Ricmotech vs Vesaro

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    Hello, all!

    So I am considering upgrading my setup. I currently have a Playseat with Fanatec Clubsport V2 wheelbase and pedals and triple 27's, VR as well (Oculus Rift S). I have been poking around and considering upgrading to a bit better setup. I seem to have zeroed in on two options; Ricmotech and Vesaro. Ricmotech seems like a far better value and can get both of their motion packages with it for the same price as Vesaro's Stage 2 professional setup. Two I am considering below:



    I really like the Tilton pedal setup on the Ricmotech, seems the Vesaro uses the Heusinkveld pedals? Both have direct drive wheels, one has motion and the other does not (Vesaro). Anyone here have experience with the Ricmotech motion systems? Would this really be worthwhile? Anyone have much experience with Ricmotech in general? I cannot seem to find much in the way of reviews on their equipment but do see quite a bit from Vesaro. Since this would be a pretty large investment, want to make sure I do all the homework I can.

    Thanks in advance and appreciate any insight you can provide.
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