Ps4 controller similar to gt5/6

Discussion in 'PCARS Tuning' started by Volpi, Apr 7, 2016.

  1. Volpi


    hey forum.
    I've been off pc and gt for a long time.
    Since then im sure, many settings have been tweaked.
    SO - i want a controller pattern, which is quite similar to gt5, since gt is a series i've player since gt1.

    Is it possible? Please post links
  2. Donnced


    Well,on controler the game is difficult, cause it's really made for a wheel, and the game has also a higher simulation level that any GT ever got.

    Sometimes i just can't play with my wheel and do some runs on controler. Here is my setup, goes a lot better than the standard one's

    First put controller mode on "mode 2"

    -All deadzone at 0
    -Steering sensitivity at "5"
    - All other sensitivity (accel,brake) at "25"

    -Force Feedback at "100"
    -Speed sensitivity at "65"
    -Controler flickering at "25"

    -Advanced "on"
    -Apply soft steering "on"
    -Apply visual filtering "off"
    -Apply opposite lock help "off"

    This setting maked the cars easier to drive and push to their limits.hoppfully they do the same job for you.
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