Renault 5 Prototype EV - 'Renaulution' Strategy Plan




Now, Renault is increasing its electric bet by announcing that it will launch 10 new EVs across brands, including a re-imagining of the classic Renault 5. In total, it plans to have 30 percent of its fleet electrified by 2025 as part of its “Renaulution” strategic plan.

The plan applies to all of Renault’s brands, including Renault, Dacia, Alpine, Lada and a new mobility brand called Mobilize — for 24 vehicles in total. Ten of those will be electric, including three Alpine and seven Renault vehicles.

The Renault 5 Prototype is part of the company's new business plan “Nouvelle Vague” (New Wave), which details how Renault wishes to turn into a tech, service and clean energy brand as well. In the short term at the automotive level, the move will lead to 14 core vehicle launches by 2025, seven of which will be fully electric, and an equal number in the C/D segment. What won't be pure electric will come with a hybrid option. What's more, Alpine will team up with Lotus to develop an all-electric sports car through a joint venture.

Based on CEO Luca De Meo's statement regarding what's next, Renault will also become an energy brand, investing in hydrogen as well, aiming to offer the greenest mix in Europe in four years. At the same time, called Software République, Renault's tech brand promises to offer an open ecosystem in key fields such as data or cybersecurity. As a service brand, this will bring new functions to the vehicles as well, both onboard and off.

Last but not least, Renault wishes to re-think vehicle life cycles, all through its Re-Factory in Flins, France, a plant that will "recondition more than 100,000 used cars per year," repurposing diesel large commercial vehicles by converting them to biogas and pure EV trucks.


As part of the radical “Renaulution” strategic plan announced today, the French niche marque will be transformed into a manufacturer of “100 percent high-performance vehicles” and aim to become profitable by the middle of the decade.

The lengthy 82-page document released today by the Renault Group also includes a slide depicting a teaser image with three different models. From left to right, the “for me” car appears to be a small electric car tailored for city use, joined by what looks like a crossover “for us” and a sports car “for the weekend.” The latter is likely a direct successor for the Alpine A110, which hasn’t been selling all that well.

While news about Alpine ditching combustion engines doesn’t come as a big surprise, we’re excited to hear the company will team up with Lotus to co-develop a “next-generation EV sports car.” Logic tells us it’s the car on the right, but that’s basically all we know at this point. The other two future models will ride on the CMF-B and CMF-EV platforms, according to the same document.

Alpine is growing in more ways than one as it will become the Renault Group’s motorsport and performance division, encompassing the Renaultsport cars as well as the Renault F1 team, which has been rebranded for the 2021 season as the Alpine F1 team. These changes are part of a plan to turn Alpine into an “exclusive authentic brand,” leveraging its F1 expertise by transferring the racing know-how to road cars while capitalizing on the existing platforms.




Mobilize is developing four purpose-built machines that will focus on ride-sharing and last-mile delivery services. The first is the EZ-1 Prototype, which “exemplifies the goals of the Mobilize brand” by putting “service at the heart of vehicle design”.

Designed as a shared-use urban mobility vehicle, it takes cues from mobility concepts previously shown by Groupe Renault but has been honed for real-world use. Users will be able to rent by time or distance on a pay-per-use basis.

The lightweight machine is 2.3 metres long and made of 50% recycled materials, with full glass doors to boost visibility and the ability to extend its life by swapping batteries. Renault also says that 95% of the EZ-1's parts can be recycled at the end of the vehicle's life.

The EZ-1 will connect to smartphones to enable keyless access and app-based renting.

Beyond the EZ-1, Mobilize will develop battery management systems, including developing an ecosystem of smart charging and storage solutions designed to boost EV uptake. These include a charging pass for customers to more easily locate share points and plans for a single Europe-wide payment solution.
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The other two cars that were showcased today:

Dacia Bigster Concept




The compact SUV is being engineered to accommodate hybrid and alternative powertrains, with the latter likely meaning liquified petroleum gas (LPG) and/or compressed natural gas (CNG).

The bigger Dacia will follow two new models, one arriving next year and the other in 2024. Group Renault aims to forge a stronger relationship between Dacia and Lada to cut costs by reducing the number of platforms from four to just one. In addition, the company with the diamond logo aims to eliminate seven body styles, reducing the number to 11.

Lada Niva Vision


Teased with a single sketch image, the new Niva is one of four new models the brand will launch by 2025. The company will continue “its transformation to become a world-class effective and competitive automotive manufacturer” and will deepen its relationships with Dacia. The two Renault-owned automakers will share a single platform, which gives us a good idea of what architecture the new Niva will use.
This retrofuturistic trend is fantastic. Looks great!

Yeah, I think the packaging changes of EVs is allowing the freedom for designers to go that way. The detailing on the 5, such as the badge on its hatch is stunning.
The Renault 5 looks fantastic :drool: It has got so many rally-inspired design influences from the old-school 5 Turbo as highlighted in the video below. Really hope these details stay on the production model!

I'm also a fan of the Dacia and its purposeful look. 👍
So when do we get a wide hipped RS version with a rear electric motor?
I think both the 5 (years ago we had a 5 Campus for a while) and the Dacia concepts look great.
Yeah, I think the packaging changes of EVs is allowing the freedom for designers to go that way. The detailing on the 5, such as the badge on its hatch is stunning.
Meanwhile, Japan been doing this for years with kei cars.
There has been discussion before, about if automakers had specific design constraints, they could come up with creative solutions. It's cool it seems to be happening now, but all what we've possibly missed out in the past three decades.
New details of the Renault 5





Ahead of the production model's debut next year, the French marque is finally ready to share some preliminary technical specifications. It will ride on the CMF-B EV platform and borrow up to 70 percent of parts from the CMF-B-based Clio hatch and Captur subcompact crossover.

We are happy to report Renault intends to give the new 5 a multi-link rear suspension, which is a rarity in the B-segment.

The company with the diamond logo isn't saying anything about power for the time being, only mentioning the R5 will use an electric motor with technology derived from the Megane E-Tech Electric. It'll have a new internal architecture that will not only reduce the motor’s size but also its weight.

it looks like there's no frunk

Some photos of the mule from last year


Alpine teases the A290 Beta concept, a hot version of the Renault 5




The world premiere is locked in for May 9 ahead of a market launch expected to take place around 2025. We're being told the moniker follows the Alpine nomenclature by starting with an "A," followed by three digits. The first one refers to the vehicle's size, while the next two reflect the type of vehicle: "90" will be used by the "multi-purpose" cars such as this one, while the sports cars will have "100."

As for the use of "β" in this particular case, it references beta software, meaning it's not the final product and is only used during the testing phase. Consequently, the Greek letter will be dropped for the production model, which will be simply called the A290. Alpine isn't sharing any technical specifications about the electric hot hatch, but we're hoping to learn more during the debut event organized in the UK.
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Between this and the Ioniq 5 N, I reckon these are going to be the first EVs that deliver the same kind of thrills ICE-powered rally homologation specials do, and they're the ones I'm most looking forward to.

I thought the Abarth 500e would have been the first to bring motorsport inspiration to the road, but it seems pretty underwhelming in its current form.
Yeah, I’d have that. Now, to start trial running an extension cord from my garage window to the charger down the street.
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Official reveal











With the [Renault 5] about to be resurrected as an electric vehicle, it only makes sense to revive the performance derivative as well. Meet the A290_β, an official preview of the subsequent production model coming in 2024. The road-going car will be made by the Renault Group at its Douai facility on the CMF-B EV platform.

Despite being only 159.4 inches (4.05 meters) long, the Alpine A290_β rides on large 20-inch wheels with an unusual design by having a square cut in the center. The centerlock alloys proudly carrying the French flag are wrapped in tires developed by Michelin, which will also supply the rubber for next year's production model.

In concept form, the electric hot hatch is 72.8 in (1.85 meters) wide and 58.2 in (1.48 meters) tall. It has a McLaren F1-styled three-seat interior with the driver sitting in the center, slightly ahead of the two passengers cocooned by their carbon fiber bucket seats.
Thanks to someone being sneaky, the final design has been revealed a few days early:



I've got to say this is the most I've liked the design of an electric car in this segment since the Honda E... And this one is expected to have decent range for a change!