Problem when playing in lobby with my dad

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Czech Republic
Czech Republic
Hi all,
I guess this will be pretty specific but I am already without ideas what the hell could be wrong. I will try to explain what usually happens.
So there is me and my dad, who both play GT Sport - we live 40km apart, so we dont share network or anything else, he is just like every other player.
We have group of friends who race regularly every 2-3 days in our own lobby - its usually full, so 15-16 players.

Now lets get to the problem. When we are in lobby together either I will see him disconnect from the lobby even though he is still there or he will see me disconnect even though Im still there also. So basically one of us always disconnect but we are both still in lobby, we can see other people racing and writing in chat.

This results in fact that when the race starts, usually I will get stucked in AUTO-DRIVE mode and Im not able to race at all. So basically there is no disconnect popup or anything, it just feels like im in lobby and then, when race starts I cant drive. There are usually 14 other players, why do I see only my dad disconnect(thats what I see, he still stays in lobby)?

I really dont know how better I can describe this but its so ****ed up because we both want to race together and this makes it not possible.
We dont share PSN accounts or anything, I made clean install and still the same problem. We both have NAT types 2 which shouldnt be problem. Anyone experiencing something similar? When we were in different lobby which had like 5-6 players it usually works OK. This problem always happen in this lobby created by our group of friends which has usually 15-16 players in lobby.

Thanks anyone who try to help us...


Porto living in Hamburg
Isn't this the issue with different NAT type internet connections? It happened to me 2 and I had to reset my router and reconfigure my PS4 internet connection.

It could be something else though.