Finished Race #3 Friday 23/12/2016 17:00 GTM Callaway C12 550pp Laguna Seca

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    New race >>> this week a forgotten super car !!!!
    It will be a one hour event, 20 minutes practice and setting, 08 or 10 minutes qualifications then race 30 minutes.


    Race #3 Friday 23/12/2016 17:00 GTM
    CET 18:00 - BST 17:00 - EST 12:00 - PST 09:00 - JST 02:00

    Car Callaway C12 '03 550PP
    Track Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca

    Race Settings:

    Race Room Public Club ID: 1061419
    Race Quality Standard
    Voice Chat Disabled
    Max Participants 12
    Race Time Limit 30min

    Qualifications Settings:

    Race Alone
    Last corner Start
    Time Limit 8min or 10min

    Room settings:

    Grip Reduction is Real
    Slipstream Strength is Real
    Mechanical Damage is Low
    Tire/Fuel Depletion is Normal
    Boost is off
    Penalty is low
    Visible Damage is off
    Skid Recovery Force is off
    Active Steering is off
    Active Stability Management is off
    Driving Line is available
    Traction Control is off
    ABS is available
    Nitrous is not allowed

    How to get in:

    Easy to get in >>> the room will be open in club as public.

    Rules and regulations:

    So far there is no such think I only ask everyone to drive well and fair. We all could race clean :tup: I’m sure about that.

    Club Name: Muscle Cars & Supercars
    Club ID: 1061419
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