SNAIL Michelin Pilot Challenge, "PS5 Users ONLY",GS/GT4 Monthly Series, Event #3: Fri. June 16th at Laguna Seca. New Drivers Welcome!!Open 

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There was a lot of racing of course. But not a lot of position changes. For example, you would not be able to hold off Warmachine, who was faster, for an entire race at Laguna. Wider tracks with more racing line options will generally allow drivers more passing options.

But yes, if you want to be able to hold off drivers for multiple laps, then the narrow tracks like Atlanta will allow that. Which will somewhat artificially keep the majority of the field close. Especially in reverse grid situations.
I get what you’re saying with the passing opportunities but I made a mistake. I had used that curb to get rotation over and over pushing things. It just finally bit me in the rear end. He did his job. He played a good cat and mouse game and I lost. That could happen anywhere.
I got to see my car for this series IRL this weekend!
I'm in the low 1:28's with a 5 point handicap (635.00pp reg), but I do think I will find a few hi 27's on perfect chase laps. Either way, I'm expecting 2-3 drivers with standout pace who will battle for the front in R1 with the rest of us duking it out for the rest. Race 2 will be a hit for sure....expecting some awesome battles across the board. 10 days to go. See some of you guys in practice over the next week or so.