Project CARS Available as Free 'Games with Gold' Title in February

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    They've certainly made a plethora of improvements and its devs like these you feel like supporting over the long haul.

    Was in for a nice surprise last night: never bothered looking into the free digital ed as I already have the standard ed. What I didn't know was that there's a car pack you get with the dig. ed. I can now drive the F1! I was absolutely overjoyed. Fairly good attempt at capturing the sound. :tup:

    The other cars from the pack are pretty desirable too... amm, wish they had done a better job on the MKIV sound. I think CARS generally struggles with getting V8 notes right. :lol:
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    I'm glad you are all getting to try it out and enjoying it, I have had this on PS4 since day one and recently played it after a long break playing on the wheel mainly (FFB is great) but also use the controller. I find the race cars especially GT3/4 cars handle best for me either on the DS4 or Wheel. It sure has more immersion than any other racing game, even just taking the RenaultSport Clio Cups (20 car race) around Oulton Park International-my favourite fun fast test track once you nailed it and remember all the turns. I always play in the cockpit, in Helmet Cam it is great fun (I really enjoyed this view in Shift2). I really look forward to PCars2 and the weather/dirt/snow tracks.

    I turn down the audio master/menu music settings as they are quite loud as standard!

    Helmet cam can take a while to get used to if you have only ever played bonnet, chase or standard cockpit view, so I suggest turning off 'Helmet DOF' to stop the blur and change FOV to a higher level. Otherwise have fun, the Aston Martin Race cars sound like thunder!..Awesome:tup:
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    I absolutely love the helmet cam. It helps you control slides better as you can practically feel what the suspension and chassis are doing. Superb immersion.

    I too have the master vol. down to 80 and the other sounds down to 85 as the game is just too loud. I'm sure they're working on improving the dynamic range in CARS 2.
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