Sample lap - Stock S14

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yea sheron stock is the way to go drifting a fully stock car shows what skill you have i love drifting stock car's although it is much easier with a dfp definately good job ttyl vtec513 out!
SO try BONE STOCK no lsd =0) yer car is modded so it isn't stock....

LSD only make the car can drift further in exiting. The initial movements (while begining to drift) are quite the same.

Thanks for your comments :).
This is a stock S14 Silvia with only 2-way LSD and crappy N1 tyres.

I've made it to show that there's no need to go crazy with mods to drift succesfully :dopey:.

Nice job, some clean lines. 👍 Good mix between show and speed drifting.
Actually a handful of GT4 cars are driftable without mods. RUF Yellow Bird, for example.

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