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I don't think the search brought up anything like this, and this idea has done pretty well at UCP, so thought I'd bring it here.

Show off what you ever you last bought. It could be anything for anyone.

Anyways, my latest purchase (that I finally got) was this jersey for my cousin I purchased 2 weeks ago, but came in today thanks to Dave since he picked it up.



Sorry for the blurry-ness. Paid $50 for it, instead of the normal $75 since they were so late on getting it. But totally worth it. My cous. has been wanting one for a long time.
Phoenix has awesome jerseys though. They're the most unique.
This is my very last purchase

which I bought on the way home from buying this

Now I just have to clean my desk off so I can set it up.
Good choice. 👍 HP makes solid peripherals.

The last thing I bought was my dinner, but I, uh, ate it.
Yet another Tamiya for the collection. As usual, it will be overbuilt with all the right (read: expensive) Hop-Ups and painted to obscene details (more later, for now, it's a secret) - Then be driven round the smooth kitchen floor (twice probably) - And then left to rot on the shelf :-)

[Edit:] Parts that have either arrived or are on their way :
  • Full BB kit.
  • Aluminium Shocks.
  • Carbon Fiber Gear shafts.
  • Front and Rear adjustable swaybars.
  • Adjustable Ball Diff.
  • Aluminium Engine Mount.
  • Aluminium Front uprights.
  • Rear Uprights w. 1.5 degree toe-in..
I bought Ferrari gear. :D

Ferrari Team Cap

Scuderia Ferrari t-shirt 2007 by Puma.

Expensive. Very expensive. But very pretty.
Bit of a spending spree lately.

HP DV6304


If got glandular fever at the moment, so I'm just bumming around home, so I thought it'd be good to bum around with some 5.1. (I Highly recommendefor the price)

Logitech X-540
Besides food, and items that are a necessity to life, or items for other people other than myself, I say the last item I purchased was this about a week ago... and I haven't even used it yet...


Expensive. Very expensive. But very pretty.

I bought that very same shirt just a week ago! it wasn't too expensive, 90 USD here. I bought another similar to that one as well, it's red but the sides are white.

The last thing i bought was guitar strings and pics for my guitar that i can't play. (it needed the smaller E string, and i want to start practicing)


I didn't buy it, but i found it yesterday. I like to go through the GM dealerships trash, and when i went there yesterday, i cam across this. I call it automotive furniture, i just need to find the right place to put it. (Don't worry, i spent a good amount of time scrubbing and washing the oil and grease off of it)
Nice keyboard. I think i may get that one too because im getting tired of my really old keyboard and want a wireless.
Latest purchase worth mentioning:


4 of these, used, with some lightly used Michelin Alpin snows. I'm actually going to mount the snows on my stock wheels and put some 3-season rubber on these.
I bought four new Bridgestone tires, Michelin Radius wipers, and a timing belt (sorry, no pic) for my wife's car. Lots of rubbery items.


I also bought some shelving for Bailey's room.

Other than the camera, I haven't bought much for myself other than clothing, lately.
Been on a bit of a furniture spree recently.

Two of these:

And two of these:

And two of these:

All in black. Pretty cheap, but the leather is wipe-clean, and if it's trashed by the time the kids have stopped weeing and puking and spilling their dinner on it, then it's no great loss.

Plus a Panama 6-seat table and two double benches from B&Q for use in the garden. This is proper high-quality stuff. Images are available here.
It's getting close to that time of year again, so i decided i needed some new protection:

My three most-recent purchases:

I like to cook, and Giada does it best. Plus, shes hot too. So that helps...

Locksley is by far one of the best bands not too many people know of, and I'm kicking myself for missing their Grand Rapids show because of work...


My printer broke. I needed a new one. So I bought the Deskjet F380. Cheap, easy-to-use, but really slow. Oh well, its good enough for me.
I just bought an '88 Mercedes 300E to replace the '87 300E I finally sold yesterday, I also bought about $300 worth of parts I will need from the get go, I sill need to order my Blaupunkts and a wiring kit for the system that used to be in the car I sold... I will post pics and more info when I post in the cars forum:)

I'm both very happy and very sad that I sold Schauzer

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