Share your decals. Great win for everyone.[Read OP-Decals only]

The idea behind this thread is to share your decals with direct links to your online profile (if you want).

Shared decals are only available 24h 5 days through the search function (PC) and only the last 1000 uploads are displayed (Console). It's hard to find stuff you need with the current system.
PDs decision to store your personal game data on their servers is not so bad as it seems on first glance. Since you have a own profile on the Gran Turismo website you can share your uploaded decals via links.

Just go to your decal page (Community>My Profile>Gallery>Decals) and copy the given link. (You can also link specific decals if you want).*
You can add chosen decals directly to your collection and can use them instantly within the editor.

This could be an good addition to the "Livery/SVG request thread" I think. Feedback is appreciated and participation very welcome.

*I don't know if tThe linked page will be automatically updated.

Wow, this is great. Thanks for pointing it out. Now I can hunt down decals whilst the tv is in use :-)

Here are some of my liveries. Edit - oops forgot the link;
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Thank you, but there are other threads to share liveries. This thread was intended for decals. Sorry.
Maybe you could upload some. :)
Oh sorry. My mistake. I haven’t done any decals yet but I have just taken a first look at Inkscape so maybe soon... Anyhow, for me the great thing about this thread is that I hadn’t even realised we could access each other’s shared libraries from smartphone etc. I’m quite new to this and I’m finding it amazing. Thanks for your patience.
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So we've a sub for Livery's. Would be nice if we had a section for decals, so people can show their wares.
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I've mostly made and shared 991 related decals to copy the games RSR, things like the Porsche Design PD logo, TIMEPIECES text, its nice when people say thanks.
The RSR Nurburg Sticker Badge, Yorkshire Tea, Grand Tour, ZigZag rolling papers, Sheba Cat food, and Silver Spoon Sugar decals have been appreciated too.

I've kept a few decals for myself, as I like to have something rare on my car. Although all my decals are company logo copies, I haven't ventured into creating anything from scratch.... yet.

I guess that the guys uploading really popular decals are constantly getting the notification in the top right of screen.
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Here's a link to my archive of logos.
I'm relatively new to GT Sport, but have so many plans of cars expect a lot more logos to be shared.

All are created in Illustrator as vector graphics and compressed to as low as possible (some are multiple files) and range from Logos, to Series Boards & Numbers for corresponding series.

I've got a lot not shared at the moment, but will continually add more when on console. Spending most my time in Illustrator getting decals made, its a habit from Forza days where i'm decal mad! lol