Race C Qualifying Observation

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  1. Bobby Vegas

    Bobby Vegas

    Is it possible to set the car for qualifying and then adjust for the race?
    I ask this, as I’ve noticed in the race I see a lot of the players get very fast qualifying times. This is then not replicated during the actual race itself for example:
    Of the 20 racers - over 15 get sub 1:50 laps in qualifying but then are up to 3 seconds slower in the race.
    I start 18th on a 1:51, then may get a 1:50 quick lap. This is often in the top 5 of laps for the race.
    So my times are close and the latter quick for the race whereas someone on a 1:46 in qualifying ends as a 1:50 in the race. I have seen this many times today over a large player base.
    Thank you for your time.
  2. Trux


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    Is it not just a case of the race having variables such tyre wear, fuel usage and other drivers but qualifying being a single car with no variables?
    To answer your question, Bop is in play so you can’t set up differently between qualifying and the race.
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  3. Stencedaddy


    Race pace is a different beast than qualifying. alot more factors. some people are just sketchy around other cars or not good at driving with tire wear.
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  4. Dodge Lamb

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    Well, to get the best starting position possible, you want a really good qualifying time, so people likely spend a decent amount of time putting in a good practice time. Races A & B always have tire wear and fuel consumption turned off, whereas Race C has tire wear and fuel consumption on in the race.

    Having a full tank of fuel in a car is much slower than practice conditions, can be anywhere between 1-2 seconds on average depending on the car and track, obviously longer for longer tracks. Also, assuming you're on the topic of this Race C at Suzuka, tire wear greatly affects how Gr.2 cars handle, so it's natural that lap pace in race condition is vastly slower to practice conditions.

    So TL;DR: In Race C's, tire wear and fuel consumption is on, which means your car is a lot slower during the race compared to practicing.
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