Show off your customized cars!

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Got a new set of builds to show.

USDM build #11
1965 Shelby GT350. We made this muscle car into a dual purpose car for drag racing and drifting. First we gave it a custom widebody kit then a set of 17 inch American Racing AR61s. The visual upgrades done to this car also include a flame livery complete with some custom tow hooks and hood pins and then for the performance upgrades, it includes a Procharger, a set of EBC brakes, ACT clutch, Tein suspension kit, Airaid air intake, and a Racepak ECU. Overall this Shelby's ready to do double duty when needed.
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USDM build #12
1966 Shelby Cobra 427. One of the most iconic American cars in automotive history. The customer is a rich cat from Cali so for him to give us this opportunity to tune his Cobra is something else. The car is already beautiful to begin with so we really didn't do much apart from removing the chrome parts on the front and rear bumper to give it a cleaner look. Then we painted it with the Guardsman Blue paint and equipped the 16 inch American Racing VN247s on. We then also gave it some stripes that are slightly visible and same can also be said for the side stripes. And to top it off we gave it some performance upgrades just to ensure the customer would have one hell of a ride when he drives the Cobra. Overall it was a pleasure working with this Shelby Cobra.
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USDM build #13
The 1989 C4 Corvette ZR-1. This thing gets muscled out with a custom widebody kit and a custom Wings West wing along with a set of Enkei RP03 Type RCs. We then gave it a custom livery complete with the black, yellow, and grey color combination. Most of the performance parts installed on this C4 is made possible by Lingenfelter plus combined with a custom suspension kit by Tanabe USA.
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USDM build #14
C6 Corvette ZR-1 aka the Blue Devil. The devil gets a drift makeover with this one as its tuned up for the Formula Drift competition. The custom body kit installed on this is made possible by LOMA along with a set of RAYS VR.02s and a drift livery to complete the drift car look. Then the performance parts on this drift C6 includes Flowmaster exhausts, RPC clutch, Autopower roll cage, and an array of Lingenfelter parts. The engine now packs a punch with a custom roots supercharger that pushes this Vette into the 900s. Now this devil's ready to dance.
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USDM build #15
Chevy Corvette C7. This Vette gets souped up with a Vortech supercharger, Hooker exhausts, custom Hastings piston rings, Proflex shock absorbers, GT Radial race tires and Brembo brakes. The visual upgrades on this C7 includes a custom widebody, a set of Enkei RPF1s, a custom endplate less wing, and a custom livery made possible by Modern Image.
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New set of US car builds.

USDM build #16
The all new Chevrolet Corvette C8. We were asked to turn this into a WTC 700 racer and we delivered on this one. Most of the visual parts are made by us except for the wing which Corvette Racing decided to give us a C8.R wing for the WTC 700 build. We had to tune down the horsepower to at least 398 horses just to make this build less thirsty on the fuel when it races. Then most of the performance parts are provided by Corvette Racing and to top it off we gave it a custom Corvette Racing livery. Overall this is a makeshift C8.R in a way built to compete for the WTC 700 races and possibly Group 4 races.


USDM build #17
Dodge Charger Hellcat. This Charger has been given the Mopar package along with Brembo brakes, Eisenmann race exhausts, custom coilover springs from GAZ, Borg Warner transmission, and a custom APEXi suspension kit. Since this build is a drag build we went all out on the power upgrades and as a result this Charger Hellcat is now sitting at 1000 horses and with the Borg Warner race transmission and Holley NOS nitrous system, this ride here is a speed freak.


USDM build #18
02 Dodge Viper. This one has been built into what Biggi wants for his big Class 1 race on his home turf. The build we went for is reminiscent of a Viper GTS-R but for street legal purposes. First we made it look like a Viper GTS-R for the visual upgrades along with a set of BBS LMs. Then we gave it a coat of Viper GTS blue with white stripes and the official A.W.B logo on. The performance parts installed on this Viper include a Pipercross forced induction system, Spax suspension kit, Borla exhausts, Brembo brakes, Falken race tires, ZEX nitrous system, and a Edelbrock supercharger.


USDM build #19
06 Dodge Viper SRT 10. This one has been tuned in collaboration with Gran Turismo. It includes an ACR inspired kit along with a set of WORK Gnosis HS203s and a custom livery. Then we dropped it about a half a foot to keep it low and lean and with the custom supercharger and headers and the full Mopar package, this Viper's ready to strike.


USDM build #20
Dodge Viper GTS aka the Stryker. This one has been tuned for Formula Drift with drift related performance parts installed thanks to Mopar. Then it includes a Exedy race clutch and suspension kit from Air Lift Performance. The whole front is then made into a carbon finish along with a custom front splitter, side skirts, ducktail spoiler, and a diffuser installed. The rims featured are a set of WORK Emotion D9Rs and the tires are drift tires from GT Radial. This Viper is ready to slither on them corners.

Dang... that GT3 is tall! You build it for rallycross? Haha.
😂 Yeah, no, that’s Praiano’s tune and trust me, on the nordschleife this is a laser guided attack missile, have dusted lots of gr.3 and lots of supercars online on the paddock lobbies with it, absolutely raw fun!