Weird considering the game has a 24H day-night cycle that could've been used for time-keeping like in a previous gen open world racer from 2008... (This 2008 racer is more or less my benchmark for interior features. Only 3 notable game engines can surpass or even match it for overall interior gauge replication. One is GT's, the others are game 4 and 5 below. There's another and it's a trucking simulator.)

Everything still applies to the 2015 sequel, though the cover car has correctly done wheels at least. No other improvements or fixes in car reproduction. The 2016 PC port/tech demo is similarly affected; only that cover car differentiates between front and rear wheels. Why T10 didn't only pick the best models is beyond me.

The final point here is that car visual 'accuracy' inside and out isn't improving quite enough to match added graphical capabilities. Ironically, these added graphical capabilities provide a more jarring contrast by making 'accuracy' flaws in 3D modeling clearer and thus more obvious when comparing side by side to reality. (I blow most of my time in motoring publications on and off the web so I generally have most recent cars in fresh memory.)

Hence any claims that video game cars are generally even approaching their version of the 'uncanny' valley are, to me anyway, unfounded and simply not true yet. Obviously this applies even more to the now-current gen titles vs GT6 with their superior rendering abilities.

Game no. 4

It can't simulate oil pressure and fuel economy gauges, it's arcade like so i'd link them to boost/throttle or something. Simplifying the center console screens isn't totally ideal either. These are the major issues keeping some cars from their uncanny valley, others without these instruments are very impressive; the visuals are pretty much the best right now overall, extending to well modeled tires. It even takes note of stability control lights and a DLC car's analog trip and odometer work here (and doesn't in GT).

It's the only game that has modeled to a decent degree a working power gauge for a Swede and the rear wheels of many current day hypercars. GT6 doesn't have these cars while game 3 and 5 don't get the details. Working KERS and DRS gauge in another 2 as well compared with game 5 below.

Some noticeable issues. 5 Germans and 2 DLC Americans are missing gear indicators (2 closely related cars do lack the indicator if they are manual but they're automatic spec here), 2 similar Brits have very slightly mis-calibrated speedometers and some others lack correct wheel offset details, one of which is fairly major considering how well other cars have been modeled (GT5 and 6 modeled this Italian car properly). 2 natural aspiration cars wrongly feature 0 reading boost gauges from different engine options while 2 DLC boost gauges don't work. So it's a bit annoying that DLC cars have these issues too; a mega car's shift paddles was weirdly immobile until a patch while a Brit features the wrong gear display for manual mode. Some stupendously minor things like missing letters or grids from some digital instruments like GT. One or two cars' center gauge displays appear to be stuck at the acc on display that show only the model name. And one much anticipated DLC Japanese super sports car's clock display is blank, possibly the 1st missing standalone clock in this title. (GT5/6 suffer from this too...) Unfortunately, there are also errors in what is possibly the last DLC car to ever be revealed.

Appreciate how most cars are modeled according to home country. LHD/KPH for EU, RHD/MPH for UK. LHD/MPH for US.

Car list is slightly out of date, though at the level of detail they are reproduced, it's no biggie. DLC has added some more current model years here and there though with at least one odd USA choice with an ancient 5-speed auto (that GT6 also features). That said, GT really needs some more cars with 8 speed autos.

Some purely subjective niggles with some selected dash displays; with certain German cars, I'd prefer a digital speedometer over a prominent date/time display (1 was changed to the preferred between teasers and launch but not others of the same brand), or odometer over non-simulated fluid temperatures. That said, there's strong consistency and a wider variety of working instruments than game 3; GT6 can simulate the most overall but is really terrible in consistency.

Game no. 5

This game is arguably built on the bones of a similarly old but reasonably capable engine.

It consistently simulates boost and fuel gauges, digital clocks and odometers, oil pressure and fluid temperatures (and decent mechanical damage) but can't do variable-tick speedometers, trip meters, analog odometers/clocks, and e-brake indicators. Electric charge appears to have been added in a post release update.

Light indicators, KERS, DRS, center console displays
and shift indicators are inconsistent. A update added the ability to toggle certain road car displays but it isn't consistently applied (E.g. The center display on the RS Megane can toggle in-race between track info with lap times, clock and ambient temp and car engine info with a gear indicator, fluid temp and boost).

Most cars look great
(lots of properly done race cars) but many of the road cars are really lacking in fine details, especially wheel offsets.

Personally feel underwhelmed by this game considering the years of early-access and masses of backers. Guess people don't mind these little insignificant details or are distracted by the l33t PC UHD grafix and its over processed imagery.

Gran Turismo Sport

There's hope that improvements will be made by launch but despite upgrading models in poly count, material effects and updating to new model years in certain cases, the same old issues are appearing.

The facelift GT-R has the same interior problems as the current GT6 model as does the M4, all the wheels on the F-Type R, the front wheels on the safety-car AMG GT-S, and the rear wheels on the RC F haven't been done properly, the ND MX-5 lacks a working economy gauge and shift indicator, the Hellcat and F-Type consoles are stuck at the startup loading screen, etc...

That said, the new tires look great and are a welcome 'global' improvement. They were the only exterior issue with the One-77 in 6. Some of the later revealed returning cars like the 12C and Veyron have redone interiors with some improvements. Using the Veyron's media player as a journey timer is genius...

Regarding GT6's issues,

noting its title as a 'driving simulator', I consider my listed issues no more important than other issues related to car physics specification or bugs but they do share the issue of catastrophic inconsistency and not making the most of what features are available.

Cars still have generic stock toe-in/out and camber values, dry weights are occasionally used instead of curb weights, ride height, aerodynamic drag and downforce/lift parameters are still relatively arbitrary in execution and allotment, random cars have proper LSDs when they shouldn't, and a fair number of cars still don't have the appropriate transmission physics or even ratios. Putting more accurate values rarely makes cars harder to drive too. Some may even be much easier with smoother shifts and more neutral handling...

The newly added 2nd bonus list above indicates the wide and unique aspects of a real car's 'look' that the game engine is capable of showing off. Unfortunately, the vehicle artists have largely failed to take advantage of these abilities.

Frankly, GT6 (and 5 for that matter,) feels too much like a really potentially good game that's still mid-production and a very long way from completion. The problem is that, like almost every other 'big publisher'/AAA modern game, there is more addition of potentially also-incomplete content (in downloaded updates) rather than refinement of the existing. There were obviously very little content quality fixes between the last 'public' GT5 version and the current GT6. (The Murcielago oil pressure gauge now works and uh...)

Scoring GT6 since this is the review/feedback section.

GT6 scores up to about 70% for me at the moment. I still really enjoy driving (G27 user here) around a time and weather shifting Nordschleife, especially with a good sounding and/or fully functioning car modified to more 'real' factory specs, despite the lapses in physics simulation beyond car tuning (e.g. some odd low-speed tire slippage, the lack of front downforce, etc) and occasional jerk in frame rate, even in 720P.

Other things I like include the much improved loading times, the menu soundtrack, and the various special/unique events. The ditching of the shuffling used cars and the revised paint chip system is an improvement, though the latter still isn't totally ideal; I'd prefer a proper color mixer or just buying paints for much less credits without the car or even a free factory color toggle ability. Most classics have, like, a million colors(!?) and almost all look so good!

I really hate the lack of aero drag for road cars as it's a big step back from 5, the comically long full grid rolling starts on certain tracks, and how, past a certain point, mileage = permanent wear and tear with no chance of full restoration. Most cars come stock with tires of excessive grip levels too. Being unable to change the color of stock wheels and interior trim post purchase with the cars that are available with such variations from dealers is unfortunate (Honda Type Rs and the C7 'Vette for instance). Some touch-up is really badly needed on many standard cars as well, at least to the levels of the vintage GT-Rs or the Honda Jazz. A larger variety of sound samples are required too, though I'd say certain cars do sound quite good, maybe even best in the genre. The transmission tuning/speed estimation and dyno screens really need to be redone too.

Off the top of my head, if the 'ownership quality' of the cars (comprising of the listed problems, suspension/drivetrain/aerodynamic/weight adjustments and refined/new engine sound samples) was improved, it'll easily add 15% to the score. Choice 'premium-ising' (additions to car selection) and more tuning parts along with weather/time effects for more tracks is worth 5%. Basic 900 degree driver animation, allowing test drives and/or unlocking unmodified cars in Arcade mode like GT4 is worth 5% too. The last 5% consists of too many other refinements to be listed, some related to the PS3's limitations, but frankly, 95% would be good enough for now.

Some really final notes, I promise:

TL;DR, to summarize my main problem, modern licensed-car-game cars have generally accurate and sufficiently detailed bodywork modeling BUT are ruined by sloppy wheels, sloppy wheel positions, sloppy interiors and inactive aerodynamic part effects. It seems odd that a truck driving simulator can outdo so many of these efforts in overall visual accuracy of vehicles.

And I'll harp on this again; I believe the main list is mostly objective unlike typical complaint lists for reasons that are fairly clear.
This is not like requesting a whole new feature. (A livery editor for instance.)
If feature X works on car A, is it too much to expect it to work on car B?

If anyone's interested, I'm also the moron who blew more than 2 dozen hours re-sizing wheels to correct specs in the mod-able PC version of NFS Shift 2. Link's in my sig too. Other silly unreleased things include making lists like these for other driving games and mapping out NFS Run's route with Google Maps. OCD, right?

Another thanks to anyone who's contributed content. 👍

(complete... again :P)

The other numbered games are Grid 2, NFS Rivals, Forza 5, Driveclub and Project CARS in that order. Others mentioned are Grid Autosport, Forza Horizon 2, Forza 6 and Apex, Midnight Club LA, and the Euro/US Truck Simulator series.
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Ferrari GTO tacho hardly moves
Renault Megane RS gearing is too short
Ferrari F40 gearing is too long
Huayra is too fast in stock trim (actually most cars seem to have crazy top speed, maybe PD forgot to factor in wind resistance )
Thanks, though I'd prefer to let there be another thread for performance problems and be managed by another like Tornado's back in GT5.

I'd also felt something was off with the Megane. When I was modding Shift 2, I remember sourcing an official RS spec sheet saying that it'll do something around 95 kph in second around 6K RPM with the 235 width R19s. Here it only does around 80.

PD definitely misdid wind resistance in 6 compared to 5. Now most, if not all, cars will run to their fuel cut-offs in top gear. I got the 15th Anv SRT Viper to 381 Kays before calling it quits. Really curious what the V10 RS6 will do now.
United States
Thanks, though I'd prefer to let there be another thread for performance problems and be managed by another like Tornado's back in GT5.

I'd also felt something was off with the Megane. When I was modding Shift 2, I remember sourcing an official RS spec sheet saying that it'll do something around 95 kph in second around 6K RPM with the 235 width R19s. Here it only does around 80.

PD definitely misdid wind resistance in 6 compared to 5. Now most, if not all, cars will run to their fuel cut-offs in top gear. I got the 15th Anv SRT Viper to 381 Kays before calling it quits. Really curious what the V10 RS6 will do now.
The problem seems to be with the track, not the cars (or even the model). SSRX seems to have broken air density values. Do your speed tests on le Sarthe's Mulsanne Straight (no chicanes) and you should get more realistic numbers.


According to Tornado, the proportions of the Chevrolet Corvette Z06 (C5) '04 are off in general. He could probably elaborate more on that.

Impressive list, by the way. You must have a real eye for detail (or way too much free time :P) to notice all those inaccuracies in the wheels.
Thanks.:cheers: It's probably the excess time and a bit of OCD.:dopey:

Will look into the Z06 in gallery-view next time with a Googled real life picture handy too.

The rear-end did seem a little wide AFAIR...
^Gotta agree with that for the series 8. Game VS reality, assuming GT6 reuses the model from 5.

Can't find any Google in-game interior shot of the series 6 so I'll look in the actual game later.
I too thought in the interior some dails do not work like real car. But, is it possible for you to have screenshot of game vs real car. It is more easier to see the differences using rather than text :P
Yeah, pics should eventually be added. (As of July 2014, I feel a bit lazy.:dopey:) I'm already looking up good links here and there. Can't find enough links, I'd have to take and post my own screenies.

These initial postings without pics are mainly for others to dispute or check. Reason being that others may 'specialize' (so to speak) in certain car models and notice things that I don't.
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Lotus Elise 111R (from mission race s-4), speedo needle reading in km/h, should be mph

The Viper ACR and 196x corvette speedos in GT5 were also inaccurate, dunno if its been fixed for GT6
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I don't know any other games with the Reventon in it except Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (2010). But the spoiler works in that game.
United States
Minnesota, USA
The Dino's Odometer is work normally since I did drive it in arcade mode. Edit: Oh, I forget add the 260 GT Berlinetta Passo corto CN.2521 '61 do have odometer don't work and misplacement over speedometer needle is what I just check out during drive it in same mode plus clock won't work yet, but oil pressure is work. Please update OP's list now.
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Lots of cars with ugly speedo and odometer (unclear numbers). Some also look worse/better at night. This element is very inconsistent.

example :

Bad - Alfa Brera

Good - Plymouth XNR Ghia Roadster
I read somewhere the Lexus LFA's speedometer skips 90 mph so it goes: 88 89 80 91 92. I'm not sure if it actually does that.
I don't know any other games with the Reventon in it except Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (2010). But the spoiler works in that game.

The other games are Forza 4, Forza Horizon and both NFS Shifts. It's understandable that it doesn't work in Shift 1 due to the lack of aero animation support but the others, like GT6, simply forgot.

I read somewhere the Lexus LFA's speedometer skips 90 mph so it goes: 88 89 80 91 92. I'm not sure if it actually does that.

Yeah, YouTube videos indicate that the LFA Nurburgring suffers from that. Adding to OP.

The Dino's Odometer is work normally since I did drive it in arcade mode. Edit: Oh, I forget add the 260 GT Berlinetta Passo corto CN.2521 '61 do have odometer don't work and misplacement over speedometer needle is what I just check out during drive it in same mode plus clock won't work yet, but oil pressure is work. Please update OP's list now.

So the odometer and clock don't work, oil pressure works and there's something off with the speedometer?

Lotus Elise 111R (from mission race s-4), speedo needle reading in km/h, should be mph

The Viper ACR and 196x corvette speedos in GT5 were also inaccurate, dunno if its been fixed for GT6

Confirmed, adding to OP and weird, AFAIK the 111R was OK in GT5.

Don't yet know about the carry overs too.

Lots of cars with ugly speedo and odometer (unclear numbers). Some also look worse/better at night. This element is very inconsistent. ...

Hmm... Digital displays are definitely flickery from the standard view setting but, like the analog gauges, can be fairly sharp when zoomed in. Maybe it's partly due to a lack of anisotropic filtering?
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Woahhhh man, I mean this respectfully but you have to much time on your hands. Your list kept my interest for about 4 lines then I just felt sorry for you and stopped reading.

Yeah, a bit too much time I guess. :P

And there's no need to feel sorry, it turns out my mindset is suited for these kinds of postings. I genuinely don't find this a chore. :cheers:

Regardless, it stinks that this problem is prevalent in all AAA titles in the genre. Turns out the masses are simply too distracted by raw poly counts to notice these kinds of niggles.

I would make a list for the competition if I also owned those games, now I just observe over the web and make mental lists. :D
Jaguar XK-RS speedo stops at 255 km/h in cockpit view, but car keeps going to 300+
Also, the speedo loses accuracy at higher speeds (is too slow). 107 is shown as 100, 255 is shown as 240.
United States
LMSCorvetteGT2's Mom's House
correct (about not being limited); they're claimed to have a 300 km/h top speed
I looked it up after I made that post. 👍 The issue might still be related to the limiter, especially if PD copy/pasted bits from the other premium XKR to save time.
Actually, the XKR-S is electronically limited to 300 like the XFR-S. :D

I've always been curious what a de-restricted 5.0 XKR and XKR-S will do in reality as Criterion Games won't let the former do more than 280 in either of its NFS titles.

280 being the optional raised speed limiter and close to where 5th gear runs out of revs. It's so torquey I suspect it can pull in 6th despite the relative tallness of the ratio. If I could find drag coefficient and frontal area somewhere...

But anyway, I can check out that speedometer tomorrow. Thanks for the tip-off. 👍

Also, cars in GT5 and 6 have never been electronically limited, which I love. Though the effects of aerodynamic drag could use a little work here and there. (Cough, >340 kph stock C7 'Vette on SSRX, cough.)
Answering bugatti question, kind of...
Since 2011 the veyron hardtop is dead, 2012 on only gs, ss and ss vitesse(wich are ss improvements on a gs)were made, so either way, pd owes -1roof, 200hp plus tweaks and a body kit, or if they want to put the ss(wich woul be even better) then they dont "owe" us the -1 roof....
They can make a ss spec bodykit too i wouldn't mind fitting one in my car
Edit 288 GTO, speedometer needle is way too fast compared to actual speed (like over 280 when going 230).
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Captn Stupd
Edit Ferrari 430. Has Broken RPM Gauge, No Needle, And Gear Count thing is blank.
How this for F430 problems.. See picture.
The F430 on the right should show a non painted carbon hood like the F430 Scuderia does on the left. Should also show a wing.. Both are paid for & equipped. Only rim changes shows on the F430.


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