PS5 Owners... are you happy?

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For now, pretty happy. Playing in smooth 4k 60 is amazing. Not alot of noise except sometimes when it's reading the disc. Other than that, just silence.

I just wish there were more PS5 exclusives available. Gotta wait for 2022. Until then I'm happy playing upgraded PS4 games.
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I've barely heard a peep out of mi... oh, wait... That's right. It's one of models being pieced together and be readily available, before GT7 debuts.
I have a launch model and pretty happy with mine. I can hear what I believe to be slight coil whine but I wouldn't say it breaks the deal. The disc drive is worse and was much better when they patched it to not fire up every 20 seconds.

The software was a bit rough in the beginning, transferring from base ps4 to it over my WiFi was sketchy and ended up being a mess of lan cables. But it's massively improved since then and I'm just working through my ps4 backlog with a smattering of ps5 games here and there.

Just started Kena and now I feel like I'm in the next gen.
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Definately sounds like i got unlucky with mine.

Will try and snag another and sell this one when I can and hope for the best 🤞

So jealous of you lot and your quiet consoles, I can hear mine from 3 metres away, actually stops me playing some games like wreckfest as it is so loud
The console itself is excellent, the load times are really an upgrade worth the money. It's also nice to look at, imo at least. I haven't had any noise issues with it so far and I've owned it since late February.

The controller on the other hand is a different story. I'll start off with saying that the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers are amazing, whilst not really useful in most (multiplayer) games (yet). However, my first controller stopped charging after about 2 weeks of owning it. It was one of those situations where you have hold the cable at a certain angle for it to work. Later on it didn't charge at all. The provided USB-C cable is just horrible quality. It broke after not even a month and when it was still working, it was constantly slipping out of the controller. I generally don't like the feel of the charge port, it requires too much force to take out a cable. Just doesn't feel well finished. The battery life of the Duel Sense is also really frustrating. I can get maybe 3 to 5 hours on a full charge before it says its empty. Note that it doesn't turn off then, I could easily play for another hour orso.

What I don't like about the system itself, is some of the UI of the menu's. Why can I only acces the Capture Gallery by pressing the Share button, clicking on my last clip or screenshot and then select Go To Capture Gallery. Don't get me started on the Party and Game Hub stuff. It's so cumbersome to go to a party or to message a friend. The PS4 way was a lot more fluid and easier/faster to use.

Overall it's absolutely worth the $500. I give it a 9 out of 10! The load times make me want to get digital games only for the future, as switching between them is so easy. The performance is also insane, as you'd expect. I can't wait for more PS5 build games to come out, especially Battlefield 2042, as that game will use the absolute maximum of the console from what I've seen!
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