SNAIL Rider Cup (USA vs Canada) All drivers welcome!Open 

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Total spitball:

The numbers make me think of a power play in hockey. I hear that sport has some popularity in parts of Canada. Hockey / roller derby.

- Canadians off the line first en masse 5sec head start
- Americans start
- Canadian objective: keep americans behind
- American objective: get 1 person across the line first
- As in roller derby Canadians can block full width of track. Some coordination will be required for tracks with varying width. Two groups could even form a couple seconds apart as a rear echelon.
- Anyone who laps 10seconds slower than standard Snail mid-Div lap time for combo must exit. This keeps Canadians from driving too slow but also keeps them honest as they go for Canadian Snowangel-like handling precision to try and maintain blockade formation.
- Americans must pass Snail clean. Passing penalties incur DQ of 2 Americans. If American makes it into lead but is passed before finish they must exit.
- Passed Canadians can pass again to rejoin blockade.

Not a bad idea Duc and I could see some potential for that. Its somewhat similar to Cat & Mouse (if you havent done it you'd dig it). But for this event I think we should stick to straight up racing.

Unfortunately I wasn’t really thinking when I jumped up and declared my interest in this event!
If this event is happening prior to the first weekend in April, Cdn_Sweet_Tee and I will have to skip this one as we are moving into our new place between now and then and with work schedules, 99% of our moving is done on the weekends.:banghead:

If it’s after April fools day we’re in but please don’t change it just for us if there’s enough interest to do it in March, we’ll catch the next one.:cheers:

We can push this back to April. It'll give us more time to figure everything out and hopefully round up more Canadians.
@Rednose58 @RobbiefromBC @Eh_Team @Gouletzky ??

@SAMHAIN85 Sign me up!
I'll gauge the interest ''locally''. I can find a bunch of fast drivers if there's no schedule conflict with other championships. (Many of them are running 2-3 championships already)

Let me know if you grab any or have them post on this thread so we can figure out head counts. I'll send some messages out to some Canadian friends on PSN too


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Some of the ideas from the Holiday Events thread seem like they could be fun for this. The racing we had last Labor Day was a blast and the randomization made for some fun racing when no one could practice beforehand. On the other hand the potential issue of people having to leave to buy a car could make things messy. The relay race at the beginning of that thread could also be interesting and I'm sure there are some other fun ideas in there.
Well it took a lot longer than expected to get this move done and get "somewhat" settled in but @CdnSweetTee and I just finished getting our setups all put back together again so we can start practicing for this event if it's a go.:cheers: