Shift 2 is supposed to be a sim, right?

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  1. Ok, when Shift 2 was released it was touted as a "sim" so one would expect cars to perform pretty close to how they would in real life. For example, if a car does 0-60 in 13.6 seconds, you expect the game to reflect that.

    So anyway, I went and did a standing mile with the Lotus Cortina and the specs say 174km/h max. speed and 0-60 in 13.6 seconds. So why was it that I managed 0-60 (or 0-100km/h) in about 6-7 seconds and why did I get up to 195km/h when 174 is supposed to be the maximum?

    I mean, in a 1/4 drag, the Cortina was not far off the S3's time! :crazy:

    I'm just wondering how the hell they can try and pass that as a "sim?"

    Look at GT5 or Forza 3. For the most part, all the cars perform pretty close to their real-life counterparts. A Mazda 2 will do a 0-60 in about 10-11 seconds, not 6-7. So why is it so off in Shift 2??

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    Not sure, what do the ingame specs of the car say? Do they even match the real life specs (e.g. weight/power/gears)?
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    Musta had some epic tail winds :p
  4. did you try it as well in normal racing mode? i think drag/standing mile uses diferrent physics/engine mapping
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    Oh no, here we go again...
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    You beat me to it :ouch:
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    I suppose you could call a game a 'simulator' when it has complex tuning options, steering wheel support, and a complex, slightly realistic driving physics engine.

    It's not like 'split second' or 'blur' have any of the above options, right? :idea:
  8. That seems very weird. In Forza and GT, it makes no difference whether you do a standing mile/drag or a normal race. The acceleration and top speed stats remain constant.
  9. "Oh no, here we go again" what?
  10. Vaxxtx

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    Go try a regular race w/o upgrading or tuning, look at the times and then go from there.
  11. Vaxxtx

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    Where are the drag races in GT5? Does Forza have a standing mile?
  12. same holds for drifting... weird or not, it's the way it is. So, have you tried it in normal racing more?
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    I'd call it more of a simulator than GT5 for the simple fact that at least in Shift there is consequences for crashing... just like in real life
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    Sorry, this issue has been beaten to death - sim or not, and comparisons to GT5. MANY other posts on here covering these topics.
  15. Yeah and it's the same thing. Took the Cortina out on Alpental and 0-100 was about 7 seconds, even though it's supposed to be 13.6. Huge discrepancy. I understand Shift wants to be fast and furious and wants to have the feeling of speed but nevertheless, those stats are just OFF completely.
  16. In that regard, sure. But as for the acceleration and top speeds, GT5 is light years ahead.

    I should rephrase. In GT5, when you accelerate from a standstill, the 0-60 times are pretty darn close to what they are in reality. And yes, Forza does have a standing mile.

    I never upgrade or tune. I did a regular time trial event on Alpental with the Cortina and it was the same story. 0-100 in around 7 seconds.
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    0-100 - MPH or KPH!
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    I'm guessing KPH. MPH would be 0-60 i think.
  19. Vaxxtx

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    Good to know about F3 having a standing mile. I am only a few hours into it.

    I am thinking this is your problem.
  20. Beliall

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    Because the lotus cortina can do 0-60 in about that, ive been in one that did it
  21. FuzzyFassbender

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    OK, Im playing along.

    Took the Cortina out for a spin...

    UNITS = Imperial
    Car stat 0-100 = 13.6 seconds
    Stopwatch 0-100 was around 17 seconds.

    UNITS = Metric
    Car stat 0-100 = 13.6 seconds
    Stopwatch 0-100 was around 7 seconds

    NOTE: The time for the 0-100 car stat does not change when going from Imperial to Metric. The 0-100 car stat is MPH! Your car speedo LABEL still says MPH but the gage changes depending on Imperial or Metric. Change your units to Imperial and the car stats and speed will match.

    There are issues with this "sim" but the accuracy of the stated and actual times are close.

    And, lets not get this turned into a us vs them... that's comparing apples to oranges (racing vs driving) :)

    EDIT: A while back I did quite a few laps around Nordschleife with various cars in S2U and GT5 (same cars in both) to compare my times to real world records. In a nutshell, I had an easier time "beating" IRL records in GT5 than S2U - I don't think I am that good. At least GT5 boosted my ego!
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  22. Standard Lotus Cortina can't. Sorry about that but it can't. You may have been in one that was designed for racing or tuned but not a stock Mk I which has 105hp, unless it had special racing tyres and a whole load of other crap.
  23. The 0-100 is in km/h. In other words, 0-100km/h is 62mph. I did 0-100km/h or the equivalent of 62mph in 7 seconds with a crappy Lotus Cortina with all of 105 horses under the hood. Now, unless it weighed 400kg and had a turbocharger installed, there is no way it's doing 0-62mph in 7 seconds.
    There are also other questionable stats, like the M3 E30 has a PI of 400 and a new S3 has 370. Again, the S3 is comfortably quicker than an M3 E30 IRL.
  24. Beliall

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    It was'nt standard :)
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    Well it's good to came here and see everything is still in patch...sim vs arcade...GT5 vs S2U...;)

    Good Vacations to You all!!!

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    @Ryan81 - I stand corrected, I was timing 0-100 MPH on that Cortina time as even though I was Imperial the car specs. screen was still displaying 0-100.

    When it comes down to it, isn't the fun of a racing game - racing? Race that Cortina and have fun. What is the "intent" of your post? As adults, we all know publishers/marketers exaggerate "all" advertising for "any" product - that's their job.

    That's what I need (vacation)! If you were gone as you can see nothing has changed.
  27. Vaxxtx

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    What is this "vacation" that you speak of? I have heard of those...but thought they were a myth.

    Ryan, not to sound like a jerk, but maybe S2 isnt for you. If accel timing, muesum cards, and stock plain jane cars are your cup of tea, GT5 might be the game for you.

    If you want to race on real world tracks, do in-depth tuning, custom liveries, make a stock M3 (or any other car) into a complete beast of a race car, compete with intelligent AI, actually tense up when you make a bad corner, hear the engine difference when you upgrade it, have a detailed cockpit view for every car, and just all around "RACE" then S2 fits the bill.
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    May be an issue with the Cortina itself. The core cars seem to be reasonably close to me --the ones I have sampled on the drag strip, anyway. 1/4 trap speeds seem to be slightly optimistic by 3-4 mph, however.

    One explanation is the Cortina model is based on race car stats and the 0-60 times displayed in the UI is mistakenly based on the street car. The error may be in the derived 0-60 calculation posted in the UI rather than the model itself.

    Upgrade screens show the "stock" car's hp at 166 IIRC, which is way more than the street car's 105.

    Either way, I personally don't see any reason to get too worked up about it.

  29. That's certainly one plausible explanation, although the Nissan 2000GT-R is substantially slower in a standing mile, even though it should have about 150/160hp. Certain car stats just seem to be off although I agree that the more modern cars like the M3's, S4's etc seem to be pretty accurate.
  30. No, I like S2. It's just that I would have thought the sim elements would extend to acceleration and top speed, not only the modelling of the cars, the sound of the engines, etc. Must admit, I don't like tuning and custom liveries in general. IMO, it spoils the car although I understand for races like Works you need to do it. Whenever I can help it, I keep the cars standard.
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