Race Pro: Where's the love?

Discussion in 'Console & PC Gaming' started by Vincent Viceroy, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. Vincent Viceroy

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    Err...well...considering this is a racing game forum the lack of Race Pro discussion is astonishing (unless I'm blind and can't see the thread).

    It's an awesome game...better than Forza 2 and I, in my humble opinion, think that Turn 10 have got a lot to do if Forza 3 is going to be better.
  2. jonboy1066


    I'm with you there, RACE Pro has completely replaced Forza2 in my disc tray since Febuary and I'm still loving it, the latest DLC packs have been brilliant and I've still got loads to do with it.

    T10's statement in their press conference recntly where they said.

    "Forza3 is about the car guys.......no so much about the racing"

    And their insistance on 8 car grids

    Has eroded any excitement I had for FM3, FM3 will still be a good game but I have my doubts that it'll be anywhere near as good a racer as RACE Pro. I'm thinking now that FM3 will be a nice stop gap game while I wait for GT5.
  3. Vincent Viceroy

    PSN:cooldawn | GTP_Vincent_Vice

    I just love the handling...playfully realistic. Love taking the Aston Martin around Road America.

    The only thing I don't like about Race Pro is the inconsistent A.I. For the majority of races it's OK, nothing special, yet in some classes it's absolutely brilliant, say the old skool BMW and Alfa races.

    Anyways I'm still to buy the DLC but I will do eventually.

    This and Supercar Challenge are, in my opinion, leading the pack at the moment.
  4. Clark

    England Armitage, Staffordshire

    It's still brilliant, I'll play it alot more when I finally get my wheel.
    Much better than Supercar challenge judging from the beta (for many reasons which I won't go off topic talking about).
  5. Delphic Reason

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    Bought it, played through about half the game, returned it.

    Physics are ok, but leave a lot to be desired in my opinion. Menu system, career path, fun factor, all very low scores from me.

    I think they missed the mark by a hundred feet, if I'm honest. Give me GTR Evo on the 360 and I'd be much happier.

  6. Agreed. The physics were decent but a good racing game has to have much more than that. My biggest problem was with the career structure. Also, the presentation was dull and the track list was lacking (with the exception of a few circuits like Brands Hatch and Zandvoort)

    It definitely wasn't a bad game (I played through it) but it just didn't live up to my expectations.
  7. Max_DC

    Germany Germany

    I think the game was ok, not bad, bad can't be comapred to Forza 2 imo.
  8. I have had it for a while but not put that much time into it. It doesn´t make much sense for PC simracers since they already have a better version of Race Pro.

    I am going to start trying it out more seriously when I get my Turbo S though. Physics and controls is number 1 on a simracer. career mode and such isn´t necessary at all or shouldn´t be :). AI racers you should race other drivers and so on.

    However I had performance issues nowhere near the smooth performance I would want in many places and even though it´s not that important I had hoped more from the lizardtech engine. Race 07 like all isi games looks long in the tooth and the Lizardtech I am not sure is an improvement either... Would have hoped for better sound as well. The surround system was totally borked last time I checked. I really expect they would patch it.
  9. Bogie 19th

    United States Wisconsin

    Race Pro 2009, is one of the worst, if not the worst sim racers i have played on consoles to date. That said, I still "try" to play it to slop through it's horrible career.
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  10. BlackZ28

    United States Tulsa, OK

    Good game, far from great. Finished the game and put it down for good. Overall very disappointed.
  11. Bogie 19th

    United States Wisconsin

    Please disregard my comment #9 above. Please shoot me down in a blaze of glory. I finally put my racing wheel with Race Pro last night for the first time, and spent a good 5 hours doing online and career.

    I actually am amazed by this game, and all the subtle things SIMBIN has done with this title. Easily the best physics/sim racer on a console to date after actually TRYING to learn the game properly.

    And here I had it sitting on my shelf for these months collecting dust when I could have been enjoying it.

    If you don't have Race Pro 2009, you can get it used for $17-$20. Your first impression will be horrid I imagine (as was my first impression). After spending some quality time with the game, it's a diamond in the rough.
  12. No love. Cars are too easy to handle, AI sucks. There is almost no damage, poor collision physics

    Compare to Forza 2 it feels like half PGR in physics department
  13. KSaiyu


    Yeah it's not hardcore compared to PC sims, but are you really saying Forza 2 feels more realistic? Really?

    It's a good game let down by some awful bugs and poor post release support, although the DLC will forever be legendary to me for having the Volvo P1800 ES and Amazon.
  14. It's exactly same as GTR Evolution due to Simbin forums.

    Don't know anything about "realistic", cause nobody knows how this cars drive, except 10 people in the world who actually driving them in FIA GT and WTCC.

    All that I know is cars spin free and almost impossible to powerslide or oversteer. If the speed is too high - cars don't turn, if the speed is not too high - cars turn. This is pretty much all Race Pro physics. I don't know why there are assists in game cause turning them on or off doesn't make a big difference.

    There are some exceptions like the most powerful Caterham, but so rare that you need to drive 9 boring cars which do nothing but understeer before you can get something with fun. Then again 9 boring cars.
  15. KSaiyu


    It's a fact they tweaked the early cars physics to help people in the game, but you can't be saying that it's hard to spin out an F3000 or FBMW without aids on?
  16. bevo


    I lost all interest in it when the 360 wheel had such a huge dead zone. I couldn't keep my cars going straight down the track to save my life. I really don't know how good the game is, because my wheel was so bad. Maybe when the fanatec wheel arrives I'll give it another shot.
  17. Bogie 19th

    United States Wisconsin

    You should look at maybe getting your wheel replaced? My 360 wheel doesn't have any deadzone issues in this game. I did makes some tweaks to the settings for the wheel in the game though.

    I am with K Saiyu. I give the physics in this game the nod over FM2, surprisingly.
  18. Vincent Viceroy

    PSN:cooldawn | GTP_Vincent_Vice

    Hmmm...don't agree with this at all. Forza 2 feels lifeless compared to Race Pro...part due to the incredibly boring career mode and part due to how much fun can be had when you push a DBR9 to the max.

    I dunno, for me Race Pro is, easily, the best on XBOX360.
  19. Isn't a deadzone an area in the centre that doesn't respond? I had the same trouble, so set the options to include a 5% steering deadzone so I could go straight. It's also best to set the steering sensitivity to 0%.

    There are loads of issues with that wheel, the biggest being that it seems developers don't seem to be able to configure it very well. Maybe its hard to work with, or maybe its just lazyness thinking that since most people will be playing with a pad, it doesn't really matter.

    I play GTR Evo with a DFP, and for the open wheel racers, the 360 wheel feels better to me. It's also great with Forza 2 and Dirt 2 actually.


    Race Proken is terrible- taht is all.
  21. Bogie 19th

    United States Wisconsin

    Have you played it since the latest patches were released?
  22. JB-BMW1989


    Mind if I bump this?

    Okay, I played Race Pro and well, it's not a hardcore sim racing game. The cars are easy to drive as it is in Forza Motorsport 3 and the A.I. on Career Mode is set to normal. Now here's the good part, it is sponsored by WTCC which the BMW Teams race their BMW 3ers. The graphics looked okay compared to the PC counterpart, but overall, this is the second most underrated racing game there is on the 360. The first was Import Tuner Challenge (Shutokou Battle X). You guys can ignore this game, but I won't. I don't think it's the best hard-to-ignore game I have ever played, but it is the best underrated game I have ever played so far.
  23. Delphic Reason

    Staff Emeritus

    It would be a fantastic game...

    If it weren't for the poor graphics, mediocre physics, and horrible presentation.

    The ONLY thing saving this game at all is the Force Feedback.


    United States Michigan

    I got it for christmas but after playing Forza 3 its very hard for me to play any other racing game. I usually play Race Pro for about 2 races and put it away. Forza 3 is just so dang good. Luckily we bought Race Pro for about $18.00. No rental store had this game at all.
  25. Does it play well with the MSwheel?

    I might pick it up pre owned.
  26. Delphic Reason

    Staff Emeritus

    No, it certainly does not.

  27. Vincent Viceroy

    PSN:cooldawn | GTP_Vincent_Vice

    For me it's the 'feeling' of being in a race rather than the presentation. It nails it much, much better than Forza 3. In fact it's completely lacking in Forza 3.

    United States Michigan

    You cant be serious. I still own Race Pro and Forza 3 walks all over this game in any way you can imagine. I have road track raced in real life for quiet a few years and so far Forza 3 has come the closest to re-creating that "feeling". Race Pro wasnt even close at all. In fact it felt more like an arcade game.
  29. Race Pro has horrible tearing and runs with 30fps. That's very distracting.The AI cars hardly move when you touch them, they are somehow glued to the track.

    It's worth buying only because you can get it cheap now and there aren't many sim racers to choose from on 360.

    United States Michigan

    I would say rent it first. The game is quite bad. If you want a really good sim game get Forza 3 or get LFS on the PC. Race Pro is not a good sim substitute at all. Or just wait and get Test Drive Unlimited 2. Its not a sim game but its going to be really really good.
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