Selling off D-Box, Simucube 2 Ultimate, Ascher B16M-SM & PJs

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    I have several simulator parts I am looking to sell off due to a delayed customer order. All items are listed on eBay. Most are brand new and anything that has been opened has not been used or installed. Here is a quick overview of what is on offer:

    Unopened D-Box Gen1 Motion system - £5386 + shipping

    Opened but never used D-Box Gen 1 Motion system - £4990 + shipping

    Unopened Simucube 2 Ultimate - Auction starting price £2050 + shipping

    Unopened Ascher B16M-SC button plate - £395 + shipping

    Opened but never used HPP 3 pedal PRX SE - £755 + shipping

    There is also some gaming projectors at £500

    I have multiple amounts of each I am looking to sell, so if it is not listed anymore please drop me a message and I will see what is left. I will mark any items that are sold.

    This is not a retailer and when the items are gone they are gone. I am only selling off the items from a delayed order I was working on.

    Edited links, should hopefully work now,

    simucube 2 ultimate price down to £1650

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