Series Cancelled: Lamborghini Super Trofeo Cup, 5 of 8 events Completed

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Hi Noval,

Thank you for this series. Still a good fun racing with you guys. Whitey and I are close on the standings. Congrats on winning the series!

Planning to join the Porsche series but not sure if there still slot left.
Thanks Mark, though I do think the standings would have been quite closer and interesting had we finished the season. Again, great racing and nice job on the 3rd place finish.:cheers:

We still have openings on the Reserve roster. The way it works, is be one of the first 2-3 reserve drivers to confirm available for the next race Event, after a race event is complete. Typically 2-3 grid spots open up. Also, in the event a primary driver retires or loses their spot, I will first offer it to the Reserve driver with the most participation or to the first to claim it if participation is equal. Basically, if you want to race, post your availability and when a spot opens, it affords you the best chance of a spot. Glad to see it interests you.

Edit: I may have 1 primary spot remaining open.
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