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    Uncle Harry

    Good work Small Horses, very enjoyable to read.
    But I have to ponder why PD make us do 24 hour races, you have the lead sewn up after 3 hours with no chance of mechanical problems to hinder your progress and no way the AI will improve?
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    Hear hear! I remember when I first got GT4, I was GUTTED when I saw not one, not 2, but 3 24hr races! I thought "well, that's that then, there's no way I'm going to be able to 100% this one."

    I love the 200, 300 mile races, and the 'Ring 4hr has got to be worth a shot, but more than that? It just seems like an academic exercise, somehow. I'm trying to think up ways of making it enjoyable: a 24hr party, perhaps, where everybody has a drunken little go?

    All credit to you Smallhorses, I know I could not go through all that 3 times... And as for Sprinterke? If he has a big smack, he sits by the pits for half an hour! Now that's dedication!

    As for PD they probably had loads of people on the internet saying "How about a full 24 hr race? Now that would be way cool!"...
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    I might use it, it depends on how it fairs up against the competition. Ive just taken a break form GT4 to finish off my cockpit (clikc the link in my sig!) and I finished the Roadster 4hr endurance at midnight last night lol. Ill get back to testing soon...ish.
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    After a 3 month hiatus..... The Horses of Smallness hath returnethed to the Endurance Hall! :D

    Tsukuba 9hrs. (200 A-Spec points)

    Car :- Used, no oil change Honda S2000 '01 on S1 rubber / FR / 220HP / 1240kg / 5.6kg/HP. 10240.4 miles on the odometer.


    Subaru Legacy B4 2.0GT '03
    Nissan Skyline GT-R V-spec II '00
    BMW 330i '05
    Alfa Romeo GT 3.2 V6 24V '04
    Alfa Romeo 147 GTA '02
    Honda S2000 '01 ;)

    Hour 1

    Pass a car a lap for the 1st 3 laps, Alfa 147 is first to succumb, passed cleanly under braking for the turn before Dunlop Bridge. :) Alfa GT follows on lap 2, closed up & alongside in several places, but outbraked him cleanly into the last hairpin. :tup: BMW goes down around the outside of the hairpin before the Dunlop Bridge, although in typical AI fashion he tried to move back into the AI "slot" before I'm fully past & hammers my left rear wheel. :dunce:
    Now to catch the 4WDs! :nervous:
    Laptime for lap 4 drops into the high 1'07s, & the Subaru has a 7.3s lead. Drop into the high 1'06s on lap 7 & the gap to the Subaru has fallen a couple of 1/10ths. After a couple more laps the gap is 6.5s, but then the Subaru's tyres get warm, & he has a purple patch & extends the gap out to 12s, :scared: as I have a couple of hairy moments, :dopey: & lap in the high 1'07s again.
    Get my rhythm settled again & maintain 12s gap for a while. The Alfa GT pits on lap 16, & is followed in moments later by the Alfa 147. I have to admit, I'm relying on the Alfas to block some of the faster AI cars to allow me to be competetive here. :sly:
    Alfa GT exits the pits in front of the Subaru & Nissan, while Alfa 147 exits just ahead of me. Lapped him as he ran wide at final turn at the end of lap 18. Subaru pits at the end of lap 19, allowing the Nissan into 1st place & me into 2nd as I pass him in the pits. :tup: Finish lap 20 in 2nd place, 9.3s behind leading Nissan, & notice from the dots on the map that he's catching the Alfa GT, which should hold him up a while. As predicted, the Nissan struggles for 5 laps to pass the Alfa GT before giving in & pitting on lap 25, having lost 4s of his lead, & leaving me to take over 1st place. :D
    BMW pits at the end of lap 26 & my own stop isn't too far away since the left front tyre is a healthy shade of orange. :tdown: Enter lap 28 with a 22s advantage over the Subaru which is back into 2nd place, finish the lap in the low 1'08s, the front end is getting slippy & I pit in on lap 29, taking on tyres but no fuel, with a couple of minutes passed since the 1/2 hour mark. Best lap so far is 1'06.435. :)
    Exit pits 2nd, but Nissan passes as I pull back onto the racetrack so I'm 3rd again. :grumpy: Subaru is flying on warm tyres & pulls away from a 7s lead at the end of the outlap to 12s by lap 33. Lap Alfa GT just as he exits pits beginning lap 34. Subaru goes in again, a lap later than last time, from 16s lead on 39th lap. Maintain a steady-ish 12s gap to leading Nissan up to lap 48, when I catch up to & lap Alfa 147 again in exactly the same way as the first time. Nissan pits a lap earlier than last time on lap 49, and allows me back into the lead. :) BMW pits again on lap 52.
    Realise I may have missed a lapping of the Alfa 147, so I can't continue to figure out how many times he's lapped & pitted. Oh, well, he's the absolute backmarker and poses absolutely no threat. One less thing to worry about I suppose. :guilty: Best lap has fallen to 1'06.262 at some unnoticed moment too! :tup:

    Hour mark passes about 2s before the end of lap 53, in 1st place holding a 4s lead over Subaru.

    Hour 2.

    Lap the Alfa GT a second time on lap 58, before he unlaps himself again when I stop for fresh rubber at the end of the lap, and the Subaru follows me in from 4s back. So far I've used 46 units of fuel, which equals 23 units per stint. Take on 3 units, before I can exit out, :dunce: leaving me with 37 units in the tank, enough and then some, for another 29 lap segment. This set of tyres has lasted better too, front left is only orange as opposed to glowing orange/red. Nissan takes back 1st place while we're stopped. :grumpy: Exit in 2nd, and finish outlap a hair under 16s behind the Nissan. Lap Alfa GT again in pits on lap 65, followed by Alfa 147 (for third time I think) on lap 67. Nissan pits from a 21s lead on lap 73, wrest 1st place from his grasp again, but only just. He exits in 2nd just ahead of the Subaru, and a shade under 3s behind me. Subaru pits from 3rd place where he's been held up by the Nissan for the last 4 laps.
    Lap BMW under braking for turn 1 on lap 83 and Alfa 147, a 5th time, in the same fashion on lap 84, also passing the Alfa GT a 3rd time, in the pits beginning this lap. :) Gap to Nissan which had opened to 8s while his tyres warmed, is under 2s :nervous: when I pit on lap 87, as he'd breezed by the Alfa 147 easily this time. Take on tyres and top up fuel to 34 units, 2 Alfas and the BMW gain a lap back each while I'm stopped. Exit in 2nd, with the 3rd placed Subaru in close attendance. 28s behind Nissan at the end of the outlap, and I'm down to 3rd place, the Subaru going past easily in the run up to the last looping turn. :indiff: Steal back the lap from the Alfa 147 on lap 96, and take 2nd place as the Subaru pits. Alfa GT is re-lapped before turn 1 on lap 97 and the Nissan pits from a 35s lead. I'm less than 11s behind him after he completes his outlap. Finish lap 100 in 2nd place 8.9s behind Nissan. Re-lap BMW in pits on lap 106, and a string of sub 1'07s :tup: laps had put me down to 6s behind Nissan, but his tyres are warmed and he's pulling way again. :scared:

    Hour mark passes 50s into lap 106, in 2nd place and showing 7.4s behind Nissan at T2.

    Hour 3.

    Lap Alfa 147 beginning lap 111. Subaru pits from 3rd on lap 115. Pit in on lap 116, from 10s behind Nissan, take on tyres and fuel. A smidgen under 40s behind Nissan at end of the outlap. :( Nissan pits at the end of lap 121, from 42s lead. Lap Alfa GT into last hairpin on lap 121. 15s behind Nissan by the end of his outlap. Gap drops down to 10s, :tup: while Nissan's tyres warm up. Lap BMW in pits beginning lap 131. Lap Alfa GT on lap 139. Nissan pits from 23s lead on lap 145, & I follow him in. :nervous: Tyres and fuel again, and finish outlap 24s behind Nissan. :indiff: Alfa GT has taken back a lap while I'm pitted. Take it back again from him when he pits during my 150th lap. Lap consistently in the mid 1'06s :bowdown: for 8 laps after my outlap and a tyre warming lap, and in those 10 laps total, the gap to the Nissan falls to a shade over 14s, :eek: as his tyres warmed and he struggled to pass the Alfa 147. Lap the Alfa 147 again myself beginning lap 155 after he runs wide onto the grass on the last bend. :dopey: Another bit of ill-fortune :sly: befalls the Nissan when the Subaru, who is in a distant 3rd place now, pulls out of the pits on cold tyres right in front of him. Since the Subaru can match the Nissan for pace, he can't find a way past despite having tyres that should be gaining him almost a second a lap on me! Woohoo! :p

    Hour mark passes 41s into lap 159, in 2nd place trailing the leading Nissan by 15s at T2.

    Standings at 1/3 distance:-

    Nissan Skyline GT-R V-spec II '00
    Honda S2000 '01 +15s
    Subaru Legacy B4 2.0GT '03 almost a complete lap behind leader
    BMW 330i '05 2 laps down
    Alfa Romeo GT 3.2 V6 24V '04 at least 5, maybe 6 laps down
    Alfa Romeo 147 GTA '02 6, possibly 7 laps down.

    Hour 4.

    Nissan runs into more trouble after the Subaru pulls away from him when his tyres have warmed, in the shape of the Alfa 147 and the BMW which is having difficulty lapping the Alfa. The Nissan has trouble lapping them both and by lap 168, the gap has fallen to a little over 3s! :D Lapped the Alfa GT again in the pits beggining lap 168. A lap of 1'09 follows on lap 169, while I try to cleanly pass the Alfa 147 again myself, :grumpy: and allows the gap to the Nissan to grow by a couple of seconds. No matter though, as the next two laps are back in the 1'06 arena, and the Nissan pits at the end of lap 171, allowing me back into the lead. Pit from 21s lead on lap 174, take tyres and top up to 26 units of fuel. Bad news :tdown: is that the Nissan goes past, good news :tup: is that it's right behind another car, and I finish the outlap only 4s back. :) Pass Alfa 147 in pits, and having dropped straight back into the mid 1'06s I've hacked off half of the Nissan's lead, as he's still stuck behind the Alfa GT. Gap at the end of lap 177 is exactly 1.000s! :eek: The Alfa runs wide at the last turn on lap 178, but comes back on track in front of the Nissan, which slows him down. I'm able to take advantage and outbrake the Nissan into turn 1. Get by cleanly, and set off in pursuit of the Alfa GT. He's passed in the run up to the last hairpin after running wide in the Dunlop Bridge turn. Sadly he runs really wide braking for the hairpin, not sure if he took a shunt from the Nissan, :indiff: but it allows the Nissan through to finish the lap just over 1/2s behind me. :scared: We maintain a holding pattern for then next 10 or so laps.
    Gap at finish line is -0.5s, gap at T1 is -0.6s, gap at T2 is -0.9s and back down to -0.5s at the line again!
    Pass BMW on lap 187, and hoped to get him between the Nissan & I for a while, but the Nissan makes it through anyway, and has closed to -0.3s back at the line, and he tries an abortive attempt to outbrake me for turn 1, and the Status Quo resumes for a couple more laps. I'm then distracted by the Missus, during lap 189, and the Nissan bulldozes his way past, shoving me wide at the last turn, I have to back off & let him go to avoid leaving the track.:irked: The Subaru is lapped in the pits, for the first time on lap 193, and the Nissan goes in, relinquishing his 2s lead on lap 196. Add another lap to the Alfa GT's tally before I finish lap 200 in 1st place 26.1s ahead of Nissan. :tup: Stop into the pits to give the S2000 some rubbery & petroly refreshment, and leave again to see the Nissan's tailights disappearing into turn 1 beginning lap 204. 3.7s gap at the end of my outlap, and I'm back in 2nd place again. :( The Nissan has been in clear space this time, and had already warmed the tyres when I got out, and the difference is readily apparent, he pulls away to open up a 10s margin by the time the hour ends. :nervous:

    Hour mark passes 29s into lap 212, in 2nd place trailing Nissan by 10s at T1.

    Hour 5.

    The Nissan soon catches the Alfa 147, and it, once again, takes him many laps to get past, allowing me to close to within 1s. Once he barges past out of the last hairpin, he takes off again, and I spend a lap trying to find a way past the Alfa, which is using all of the track as he understeers out of every bend. The gap opens to 4s, but a new fastest lap on lap 219 of 1'06'110 :bowdown: drops that to 3s again. The Nissan retires to pit row on lap 220, and I'm back in 1st again for a while, the Nissan being 24.6s back after his outlap. Pass both Alfas again and stretch the gap to 32s :drool: before the Nissan gets back up to his fastest pace, and I begin to feel the effects of the tyres wearing before the next pit stop. Pit on lap 232 from 27s lead, tyres & fuel and get out of the pits in 1st place behind a procession of traffic, and a Nissan breathing down my neck.:eek: Finish my outlap -0.241s ahead, but let the Nissan go :indiff: through the last bend on the next lap, and finish it in 2nd place +0.278s behind. Nissan pits on lap 245 having stretched his lead to 6s. I breeze back into 1st place with plenty of open track ahead and nicely warmed tyres, :) 16.9s ahead of Nissan when he finishes his outlap. Pass the Alfa 147 again in the pits beginning lap 256, and unfortunately for the Nissan, the Alfa pulls out of the pits a few seconds in front of him. Not that'll it'll take him long to catch the Alfa, but getting past when he's already contending with another backmarker is going to work in my favour! :sly: Gap opens to 27s, before Nissan gets free, and doubtless he puts in some really angry laps! :scared: Pit in on lap 261 for tyres & fuel, from 22s lead. Exit in 2nd, and finish outlap 6s behind.

    Hour mark passes 20s into lap 265, in 2nd place and now 8s behind Nissan at T1.

    Hour 6.

    Nissan pits from 10s lead on lap 269, so I claim leadership once more and he's 15s back at the end of his outlap. Pass the hopeless Alfa 147 beautifully under braking for turn 1 on lap 275, :D gap to Nissan has also grown to nearly 20s, and now I've got a blocker between us. :sly: Nissan's tyres should be approaching warmness though! :nervous: Pass the Alfa GT in a textbook copy of the move I just put on the147 a few laps back on lap 278. Excellent! :O: Even though the Nissan is gaining on warm tyres, there's 2 very powerful but understeery Alfas between him & me! :) In theory anyway....Nissan gets past Alfa 147 in 2 laps with just a 2s time loss, and the Alfa GT pits from right in front of him just as he catches in down the back straight. :grumpy: Hmmmm. Pit in from 15s lead on lap 290. Fuel & tyres go on and I exit in 2nd place, finishing outlap around 12s back. Nissan goes in just 3 laps later, for a refreshment break on lap 294. The game of cat & mouse continues, and he's 14s back after his outlap, with clear track between us. Am seconds away from handing another lapping to the BMW and Alfa 147 as lap 300 ends, in 1st place with a 20s lead over Nissan. 2 1'08-ish laps follow passing the backmarkers, and the Nissan gains over 3s, :ouch: however, the Alfa GT emerges from the pits behind the 2 previous lap-ees! The Nissan makes light work of him though, and the BMW does me no favours by pitting as soon as the Nissan closes on him. :sick:

    Hour mark passes 40s into lap 318, in 1st place and with a 10s lead on the Nissan at T2.

    Standings at 2/3 distance:-

    Honda S2000 '01 :D
    Nissan Skyline GT-R V-spec II '00 -10s
    Subaru Legacy B4 2.0GT '03 1, possibly 2 or 3 laps down
    BMW 330i '05 4 or 5 laps behind
    Alfa Romeo GT 3.2 V6 24V '04 too far behind to keep track of! :dopey:
    Alfa Romeo 147 GTA '02 counting how many times he'd been passed just became too confusing! :dunce:

    Hour 7.

    Nissan pits at the end of lap 318. Pit in myself at the end of lap 319, grab a top up of fuel and a new set of S1s, and get away in 1st place :tup: , finishing the outlap with a reduced lead of 6.4s over the Nissan, though we're both on cold tyres. Alfa GT passed in pits again on lap 335, Nissan has only reduced the lead to just over 5s by this point. Lap 341 sees lap record drop to 1'06.090, :drool: a massive 2/100ths s better than previous best!;) Gap to Nissan has grown to ~8s when he pits on lap 342, and is 31s after his outlap. Make my 2nd stop of the hour on lap 348, taking on tyres & fuel, from a 34s lead. Exit in 1st, and finish outlap with a 10s advantage. Catch Alfa GT again on lap 360, pass him into the last hairpin, then lose the lap again down the backstraight, gain through the final turn, and pass him for good under braking for turn 1. :) The Nissan has closed to within 3s at this point, but should pit somewhere around lap 366 - 368 and there's an erratic Alfa between us, so I'm not too scared! :nervous: Dispatch the Alfa 147 again on lap 363 and the Nissan is still behind the Alfa GT. Sure enough, Nissan pits on lap 367, from 8s back, finishing his outlap 33s down, but with clear track ahead of him. :indiff:

    Hour mark passes 31s into lap 371, in 1st place with a 34s lead on the Nissan at T1.

    Hour 8.

    Catch up to but can't pass BMW:irked: and stay behind him until lap 377 when I dive into pits. Nissan is still sitting 31s back, but has his tyres up to optimum temperature and is lapping quickly, so there's no room for complacency! :nervous: He's a little over 3s behind after my outlap. :eek: At the end of lap 384, I move right approaching the last bend as I can see the Nissan steaming up to the back of me and he's keeping left. He manages to go round the outside of the bend past me, but it's a slower line than I'm on, and I pass him again under braking for turn 1:rolleyes:, as the Alfa GT exits the pits just in front of us. Go by the Alfa GT cleanly under braking for the 1st turn, and leave him to frustrate the Nissan again! :lol: And he does! In just 4 laps (all in the low to mid 1'06s) I extend the lead from 0.8s to 8s! :O: Having finally passed the Alfa GT on lap 390, the Nissan then pits on lap 391, the Alfas and Subaru pass him in the pits, and the BMW exits the pits as I enter turn 1! There's now 4 cars between me and the 2nd placed Nissan (if that makes any sense!:boggled: ) which is great news for me, and awful news for him,:p so he finishes his outlap 36s back. :) After he catches Alfa 147, he's held up for a number of laps until the 147 pits, and the gap has reached 46s! He gets lucky in that the Alfa GT pits in too, and exits just behind him as he passes the pit entrance. In clear air he's able to gain on me, and is 37s behind when I pit on lap 406. Exit pits as Alfa 147 enters turn 1 and spend my outlap behind him, :banghead: the gap at the end of it is 8s. Nissan gains to within 4s, the drops back as he catches the Alfa. He pits from 7s back on lap 415, and for the first time in almost 8 hours I'm looking assured of a comfortable win, as he finishes his outlap 32s back. :D

    Hour mark passes 18s into lap 424, in 1st place, 35s ahead of Nissan at the line.

    Hour 9.

    Into the final hour we go...:bowdown: Catch Alfa 147 again, flounder behind him for a lap or 2 as he swerves all over the road! :banghead: Nissan takes advantage and closes to within 30s, until he himself catches a backmarker and promptly loses 4s over 2 laps after I manage to put the same move into turn 1 on the Alfa 147 that I've used on him so many times before! Pit on lap 435 from 31s in front of Nissan who has had clear air for a few laps again and used it to take a chunk out of my lead. Exit in 1st, and at the end of my outlap the gap is down to just 4.1s,:eek: but the BMW is between us, and he's due a pitstop anytime now! :rolleyes: Sure enough, he pits from 4s back on lap 440, and drops to 29s behind after his outlap. After a while he catches the BMW and gets more stuck soon after when they both catch one, then both of the Alfas! In the meantime, with nothing to lose, I've decided to shred the tread of this set of tyres and push for a sub-1'06 lap, which I believe to be possible. 10 successive laps in the 1'06.1 - 1'06.3 range follow, but I can't find that elusive last couple of tenths! :mad: The gap to the Nissan grows to over 48s, until he gets free at last and storms through a few laps dropping my lead to 39s as I fight with tyres that are showing all the signs of the 15 laps of thrashing that they took:guilty:, and begin to lap in the 1'08 - 1'09s! :yuck: Pit in on lap 464 for the last stop of the race. Top up to just 20 fuel units for the splash & dash to the finish. The Nissan pits too at the end of lap 465, so there's nothing to worry about, timer shows a gap of 17s to him as he crosses the line in the pits, and I'm already through T1. :tup: His outlap ends with a 35s gap to me, and he's once again stuck for a lap behind the Alfa GT, which pits from in front of him, leaving him in clear air, but with under 11 minutes left and on cold tyres! I've abandoned my chase of the elusive 1' lap, :( and have settled into a steady rhythm of 1'07 laps as my tyres warm up. Can't resist it though, and as I notice I've been catching the 2 Alfas again, I just have to pass them once more so I can find out how far back they are when we cross the line! :idea: Pass the Alfa GT as he runs wide on the grass after the last turn :dopey: on lap 472, and the Alfa 147 is once again outbraked into the last hairpin on lap 475, but he pits as I approach the finish line for the 476th and final time!


    Honda S2000 '01 9'00.01.921 476 laps completed,782.7 miles driven.
    Nissan Skyline GT-R V-spec II '00 +29s :tup:
    Subaru Legacy B4 2.0GT '03 ? Several laps down
    BMW 330i '05 ? Several more laps down
    Alfa Romeo GT 3.2 V6 24V '04 +17 Laps
    Alfa Romeo 147 GTA '02 +22 Laps :lol:


    150,000Cr and Nissan Calsonic Skyline GT-R Race Car '93 :drool:
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    Smallhorses Staff Emeritus

    Tsukuba 9hr endurance now complete, taking away 200 A-spec points, a 29s MOV and the prize money & car. Sweet! :drool:
  6. CRXnut


    Great job. Was your car stock ?
    I'll be trying this mission after holidays but I'll try different car. (RX7, RX8 or something like that)
  7. Smallhorses

    Smallhorses Staff Emeritus

    Yes, the car was exactly as it came from the Used Car Lot II, no oil change, no chassis refresh. Only thing added were S1 tyres instead of S2s it came with to give a little longer between pitstops. :) (Still eligible for the Stock Car race list though! I try to race most things with a view to submitting them there!)
    There's a complete list of all the AI entrants and their pit intervals stickied at the top of this forum which you may find helpful. :tup:
    Also I found that the RX-8 and many RX-7s will probably prove too powerful to get maximum A-spec points with. My S2000, which had over 10000 miles on it's oil beginning the race was running 220HP. I tried entering an MR2 GT-S '97 with 224HP (used and no oil change) and was only offered a meagre 145 points! The lowest HP used RX-7 I have is down at 231HP so it may prove too much!
    Getting the Alfas in the field my be critical, although they pose no threat because ot their short pit intervals, they are the 2 most powerful of the available AI entrants, which stacks the points offerings in your favour! :sly:
  8. Smallhorses

    Smallhorses Staff Emeritus

    Laguna Seca 200 miles (200 A-spec points)


    1st Honda NSX Type R '92 2:23'57.545 Pitted every 17 - 19 laps
    2nd Dodge Viper SRT10 '03 -2.084 :eek: Pitted every 20 laps
    3rd Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport (C4) '96 ? Pitted every 18 - 19 laps
    4th Dodge Viper GTS '99 ? Pitted every 18 - 19 laps
    5th Chevrolet Corvette Z06 (C5) '00 ? Pitted every 21 laps
    6th Chevrolet Camaro SS '00 + 1 lap Pitted every 16 laps

    200,000Cr & Ford GT40 Race Car '69 are the prizes to show for one of the best races I've had in GT4 yet! Such an excellent race that I decided to do a full write-up in the Race Reports forum. You can find it here:- Laguna Seca 200 miles. Stock Honda NSX Type R '92.
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    Hey Smallhorses...gave this race a go because I love driving the same '97 Supra...I went and grabbed a new-used one from the lot, did the oil change and went racing...unfortunately, I didn't win...however, it was till a great race! Funny thing is, I did this race 2 full minutes faster than you, yet still came in 2nd by nearly 40's the shakedown...

    1. Lotus Motor Sport Elise '99, 2:11'51 - Pit every 12 laps
    2. Toyota Supra RZ '97, 2:12'30 (Fast Lap - 1'56.105) - Pit every 10 laps
    3. Shelby Series 1 Super Charged '00, N/A
    4. TVR T35OC '03, +1 lap
    5. TVR Cebera Speed Six '97, +1 lap
    6. Mercedes SL 65 AMG (R230) '04, +2 laps
  10. Smallhorses

    Smallhorses Staff Emeritus

    Yeah, that doesn't surprise me since sadly the Toyota isn't quick enough to keep up with what is widely acknowledged as the quickest AI car in this race, the Motorsport Elise. :(
    I found this out early on in my testing, and went off to find a lineup where he wasn't present. About 8 lineups in, (enter/exit 7 times) I found the lineup I raced, and I received the most competetion from the Corvette.
    Also look out for the Pagani Zonda, Lotus Esprit 350 and Protomotors Spirra since they're all pretty quick, but the Motorsport Elise which is light as a feather to begin with, and modified to 493HP for this race goes like the clappers! :scared:
    Nice job finishing 2 minutes quicker than me though, :tup: I reckon I could speed up a little now I know the track better, but probably not to the tune of 2 extra minutes! :eek:
  11. BMWteamPTG


    wow, great write ups smallhorses. very informative and inspiring to me to do the same. ive only completed a few endos in A-Spec. but great job.
  12. Smallhorses

    Smallhorses Staff Emeritus

    Suzuka 1000km


    1st Toyota Altezza Touring Car '01 6:08'30.799 617.6 miles completed. Pitted every 10-11 laps.
    2nd Nissan Xanavi Hiroto GT-R (JGTC) '01 +1 lap Pitted every 14 laps.
    3rd Abt Audi TT-R Touring Car '02 +1 lap Pitted every 14-15 laps.
    4th Nissan Pennzoil Zexel GT-R (JGTC) '01 +1 lap Pitted every 14 laps.
    5th Audi A4 Touring Car '04 +2 laps Pitted every 14 laps.
    6th Nissan Calsonic Skyline GT-R '93 +6 laps Pitted every 9 laps.

    200 A-spec points!
    350,000Cr and Lister Storm V12 Race Car '99

    Find the full write-up here:-
    Suzuka 1000km in a stock Toyota Altezza Touring Car '01
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    Nurburgring 24h Endurance (138 A-Spec points)

    Using: Renault 5 Maxi Turbo Rally Car '85 / MR / 350HP / 905kg / 2.6kg/HP / R1 tyres

    Cars (in starting order):-
    Audi A4 Touring Car '04
    Opel Calibra Touring Car '94
    BMW M3 GTR Race Car '01
    Nissan C-West Razo Silvia (JGTC) '01
    Nissan Falken*GT-R Race Car '04
    Renault 5 Maxi Turbo Rally Car '85

    Hour 1.

    Passed Silvia before Flugplatz on lap 1 and followed closely behind Falken for the rest of the lap, as he catches Opel. Passed Opel several times during lap 2, but several hairy moments :eek: getting used to car & track combination allow him to take back his place, often by force! :grumpy: Clean and quickly through lap 3, and set a blistering 7'16.302 time on lap 4. :drool: Catch up to the Falken during lap 5, but rear tyres have started to go off quickly and the back end is very loose. :nervous: Passed Falken coming up to Antoniusbrucke, and pit in at the end of the lap. Was 15s behind leading BMW beginning lap 5, and 25s back by the time I pitted. Tyres go on, have used 40 of 80 units, or 8 units per lap. Top up to 50 units to allow enough for a 6 lap stint if necessary. Falken pits too, Calibra takes over 3rd place as I exit the pitlane. Was 47s behind BMW :ouch: at Arembergkurve checkpoint on outlap, which drops to 35s behind Audi, which took over the lead at some point during the lap, by Dottinger Hohe checkpoint. :D The leaders pit ending lap 6, and my outlap in the 7'25 arena is quick enough to allow me to pass the BMW as he's leaving the pits, and I move into 2nd place for the first time. Calibra also pits on lap 6 as does the Silvia.
    Hour mark passes 7'19 into lap 8, right before finish line, in 2nd place ~7s behind leading Audi.

    Hour 2.

    Passed Audi for 1st place before Angstkurve on lap 10, before rear tyres go bad again. Wide onto grass out of Galgenkopf which allows Audi back through into 1st. :dunce: Pit from 2nd place ending lap 10. Top up fuel to 45 units as tyres are fitted. Exit in 3rd as BMW passes me in pits. Falken also pits again. An awful lap 12 sees me all over the track in several places, :scared: but still ends by passing the leaders in the pits, posting a 7'29.641 lap. Ugh. :sick: Opel pits again as does the Silvia also ending lap 12. Lap Silvia into Eiskurve on lap 14. :) Pit in ending lap 15, and surrender 1st place to the Audi. New tyres and 40 units of fuel onboard, exiting in 3rd as the BMW dives into the first turn just as I'm level with the end of the pitlane. The Falken keeps his 5 lap pit interval too.
    Hour mark passes 7'22 into lap 16, approaching Hohenrain Schikane, in 3rd place ~33s behind leading Audi.

    Hour 3.

    Gain steadily on the leaders, during lap 17, nabbing a 1/10th here and there. Begin lap 18 about 28s behind Audi, and after a new fastest lap of 7'15.051 :D which saw me gain to within 18s by Dottinger Hohe, I pass the BMW facing the wrong way in Hohenrain Schikane, and the Audi in the pits, to begin lap 19 in the lead again. Silvia maintains a 6 lap strategy, albeit from a lap down. Pitted ending lap 20 from around 5s ahead of Audi. Tyres and fuel taken on, and pits exited in 2nd place. Falken once again follows suit. Lose 2nd place to BMW just before Antoniusbrucke on lap 23. Audi and BMW pit on lap 24, pass BMW in pits just before I cross the line, after an abysmal lap! :yuck:
    Hour mark passes about 1s before the end of lap 24, in 2nd place ~5s behind the Audi.

    Hour 4.

    This doesn't begin too well, :( the Opel continues its 6-lap strategy as I'm racing through lap 25. Close right up to Audi Arembergkurve, but touch the grass under braking, and have my first full spin of the race. :mad: There's been offs and minor barrier rubs before, but no spins, so I'm unhappy. :grumpy: Drop 11s from Audi, but recover and come back to within 5s by the time we exit the Karussell. Alas, another spin in the fast section before Schwalbenschwanz follows as the rear tyres go off, :ouch: and the good work is undone. Pit at the end of lap 25, from 12s behind the leader. Lose 2nd place while pitted. Perhaps the combination of jetlag and the sake I had with dinner isn't condusive to quick driving! Falken pits in behind me, Silvia pits while I'm on lap 26. Spins have left me a lot of work to do, I'm in 3rd place 43s behind the leader beginning lap 27. :banghead: A much better session follows, the Silvia is lapped again on lap 29 exiting Galgenkopf, and beginning lap 30 the gap to the leader is reduced to 34s. :) Pit in from 35s behind the Audi and BMW on lap 30 and the Falken, predictably follows me in. The Silvia unlaps himself while I'm pitted, but it only lasts until Schwedenkreuz before he loses the lap again. :sly: Opel pits ending his 30th lap too. A stunning 7'23 outlap leads to the gap to the leader falling to 35s. Gap is dropped to 30s by the time the hour mark passes.
    Hour mark passes ~6'50 into lap 32, in 3rd place, ~30s behind Audi.

    Hour 5.

    Silvia pits ending his 30th lap as I'm about 1 minute into lap 33. Catch up to the 2nd placed BMW at Klostertal on lap 34, can't find a way past, :irked: but follow him very closely to the end of the lap, and set a new lap record at 7'14.218. :D The gap to the leader is down to 20s. Pit on lap 35 after losing a little time on the inlap, the car is very very unstable over the crest at Antoniusbuche. :eek: The Audi and BMW pit ending their 36th lap, and I'm 51s behind at the Antoniusbrucke checkpoint, :sick: crossing the line at the end of a 7'25 outlap leaving a 25s gap to the leader, but taking back 2nd place from the stationary BMW in the pits. :) Still a lot of work to do, but meanwhile the Opel and Silvia continue their respective pit strategies. Gap to leading Audi is just 5s going into what'll be my inlap on lap 40, following a relatively quick and clean session, :O although I expect him to stretch his legs as my tyres wear towards the end of the lap. The gap at the Angstkurve checkpoint comes down to a whisker over 0.5s, before expanding again through the latter half of the lap, leaving me pitting in from about 3s behind ending lap 40, and the BMW nabs back 2nd place just before the hour mark.
    Hour mark passes while I'm pitted, 7'38 into lap 40, in 3rd place, ~25s behind Audi.

    Hour 6.

    Falken pitting from 4th place is the first action of the hour. A quite staggering 7'19 outlap follows for my Renault, ;) which has dropped the gap on the Audi to around 22s going into his inlap, and I expect to gain a lot in this lap as his tyres go away. :sly: The gap is 13.7s at Antoniusbrucke checkpoint before the Audi pits. Once again on his inlap the BMW has got Hohenrain Schikane wrong, and I narrowly squeak by cleanly as he's found reversing back across the track! :eek: Move through into 1st place again. The backmarking Silvia is lapped again, going by cleanly at Kesselchen on lap 43. I'm about 5 minutes into lap 43 when the Opel makes his 7th stop ending lap 42, and I go into lap 44 with a 16s lead over the Audi. Pit in ending lap 45 from ~22s lead over Audi, who steals 1st place back and can be seen disappearing down the hill as I exit the pitlane. :grumpy: About 1 minute into lap 46, the Silvia pits ending his 42nd lap. Catch and pass Audi on the backstraight towards the end of lap 46, end the lap with a 0.7s lead. The Audi pits ending lap 48, from 17s behind, closely followed by the BMW just before the end of the hour.
    Curiously enough, I manage to pause the game at exactly 6:00'00.000 which I doubt I could ever do again even if I tried! :scared:
    Hour mark passes 45s into lap 49, shortly after Hocheichen, in 1st place, ~43s ahead of Audi.

    Standings at 1/4 distance:-
    1st Renault 5 Maxi Turbo Rally Car '85
    2nd Audi A4 Touring Car '04 +43s
    3rd BMW M3 GTR Race Car '01 +~55s
    4th Nissan Falken*GT-R Race Car '04 +~2'20
    5th Opel Calibra Touring Car '94 +~6'00
    6th Nissan C-West Razo Silvia (JGTC) '01 +3Laps

    Hour 7.

    Opel makes a pitstop ending lap 48 as I'm 6'50 into lap 49. He should be lapped fairly soon. Pit from 43s lead on lap 50. Falken also pits on lap 50 as I'm 1'54 into lap 51. The gap to the Audi has been reduced to 11s beginning lap 53 but an incident at Arembergkurve drops the gap to just 1.1s by the time I've dug myself out of the sandtrap. :censored: To say the Renault is somewhat unstable braking at high speed is akin to saying that John McEnroe was prone to the odd abuse-hurling, racquet-breaking outburst! :lol: Still, I'd enough of a lead to build a quick sandcastle and still get out of there in the lead! :sly: The gap is extended to 7.8s again by the end of the lap after a devilishly quick remainder of the lap. This continues through lap 54 which is the 2nd fastest lap of the race so far clean all the way through to the first left apex of Schwalbenschwanz where I got bogged down in the sand outside the kerbing, which thwarts what would have been a new lap record! :( The Audi and BMW go for a pitstop at the end of this lap from 20s behind, a gap which has been created from 1.1s a few laps ago! :cool: They pit almost together this time, suggesting that the BMW has managed to not only catch the Audi, but has managed not to get the Hohenrain Schikane wrong for once! :)Lapped Opel out of Adenaur Forst on lap 55, before pitting from 55s lead at the end of the lap. The Opel follows me in ending his 54th lap, followed by the Falken ending his 55th lap some 2 minutes later. Last action of the hour is the lapping of the Silvia again almost exactly as I cross the finish line at the end of lap 56.
    Hour mark passes 42s into lap 57, in 1st place ~35s ahead of Audi.

    Hour 8.

    Somewhere during lap 58 the BMW, which seems to have overcome its earlier cautiousness, is flying and steals 2nd place from the Audi, albeit 51s behind me as I hold together a very tidy new lap record of 7'13.497. :D Silvia pits ending his 54th lap while the timer shows 1'20 into my 59th lap. Pitted at the end of lap 60, followed about 40s later by the Audi, who has stolen back 2nd place again, and the BMW. The Opel also pits with them, but being a lap down must be breaking with the 6-lap mentality and going for a 5-lap stint. :odd: The Falken also pits ending lap 60 as I'm 2'30 into lap 61. At the end of the outlap I have a 56s lead over the BMW who took back 2nd place somewhere between Dottinger Hohe and the finish line. Lap 62 is in the 7'14s as I now begin to lap consistently quicker, and the lap record isn't so much broken, as obliterated on lap 63 with a 7'10.310! :drool:
    Hour mark passes 1'36s into lap 65, in 1st place ~1'13 ahead of BMW.

    Hour 9.

    Silvia pits for his 60th lap stop while I'm 5'10 into lap 65, which I pit at the end of too. The BMW is 1'08 behind me passing the Dottinger Hohe checkpoint as I drop off the jacks and away into lap 66. BMW maintains his lead into the pits this time, from 40s back ending his 66th lap, the Audi following him in some 15s later, and the Opel pitting from a little further behind them back on a 6-lap window again. Then disaster strikes, :nervous: the dreaded Logitech-curse of the flickering brake pedal, which has been dogging me for a number of laps now, gets suddenly worse! Exiting Kallenhard the damned thing sticks at 1/2 on! :mad:
    Some repair-time, a thorough cleaning, duck tape and enough cycle lubricant to keep Lance Armstrong going through the Tour-De-France later, and I'm back in business with no flickery brakes! :) The Silvia succumbs again through Lauda Links on lap 69. Damnit. :censored: They'll make me a liar yet. Flickering brakes are back again in lap 70 before my next pitstop. :irked: Falken is now 3'30 behind as he makes his lap 70 stop. The BMW and Audi pit just before the end of the hour on lap 72.
    Hour mark passes 1'37 into lap 73, in 1st place ~1'27 ahead of BMW.

    Hour 10.

    Not much happens for a while, the Opel pits ending his 71st lap, and sometime later my 75th lap pitstop occurs, from 1'30 ahead of BMW. Exiting the pits, the BMW & Audi are around Schwalbenschwanz area on the map, while the other 3 runners are spread between Kesselchen and Klostertal. There's miles of empty space between me and anyone else for a while! :) The Falken is 4'00 back in 4th place now making his 75th lap stop, and at the end of my outlap the BMW trails in 2nd place by just over a minute. I'm just coming out of Eschbach on lap 78 when the Silvia makes his 72nd lap pitstop. The BMW and Audi make their 78th lap stops as I'm exiting Arembergkurve on lap 79, and the Opel ending his 77th lap as I exit the Karussell. Pitted on lap 80 from over 2 minutes ahead of the BMW now. :indiff:
    Hour mark passes 2'04 into lap 81, in 1st place ~1'30 ahead of BMW.

    Hour 11.

    The Falken completes his 80th lap stop as I'm exiting the Karussell on lap 81. Caught Silvia again at Eiskurve, but the next section of the track is a tricky and treacherous place to pass, :nervous: so I wait behind through Pflanzgarten and Sprunghugel to avoid getting off line and upsetting the precariously balanced (at the best of times :rolleyes: ) Renault! Go by on the entrance to Schwalbenschwanz to hand him his 6th lapping. About 5 minute into lap 84, the Opel pits again ending his 83rd lap, but better is to come to the dismay of the BMW, who has dropped back from 1'34 behind beginning the lap to 1'49 behind at the Antoniusbrucke checkpoint before he pits, as I fly round in a staggering new lap record, again smashing the old one by some considerable margin, in 7'07.762! :bowdown: The Silvia completes its 78th lap pitstop, just ahead of the BMW and Audi who pit in ending their respective 84th laps, as I'm about 2 minutes into my next inlap on lap 8. Pit from 2'42 ahead of BMW. Falken is over 5 minutes down when he make his 85th lap stop, so I predict he'll be lapped sometime in the next couple of hours. :sly:
    Hour mark passes 3'06 into lap 89, in 1st place ~2'10 ahead of BMW.

    Hour 12.

    About 6'50 into lap 90, as I'm heading down the backstraight to make my next pitstop, the Opel pits ending his 88th lap back on a 5-lap window again. :confused: My stop comes and goes from a shade under 2'30 ahead of the BMW. The 2nd and 3rd placed cars also pit in ending their 90th lap, and they're almost together again, the BMW marginally ahead of the Audi. I set about catching and lapping the Opel for a 2nd time. 5 minutes into lap 91, the Silvia makes his 84th lap stop, and 43s later, the Falken pits ending his 90th lap. At the end of our outlaps, I'm 2'54 ahead of BMW who has the Audi right on his tail. The Opel succumbs just after Dottinger Hohe on lap 92, as I breeze by cleanly on his right. :) The Silvia is passed under braking for Wehrseifen handing him his 7th lapping on lap 94. After an exceptionally sloppy inlap on lap 95, :irked: the Opel unlaps himself as I pit, still from 2'36 in front of BMW. Opel is re-lapped just after Sprunghugel on lap 96, :tup: as the Falken pits for his 95th lap stop. The Opel pits ending his 94th lap just as I begin lap 97. The BMW and Audi pit together again ending lap 96, exiting the pits 2'53 behind my Renault just before the hour mark passes while I'm midway through Bergwerk.
    Hour mark passes 3'12 into lap 97, in 1st place ~2'53 ahead of BMW.

    Standings at 1/2 distance:-
    1st Renault 5 Maxi Turbo Rally Car '85 96 1/2 laps completed, 1244 miles.
    2nd BMW M3 GTR Race Car '01 +2'53
    3rd Audi A4 Touring Car '04 +~2'57
    4th Nissan Falken*GT-R Race Car '04 +~6'20
    5th Opel Calibra Touring Car '94 +2Laps
    6th Nissan C-West Razo Silvia (JGTC) '01 +7Laps

    Hour 13.

    The Silvia provides the first action of the hour, pitting from his 90th lap. And that was it until I pit myself ending lap 100! :p The Falken's centenial pitstop brings him ever closer to the lapping I predicted towards the end of the 11th hour. The Calibra is now see-sawing between 5 and 6 lap stints, and goes in ending his 99th lap. The German pairing pit as expected ending lap 102, although the BMW has gained about 10s over the Audi since their last stop. :odd: The Falken is within visual range entering Galgenkopf as I exit the 2nd apex of Schwalbenschwanz on lap 103. Go past the Falken between Bergwerk and Kesselchen on lap 104, and shortly afterwards the Silvia completes his 96th lap pitstop.
    Hour mark passes 4'16 into lap 105, in 1st place ~3'37 ahead of BMW.

    Hour 14.

    Falken takes back his lap at Pflanzgarten on lap 105, after my orange/red rear tyres let go in one of the twists, and I careen from side to side on and off the grass trying to regain control. :nervous: Pit in at the end of the lap, about 3 minutes into the hour. The Falken will be lapped permanently soon though as he'll pit ending his 105th lap too! :sly: A 7'17 outlap almost puts me within touching distance of the Falken before he pits, I'm momentarily distracted by a green hummingbird feeding on the Agapanthus flowers outside the spare bedroom window, and bugger up Hohenrain Schikane though or the outlap would have been quicker still! :dunce: Nevertheless, the Falken is lapped for good in the pits. Catch Silvia again at Eiskurve on lap 107, and again have to wait until the fast stretch between Sprunhugel and Schwalbenschwanz to go past. :grumpy: Opel makes a stop ending his 105th lap, while I'm on lap 108. I'm 3'12 into lap 109 when BMW pits, followed about 20s later by the Audi, who he's pulled away from again. Pit from ~3'40 lead over BMW on lap 110, and exit only fractionally ahead of the Falken, who closes right up on me through Hatzenbach as I warm the new tyres. :scared: Silvia ends his 102nd lap and pits as I'm braking for Arembergkurve on lap 111. Falken unlaps himself briefly as I make a pigs-ear of the entrance to Adenauer Forst, but it only lasts until Breidscheid where he's outbraked cleanly, :mischievous: and he pits at the end of this lap. Just over 3 minutes into my 113th lap, the Opel makes his 110th lap pitstop, which'll be the last action of the hour.
    Hour mark passes 4'27 into lap 113, approaching Hohe Acht, in 1st place ~3'13 ahead of BMW.

    Hour 15.

    BMW pits ending lap 114 as I'm ~3'40 into my next inlap, 115. BMW has exited pits by the time the Audi goes in this time round. Pit ending lap 115, from over 4 mins ahead of BMW now. Falken makes his 115th lap stop 43s into my 117th lap, while the Silvia goes in about 5 minutes into my same lap, for his 108th lap stop. Opel pits again ending his 115th lap, sticking with a 5-lap strategy for the 3rd successive stop, about 4 minutes into my 118th lap. Catch Silvia again at Kesselchen, but he runs me off the track at Angstkurve. :mad: Eventually pass him cleanly at Hedwigshohe, but the lapping isn't a certainty yet as I'm pitbound at the end of the lap, :( and as predicted, he unlaps himself while I'm pitted. Doesn't last long though, screaming through the first part of my outlap, I catch sight of the Silvia at Adenauer Forst, and then outbrake him cleanly into Wehrseifen after rapidly closing the gap on him. :D The BMW makes his 120th lap stop as I'm 3'20 into lap 121 and it seems he's now consistently pulling away from the Audi who stops 38s later, and thus ends the hour.
    Hour mark passes 4'47 into lap 121, between Hedwigshohe and Wippermann, in 1st place ~3'50 ahead of BMW.

    Hour 16.

    Falken makes his 120th lap pit about 1 minute into my 122nd lap, while the Opel does his lap 120 stop 4'40 into my 123rd lap. Silvia's next stop on his 114th lap comes a little under 2 minutes into my 124th lap. Pit ending my 125th lap from a little under 4 minutes ahead of BMW. Falken's 125th lap stop comes about 1'40 into my 127th lap, and is followed by the BMW's 126th lap stop at 3'52 into my 127th lap, and the Audi's 126th lap stop at 4'26 into my 127th lap. The Opel goes for his 125th lap stop, again continuing his 5-lap strategy, as I'm 5'30 into lap 128, and that's it for the most uneventful hour so far! :sick:
    Hour mark passes 5'40 into lap 129, just after Sprunghugel, in 1st place ~4'40 ahead of BMW.

    Hour 17.

    Silvia's 120th lap stop coincides with me passing the checkpoint after Eiskurve, 5'43 into lap 130, which I stop at the end of. Falken's next stop is 1'50-something into my 132nd lap. BMW's 132nd lap stop falls about 4 minutes into my 133rd lap as I'm approaching Karussell, and the Silvia has just come into visual range again. :mischievous: Silvia is passed in an almost carbon-copy fashion at Hedwigshohe, as in the 15th hour to put him double-digits down! :cool: The Audi is now about 45s behind the BMW when he also ends his 132 lap in the pits, and the Opel makes his 130th lap stop as I'm exiting Galgenkopf on lap 133. Pit again ending lap 135 after catching a glimpse of the Opel coming down the backstraight. Silvia's 126th lap stop occurs ~1'40 into my 137th lap and is followed a little over a minute later by the Falken's 135th lap stop.
    Hour mark passes 6'00 exactly into lap 137, in 1st place ~4'30 ahead of BMW.

    Hour 18.

    Catch Opel at Schwedenkreuz on lap 138, just get alongside for the pass, when he pulls right back across and spins me out onto the grass at over 150mph. :mad: GitFor a guy about to go 3 laps down he fights like I'm trying to steal 1st place on the last bend of the race! :dunce: Catch him again at Karussell, go past cleanly before Hohe Acht, but he then bludgeons his way by again between Wippermann & Eschbach. :irked: Finally pass for good between Brunnchen and Eiskurve and pull away. BMW pits ending lap 138 as the 4'39 mark passes in my 139th lap, while the Audi has gained some ground on him, pitting 40s later. The Opel goes in ending his 136th lap, ending his 5-lap strategy for a while, as I'm approaching Hatzenbach on lap 140 which I stop at the end of, from over 5 minutes lead now. Falken's 140th lap stop comes 3 minutes into my 142nd lap. The clock edges past 5 minutes on my 143rd lap when the Silvia pits again from 10 laps behind. Approaching Arembergkurve on my inlap, 145, the Opel pits again after a 5 lap stint. BMW's 144th lap stop comes 4'45 into my 145th lap, followed as ever, by the Audi who has dropped back to about 50s behind the BMW.
    Hour mark passes 6'41 into lap 145, in 1st place, ~5'20 ahead of BMW.

    Standings at 3/4 distance:-
    1st Renault 5 Maxi Turbo Rally Car '85 144 7/8 laps completed, 1870 miles.
    2nd BMW M3 GTR Race Car '01 +5'22
    3rd Audi A4 Touring Car '04 +~6'12
    4th Nissan Falken*GT-R Race Car '04 +1Lap
    5th Opel Calibra Touring Car '94 +3Laps
    6th Nissan C-West Razo Silvia (JGTC) '01 +10Laps

    Hour 19.

    Pit from over 5 minute lead on lap 145 with only a minute on the clock for the 19th hour. Silvia is sighted again entering Galgenkopf on lap 146, and is treated to a draft assisted 177mph fly-by as he goes 11 laps down! :drool: Falken pits 3'30 into my 147th lap ending his 145th. Silvia pits 2'00 into my 150th lap, for his 138th lap stop, and is followed in more or less immediately by the Opel pitting from his 146th lap. Pit in ending my 150th lap from 5'05 ahead of BMW, who also stops ending his 150th lap, about 4'50 into my 151st lap. The Audi pits too, from about 55s behind the BMW, and the Falken's 150th lap stop occurs sometime later, ~4'00 into my 152nd lap.
    Hour mark passes 7'16 into lap 153, exiting Hohenrain Schikane, in 1st place ~5'35 ahead of BMW.

    Hour 20.

    10 minutes into the hour the Opel creates the first action by pitting from his 151st lap, while I'm approaching Bergwerk on lap 155 at the end of which I pit too. Silvia completes his 144th lap stop when I'm 5'30 into lap 156, a staggeringly fast outlap completed in 7'13.936, and the fastest outlap of the race so far! :bowdown: 5 minutes into my 157th lap, the Falken goes in for his 155th lap stop, he's followed in 22s later by the BMW completing his 156th lap, and a minute after that by the Audi ending his 156th lap too. Pass the Silvia a 12th time between Kallenhard and 3-Fach Rechts, on lap 158. :sly: Catch the Audi between Klostertal and Karussell, but he's tricky to get past and I'm forced to follow all the way to the fast section after Sprunghugel before going by. :grumpy: He's quicker through Galgenkopf and catches my draft down the straight, he's alongside at Antoniusbrucke and I back off to let him go at Tiergarten, "to avoid it ending in tears! (or Tiers?!!! :lol: )" to quote a Touring Martian-ism! :ouch: He's passed with ease before Hatzenbach beginning my 159th lap. :) Opel pits in from his 156th lap while I'm 4'30 into lap 160, which I too pit at the end of, allowing the Audi to take his lap back :( and that's the last action of the hour.
    Hour mark passes 45s into lap 162, at Quiddelbacher Hohe, in 1st place ~5'45 ahead of BMW.

    Hour 21.

    It's the Falken who gives the first action of the 21st hour, pitting in ending his 160th lap with ~5 minutes of the hour gone. The Silvia then goes in for his 150th lap stop with 2'40 of my 163rd lap gone, whereas the BMW makes his 162nd lap stop 5'45 into my same lap, while I'm within sight of the Audi again entering the Schwalbenschwanz complex. :mischievous: The Audi pits ending his 162nd lap too, and is promptly lapped, almost certainly for good, in the pits as I complete lap 163. :p Set off in pursuit of taking a lap from the BMW and a 2nd lap from the Falken before the end of the race! :sly: Opel goes in again 5'20 into my 165th lap after his 161st lap. Pit in ending lap 165 myself and the next action happens nearly 2 laps later when the Falken completes his 165th lap stop as I'm exiting Galgenkopf on lap 167. BMW pits ending on his 168th lap as I'm entering Galgenkopf on lap 169, within sight of the Falken again. Silvia goes in about 30s later ending his 156th lap, and the Audi pits from behind me ending his 168th lap too. The Nissan pairing are spotted alongside each other heading through Quiddelbacher Hohe, and not long after, the Silvia is handed another lapping, which rounds out the hour nicely. ;)
    Hour mark passes 1'50 into lap 170, in 1st place, ~6'50 ahead of BMW.

    Hour 22.

    Lose touch with the Falken during lap 170 as my tyres go off, and the sticky brake pedal problem re-emerges. :mad: Opel's 166th lap stop occurs as I'm 6'30 into lap 170 and heading in for the pits myself ending the lap. Falken takes his 170th lap stop just before I get to Antoniusbrucke checkpoint on lap 172, and he's lapped exiting his pit bay as I begin lap 173. :) Opel pits in ending his 171st lap, just before I go in for my 175th lap stop. Find the BMW stationary against the pit entry barrier too! :odd: Not sure if he'd been trying to pass the Opel before it made it's pitstop and got spun off! Pass the Opel in his pit bay, but he gets away before me, the Falken also unlaps himself while I'm pitted. :irked: Somehow, the BMW still hasn't made it past the start finish line by the time I exit the pit! :crazy: The -1Lap indicator appears for the BMW about 20s into my 176th lap, and about 20s later the Audi pits from his 174th lap! So, it seems the dumb BMW had missed the pit entry, spent about a minute trying to drive through the pit barrier :rolleyes: (probably turning his already shot tyres an lovely shade of red :dopey: ) and has now had to go out for another lap, which will more than likely cost him 2nd place overall!Fool. :dunce: The Opel only lasts until the entrance to Metzgesfeld before relinquishing his 4th lap to the Renault. The Silvia stops again shortly after that for his 162nd lap pit, and meanwhile the poor BMW who is now trying to complete a 7th lap on this set of tyres, has really suffered, and relinquishes 2nd place to the Audi, who is on fresh tyres, just after Exmuhle! :ouch: Re-lap the Falken at Fuchsrohre on lap 177, and shortly afterwards the BMW finally manages to find the pit entrance ending his 175th lap, but well back in 3rd place. The Falken goes for his 175th lap stop about 16s into my 178th lap, and that's the last action of a highly eventful hour!
    Hour mark passes 2'13 into lap 178, in 1st place, 1 lap ahead of the now 2nd placed Audi.

    Hour 23.

    "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction" - Sir Isaac Newton. Since the previous hour was quite exciting, it then follows that this one isn't! :p Nothing happens. Great wadges of it. Nil, nada, nowt. Until with exactly 20 minutes of the hour already passed, I pull into my pit bay ending lap 180! Opel's 176th lap ends in a pitstop behind me, followed a lap later by the Audi's 180th lap stop too. Silvia pits ending his 168th lap, the Falken about a minute after that for his 180th lap stop, and the BMW from his 181st lap another minute later. Silvia is handed his 14th lapping on lap 183, at Lauda Links. :tup: I pit ending lap 185, and with under 3 minutes of the hour remaining, that looks to be it action-wise! I'm wrong as it turns out, the Opel wants the last word, and stops from his 181st lap as I'm 1'26 into lap 186. :banghead:
    Hour mark passes 2'28 into lap 186, in 1st place, 1 lap ahead of Audi.

    Hour 24.

    The Audi and Falken make the first event of the 24th hour, pitting within a few seconds of each other, on their 186th and 185th laps respectively, with around 13 minutes gone, and 1'20 into my 188th lap. BMW goes in from his 187th lap while I'm 2'20 into lap 189, the mistake he made in the 22nd hour having cost him almost 3 minutes in total! :dunce: The Silvia completes his 174th lap with a pitstop 3'00 or-so into my 189th lap too, while I've just exited Bergwerk. With the field now spread out from T13 Alte Einfart (Silvia) and Arembergkurve (Audi) and me miles away at Bergwerk, there's little scope for any action other than pitstops for the rest of the race. :indiff: Pit in from my 190th lap, 34 minutes into the hour, top up to just 40 units instead of the usual 45 since I probably won't need all of it anyway! :sly: Opel pits ending his 186th lap, while the Falken's last stop ending his 190th lap occurs 1'51 into my 193rd lap, with just under 9 minutes remaining. I cross the line ending lap 193 with 23:56'53.987 on the clock, and thus enter my 194th, and final lap. The Audi ends his 192nd lap in the pits, as I climb towards Adenauer Forst on my last lap.
    Hour mark passes 3'04 into lap 194, in 1st place 1 lap ahead of Audi.

    Hour 25.

    The race ends 24:04'18.647, and exactly 2504.0 miles on the odometer!

    1st Renault 5 Maxi Turbo Rally Car '85 24:04'18.647 & 2504.0 miles
    2nd Audi A4 Touring Car '04 +1Lap
    3rd BMW M3 GTR Race Car '01 +1Lap
    4th Nissan Falken*GT-R Race Car '04 +2Laps
    5th Opel Calibra Touring Car '94 +4Laps
    6th Nissan C-West Razo Silvia (JGTC) '01 +14Laps


    1,200,000Cr and Formula Gran Turismo '04 in Silver/Black.
  14. dkstz


    Now that sounds interesting...! Can't wait for more! :tup:
  15. GM


    There are some very nice detalled reports in this thread SH, well done!!!!
  16. ßen


    What happened to the rest of the report, smallhorses??
    Great write-ups by the way-Keep them coming!
  17. 240^drift


    hey smallhorses, im working on my 24h Sarthe II race, what is your strategy for staying awake?
    i just fell woke up from a quick 15 minutes, and im like a 1'13 minutes ahead of second place car, and amazingly still in first.
  18. Smallhorses

    Smallhorses Staff Emeritus

    The best idea is:- Don't do it all in one go! :D
    I did one over the course of whole week, and one over a 3-day weekend, about 8 hours a day, with good sleep time in between. ;) Pause the race, put a post-it note with DO NOT TOUCH over the power button on the PS2 and turn off the TV!

    I have work to take care of first and foremost, and also had a busy weekend!
    Hours 8 and 9 have been added today, and there'll be more to come! Keep checking back, there's 15 hours to go, so hopefully I'll get it done by the end of next weekend. ;)

  19. 240^drift


    i still got a couple hours on the Sarthe, just woke up and im about to continue my race.
  20. ßen


    I look forward to seeing the rest of the report SH!! :cheers:
  21. 240^drift


    FACK finally i finished...
    that race was really exhausting... i laped second place 18 times lol
  22. Smallhorses

    Smallhorses Staff Emeritus

    That's the Nurb 24hr complete then! 14 down, 2 to go! :D
  23. ßen


    Nice report SH, roll on the next one! +REP :tup:

    I'm redoing the Nurb 24hr race at the moment. Using a car much faster than the opposition, easy race. Pretty boring in a way.
  24. Smallhorses

    Smallhorses Staff Emeritus

    Once again, there's been a massive hiatus in endurance racing here, but I'm back for the penultimate time (at least for the first pass through anyway, subsequent 200 point attempts at already completed races may follow!) as I finally get around to doing the Tokyo R246 300km race. Not one of the better ones due to restricted car choices, but here's what happened.....

    Tokyo R246 300km (99 A-Spec points)

    Car: Stock BMW M3 GTR Race Car '01

    Race highlights:-

    Hang back and avoid the carnage through the first few bends, Supra charges into the lead and the Nissan is relegated to 5th. Passed the Nissan up the hill towards the double apex right-hander before the narrow section, and got the NSX cleanly on the way out of the 2nd apex. On the tail of the leading 3 out of the last corner and get cleanly by the Mazda before the end of lap 1, finishing in 3rd place, right on the Ford's rear end. Easily slip by him as he slows to avoid the Toyota, and outbrake both of them cleanly into turn 1. Finish the lap in 1'41.625 with a 4.5s lead. This isn't going to be interesting at all. :grumpy:
    On lap 5, post new fast lap of 1'39.787, and RX-8 has taken over the 2nd placed chase. Stride away easily, ratcheting down the laptimes and post 1'38.214 for lap 10. Lap in 1'38s consistently for a few laps, then follow a 1'41 shocker on lap 14 with an immaculate 1'37.912 new fastest lap for 15. :D
    :idea: Decide that since I know the AI will be making only 2 stops here, the only way to turn this into any kind of "race" :indiff: is to take an extra stop. And so it is, with front tyres still yellow, and rears still showing the faintest hint of green in their yellowness, that I pit from 33s lead. 43 units of fuel have been consumed by the thirsty motor, so a splash back up to the 43 unit mark and a new set of tyres later, and I'm back on my way.
    Exit pits in the lead and complete outlap with a 1.4s lead on RX-8. Make a mistake on cold tyres in the last bend on lap 18, running well wide, and allowing the RX-8 to catch a draft down the straight, which he takes advantage of, and slips by into 1st place before the end of the lap. :tdown: Shadow him through the entirity of lap 19, and then cleanly outbrake him into turn 1 on lap 20. :tup: Break the lap record again on lap 22, 1'37.725, as the RX-8 makes his first pitstop, followed by the 3rd placed Ford. Mazda just manages to exit 2nd still, but he relinquishes that to the Supra by the end of his outlap. Meanwhile I'm rippingthrough 1'37 laps like there's no worries about tyre wear, and towards the end of lap 26, I catch up to the Ford, grap a tow down the straight, and drop the fastest lap time down to 1'37.693. :) The JGTCs pit in formation, within seconds of one another ending lap 27. They're all lapped while pitted, :( although I have a stop coming up, so they'll get it back, and I'll have some fun picking them off on the track instead! :mischievous:
    Pit ending lap 31, a longer stop while fuel is topped up from 4 to 45 units, and exit still miles in front of the RX-8. Only 2 of the 4 lapped cars get by, I finish my outlap on the tail of the Supra, and the RX-8 is some 45s distant in 2nd place. The Supra's resistance is futile, of course, he's re-lapped braking for the looping turn by the stadium. The Ford's re-lapping waits until lap 39, when he's dispatched in much the same way as the Supra. :cool:
    RX-8 makes his second stop ending lap 44, where he's lapped as he accelerates from his pit bay. The Ford, who is a lap down anyway also goes in, which confirms his permanently lapped status. :dopey: Make my 3rd and final stop ending lap 46, which allows the RX-8 to rejoin the lead lap, but we'll see if that lasts until the finish line or not! :p I'm within visual range of the RX-8 after an immaculate new fastest lap of 1'37.567 :bowdown: on lap 52, but it's followed by embarrassment, as I for the first time in the race get too much kerb inside turn 1, :dunce: and spin out, 10s is lost recovering, and a very ugly 1'50 laptime results. :ouch:
    The JGTCs pit again ending their 54th lap, and get out with the RX-8 amongst them. A lapping per lap occurs on laps 57, 58 & 59, the NSX followed by the Nissan, then the Toyota all go 2 laps down, :D and with the clock ticking down, the RX-8 in sight, I get the hammer so far down, it's not coming back up again, although despite putting in the fastest lap of the race on the 60th and final lap, 1'37.474, :drool: I'm a few tenths too far back from the RX-8 to fully humiliate him! :irked: Damn that spin. :mad:
    Not the most fulfilling race I've ever driven, but still, there's 200,000Cr extra in my bank account, and a new Mitsubishi FTO Super Touring Car '97 becomes the 500th car in my garage! ;)


    BMW M3 GTR Race Car '01 1:41'17.774, 190.5 miles. Pitted every 15-16 Laps.
    Mazda RX-8 Concept LM Race Car '01 ~+1'36 Pitted every 22 laps.
    Ford Falcon XR8 '00 + 1 lap Pitted every 22 laps.
    Toyota au Cerumo Supra (JGTC) '01 +2 laps Pitted every 27 laps.
    Nissan Pennzoil Zexel GT-R (JGTC) '01 +2 laps Pitted every 27 laps.
    Honda Takata Dome NSX (JGTC) '03 +2 laps Pitted every 27 laps.

    Sadly it's not until the end of the race that it suddenly occurs to me that I could have made my tyrewear worse, and increased my A-spec pointage by running at minimum downforce, which would've probably made for a better race. :dunce: Oh well, now there's still 101 points to go back for later on! :mischievous:
  25. AMG.

    AMG. Staff Emeritus

    So how many laps did you run ? I lost count :sly: .
    j/k , sorry I just couldn't resist....:scared:

    Excellent report as usual and I too suffer from being handicapped at repping :grumpy:
    It seems that I need to widen my horizon on GTP and spread around even further. Seems like I'm running in to the same members all the time.

  26. Smallhorses

    Smallhorses Staff Emeritus

    Yeah I know, I need to digest a thesaurus to find another suitable word for "lap"! :p

    There's more lapping here, than when Famine, the fat hockey-playing lesbian had her teamates round for a love-in! :sly:

    :guilty: :guilty: :guilty: :guilty: :guilty: :guilty: :guilty: :guilty: :guilty:

    Ok, more lapping than a litter of kittens around a bowl of milk, for our younger readers!!!! :lol:
  27. Smallhorses

    Smallhorses Staff Emeritus

    Fuji 1000km

    The car: Stock AMG Mercedes CLK-GTR Race Car '98 on R1 tyres for 200 A-Spec points! :cool:

    1st Audi R8 Race Car '01
    2nd Nissan R89C Race Car '89
    3rd Nissan R390 GT1 Race Car '98
    4th Sauber Mercedes C 9 Race Car '89
    5th Nissan R92CP Race Car '92
    6th AMG Mercedes CLK-GTR Race Car '98 :nervous:

    Hour 1.

    Take 5th place from R390 down the hill out of turn 1 on the first lap. Follow the field around, for the next few laps while they sort themselves out, R92CP bullies its way to the front of the pack while the Sauber takes longer to barge his way past the Audi. I pass the Audi cleanly down the straight beginning lap 4. :tup: I'm able to stay in touch with the leaders, the Nissan pairing of R92CP and R89C holding 1st and 2nd spots, with the Mercedes pairing of the Sauber and my AMG, 3rd and 4th. 4 clean and consistent laps in the 1'18 arena between laps 6 and 9 leave the gap static at ~7s to leading R92CP. All's well until lap 12 when I overshoot the braking zone for the sharp left after the downhill, and dip my front tyres in the dirt. :dopey: Opens gap up to 11s, then 14s after 2 more cautious laps after that. :indiff: The Group C procession pits in order on lap 15, R92CP then R89C and Sauber, which allows my AMG and the Audi to take over 1st and 2nd place. The R390 stops on lap 18, and is lapped in the pits. Stop on lap 20 for fuel & tyres, having use 59 units so far. The Audi also pits behind me and 4 cars pass us while we're stationary. The Group C trio takes back the 1,2,3 spots, while the R390 temporarily unlaps itself, a resistance which lasts only until lap 22 when he's passed again exiting the hairpin on the run down to the chicane. The gap which has grown to almost 15s, while I nursed my cold tyres up to temperature, drops again when I set a new fastest time on lap 27, and immediately break it again with a 1'17.551 on lap 28, :) leaving the gap at 13s. The Group Cs pit in formation again on lap 30. They exit with the Audi amongst them and the gap grows to 28s as they warm their tyres, holding up the Audi in the process. When he eventually gets by, they're up to temperature and his tyres are wearing, so he's not able to get away. The R390 pits from his 36th lap, and is lapped a second time while pitted as I begin lap 39 which becomes the new fastest time of 1'17.428. Pitted from 32s lead ending lap 40, exited in 5th place as 5 cars whip past the pit exit! The Audi, has made better use of its second set of tyres in traffic and goes for another lap, hotly pursued by the Group Cs who have the lapped backmarking R390 amongst them too! The R390 loses his second lap to me at the chicane on my outlap, and the Audi pits ending his 41st lap letting me back into 4th place about 7s behind the leader. A grassbound excursion approaching the hairpin on lap 43 costs me a lot of time, 10s in fact, on the leaders. :grumpy:

    Hour mark passes 22s into lap 45, in 4th place ~18s behind leader.

    Hour 2.

    Group Cs all pit again ending their 45th lap, from about 20s ahead. Take over the lead whilst they're stopped. Nothing happens for a while, the gap to the 2nd placed R92CP remains steady around 12s, the R390 then pits ending his 54th lap and is passed in the pits again, temporarily, as I begin lap 58. Pit in from 7s lead on lap 60, and get followed in by the Group C trio, guaranteeing an exit in the lead, unless the Audi has any surprises to spring! :sly: R390 unlaps itself, and the Audi does go by into 1st place for a lap, before resuming a 20 lap pit strategy with a stop ending lap 61. Well, that'll teach me to be cocky, :ouch: my "guaranteed" lead turns into 3rd place behind the R89C which has taken over the lead, and the R92CP who is less a second behind him, as I overestimate how much my tyres have warmed in 3 laps. :dunce: Get too much inside kerb on turn 1 and it spins me 90 degrees onto the grass. Jammed on brakes before a collision with the barrier, but had to reverse and correct the error, allowing the Nissans by. :irked: The Sauber is too far behind to make it past too though. A shameful 1'30.020 lap results. :banghead: Take back 2nd place beginning lap 66 but the R92CP doesn't like it. :mad: First he rams me under braking for turn 1. Hold onto the place and continue, but braking for the chicane he goes in too hard and rams me again, the resulting collision sees us both leave the track, although he rejoins in 2nd place but the Sauber has caught up and nicks my 3rd, while I'm recovering. This has also handed the R89C a 9s lead. :censored: The R390 is finally re-lapped for the 3rd time on lap 70, after he's held up the Sauber and R92CP for a while. The Sauber is now up into 2nd place, with the R92CP 3rd. They pit in this formation behind the leading R89C on lap 75, handing me back the lead. As they leave the pitlane, the R390 makes his 4th stop ending his 72nd lap. Make my 4th stop ending lap 80, from 27s lead, which hands over 1st place to R89C again. Exited in 4th, but that quickly becomes 5th as the R92CP once again decides to substitute my AMG for his brakes at turn 1, and shunts me wide. :boggled: The Audi pits from 3rd place ending his 82nd lap, so back to 21 lap window again, and the R92CP and I move up a place. New fast lap goes in at 1'17.381 on lap 86, and the hour concludes a whisker away from handing the R390 his 4th beating with the lapping stick! :mischievous:

    Hour mark passes 42s into lap 89, in 4th place ~8s behind leader.

    Hour 3.

    Obviously the first action occurs less than a minute in, the R390 handed its 4th lap on the straight, and a lap after that, the Group C circus rolls into the pits, with the Sauber now splitting the Nissan pairing. I go back up to 1st place. Aid my "getaway" with another new lap record on lap 91 seeing it drop to 1'17.296. :eek: The R390 makes his 90th lap stop while I'm well into lap 95. Lap R390 a 5th time beginning lap 100, but it won't last long as I'm due a pitstop, and go in ending the lap a 28s lead. Exit in 4th as the Group Cs go by, although they've a date with their pitcrews in 5 laps time! Audi keep up his20/21/20 pattern :odd: on lap 102 when he stops. Seize the lead again when the Group Cs pit ending lap 105. Lap 111 sees the permenant 5th lapping of the R390, who pits in ending his 108th lap, as my 114th begins.

    1/2 distance standings:

    1st AMG Mercedes CLK-GTR Race Car '98 114 laps completed, 2:34'23.904.
    2nd Nissan R89C Race Car '89 ~+11s
    3rd Sauber Mercedes C 9 Race Car '89 ~+13s
    4th Nissan R92CP Race Car '92 ~+15s
    5th Audi R8 Race Car '01 ~+40s
    6th Nissan R390 GT1 Race Car '98 +5 laps

    Head into the pits for the sixth time with an 8s lead on lap 120, followed by the Group C pack who make their eighth stop. Exit in the lead, as expected. :O The Audi pits ending his 123rd lap. R390 pits ending his 126th lap and is sent 6 laps down as he enters the pitlane and I begin lap 133. That's all for the 3rd hour!

    Hour mark passes 1'11s into lap 133, in 1st place ~4s ahead of R89C.

    Hour 4.

    Group C triplets pit ending lap 135, lead in from 4s behind me by the R89C, then Sauber and R92CP last. Sneak into the pits myself ending lap 140, with a healthy 44s lead over R89C under my belt. :D Get away in the lead and continue to grind out the laps towards the full million-meter distance, the gap is 7s to 2nd place ending the outlap, and although it drops to 6s at the end of the following lap as my tyres warm, it stays static after that. The Audi pits ending his 143rd lap, putting him within a small distance of getting lapped himself. Lap 146 is a new fastest! 1'16.932 shows up, :bowdown: not bad on R1 tyres all round although it's partly because I end the lap in the tow of the Audi, :guilty: just prior to handing him a lapping which takes place at the end of lap 147. The Group Cs pit in the same formation as ever on lap 150. What's wrong with them? Haven't they heard of overtaking?!!! :boggled: The R390 goes in ending his 144th lap, as I begin lap 151, handing him his 7th lapping in the process. :ouch: Pitted from 39s lead on lap 160, allowing the Audi to gain back his lap. The Audi pits ending his 163rd lap, and I pass him static in his pit bay going into my 165th lap. :tup: He exits amongst the Group Cs and in the confusion the Sauber makes his bid for best runner-up, stealing 2nd place. He's quicker than before, and totally surprises me, shooting out of nowhere at the chicane, to outbrake me round the outside! :eek: I'm back in 2nd again! :tdown: Not for long, the Group Cs all go back in the pits ending lap 165, and that ends that little game! Or so I think, there's another twist, the R89C suddenly decides to go another lap, and while I think I'm safe to brake early for the second sharp turn, he's screamed up behind and scares the willies out of me! :scared: He does pit ending lap 166 though. R390 stops again ending his 162nd lap, and promptly goes 8 laps under while he's in there. The R89C didn't manage to benefit from his extra lap, getting out behind the Sauber, but in front of the R92CP though. Unfortunately for me, it looks as though the Nissans have kept the Sauber back, he's able to gain on me in little chunks :nervous: whereas I was able to keep the gaps to the Nissans fairly static.

    Hour mark passes entering lap 178, in 1st place ~25s ahead of Sauber.

    Hour 5.

    Pit from 20s lead over Sauber on lap 180, and the Audi unlaps himself again. The Sauber and R92CP also pit in and the R89C takes over 2nd place for a lap before diving for the pits himself at the end of lap 181. The Audi goes in ending lap 183, and is again re-lapped while he's in there. It appears that he's now settled on a 20 lap pit window! :boggled: Oh my! The Sauber unfettered is quick once his tyres warm up. :scared: A gap that's sat at 16s for many laps suddenly begins to drop at around 0.5-1s per lap! :crazy: The R390 pits ending his 180th lap, and is caught and lapped again as he exits the pits. At least I've got him between me and the Sauber now! Doesn't take long for the Sauber to dispense with him though and he continues to gain, until with the gap down to just 10s again, he pits ending lap 195, as does the R92CP who is now a long way behind the Sauber. The R89C goes in ending his 196th lap, and having made a calculation that I'm going to have to do 2 more stops anyway, I decide to go in at the end of lap 197 following two 1' laps, which'll have helped to pull away from the Sauber on cold tyres, and gives me no slow laps as mine wear out. :sly: The pesky Audi once again refuses to stay lapped and passes me in turn 1 after I've exited the pits. The gap to the Sauber is 15s at the end of my outlap. The Audi pits ending his 204th lap, and I'm ending my 205th, so he's passed just as he enters the pits this time, try coming back from that one, eh?! :mischievous: The Sauber meanwhile has dropped the gap to under 13s, after it had expanded to 17s before he got warmth in his tyres. :rolleyes: The R390 pits again and is lapped again while he's there, bringing his total lappingnesses to 10. :lol: The Sauber and R92CP go for another stop on lap 210, confirming that they'll have to stop again before the end of the race, whereas I've only 1 more stop to make. ;)The R89C doesn't even manage to take 2nd while the Sauber has pitted this time, such is the gap that the Sauber has created between them now that he's not stuck behind! :eek: The R89C does find his way past, and goes again for an extra lap on his worn tyres, pitting ending lap 212. I make my last stop on lap 214 from 43s lead, following a stupid mistake ending lap 213, which cost me around 10s, as I touched the grass outside the last turn and wound up facing across the track. :banghead:

    Hour mark passes beginning lap 222, in 1st place ~3s ahead of Sauber. :nervous:

    Hour 6 and results.

    The Audi makes his final stop ending his 224th lap, and the Sauber / R92CP pairing go in on lap 225. The R390 makes his final stop ending his 216th lap, and is lapped an 11th time while stopped! The R89C leaves it's final indignity until last, pittingat the end of his 227th (out of 228!) lap, :dopey: and ensuring that he gets lapped in there as I scream across the line for the win! :cool:

    1st AMG Mercedes CLK-GTR Race Car '98 228 laps completed, 5:08'30.301
    2nd Sauber Mercedes C 9 Race Car '89 ~+41s Pitted every 15 laps
    3rd Nissan R92CP Race Car '92 ~+50s Pitted every 15 laps
    4th Nissan R89C Race Car '89 +1 lap Pitted every 15-16 laps
    5th Audi R8 Race Car '01 +1 lap Pitted every 20-21 laps
    6th Nissan R390 GT1 Race Car '98 +11 laps Pitted every 18 laps

    Coffers are swelled by 750,000Cr and a rather nice Nissan R92CP Race Car '92 parks itself neatly in my garage! :D
  28. FLK


    United Kingdom
    Looks like a close race so far! I chickened out and added a stage 3 turbo when I did this last year in the CLK-GTR. Must go back and do it again some time in the future for those 200 A-spec points :)
  29. CRXnut


    Wow, really close racing, can't wait for the rest.
  30. Smallhorses

    Smallhorses Staff Emeritus

    Well, that's it, Fuji 1000km goes down for 200 points, and that's the endurance hall complete. I've got 1.2% of the game left to complete and then I'll think about coming back for some of the points I left behind!

    Need to index the 1st post with links at some point too! Thanks for reading folks! :cheers: