Real Racing 3 getting a sub F1 licence

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo Sport' started by GiordySays, Nov 21, 2019.

  1. GiordySays


    With real racing 3 getting an F1 licence can we hope the PD can get a F1 sub licence to allow them to include more current and past F1 cars in the future?

  2. FoRiZon



    Mobile games and console have different license terms. Currently only Codemasters that has the exclusive console license.

    Only F1 management that has the say for the matter.
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  3. SestoScudo


    Honestly sucks how mobile games get the good stuff.

    I think pd cant get F1 due to codemasters.

    Only F1 cars we can get is past ones like the F2007, F2004, F10, F2002, 412T2. Pd also got the mercedes F1 car that won 2017 championship.

    The problem is with licensing especially codemasters as they might chuck a fit due to another racing game getting F1 cars. I believe the F2007 and F10 were removed due to codemasters whining. But it is also perhaps Ferrari themselves too.

    We wont be getting any seasons but individual cars especially from past seasons is a different story.
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