SNAIL Division 2 March 2023 Season

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Data Specialist Report for March 29, 2023

If you've read what I've said here and then watched me on track...all I can say is: "Do as I say, not as I do.' 😇

And secondly, "Just because I know what to do doesn't mean I know how to do it." 😇

Spoken like the true retired teacher that I am.

Last week I mentioned two ways the PIT maneuver could be executed. On Sunday I discovered it can also be executed while in front; R1R1, lap 1 turn 2. I meant to leave room for @JamCar0ne but I should have left LOTS of room.

The "Best Start" prize goes to @CdnSweetTee for her massive starts round 2. And without TCS! You rock. R2R1 Tee pass 2 cars before turn 1, Nay! before the end of the pit wall. I have learned a lesson. Even though Snail must allow TCS due to a GT7 glitch it is good to see that TCS is not the universal panacea some hope for.

Speaking of lessons learned; Pushing rpms isn't always the best way. Because I'm a bit anal I pay attention to the following:

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This is the HP and torque curve for the BMW M2, which can be found under the "ECU' tab on the detailed data sheet for each car. Each data point is a 500 rpm change. Important features: 1) Max HP is at 5500 rpm and is constant to 7000. 2) At 5000 rpm torque is at maximum and HP is the same as 7500. 3) Not shown here, but the rpm drop during shifts is not great. Result: Short shift. I was shifting at 7000 rpm (half way up the HUD) last Sunday, and while Tee was able to gain at the start, I was able to gain on all the long straights.

I'm looking forward to implementing some of the lessons I've learned. I've got the "What", now I have to improve the "How". :cheers: 🥳
Thanks for the shout out! I started out using TCS but Dub convinced me to try without within a week or so and never back lol.
To anyone a bit unsure I’d say try it, give it a good shot and you’ll never look back 😉
Looking forward to racing with everyone tonight!