So, how was your day?

Discussion in 'The Rumble Strip' started by kidd0218, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. kidd0218


    Alright you now the drill, ladies love this question. So guys how was your day?:)

    I had work today, an afternoon shift. Just got off work 5 hours ago. Pretty usual day, its a long weekend too, but I had to work BUT I get paid time and a half.
  2. Aldo

    Australia Melbourne, Living the dream

    Just had an English prelim.
  3. Pakt Sardine

    United States Minnesota, U.S.

    It was okay. Nothing noteworthy, but nothing awful happened either.
  4. Apok

    Online Now!
    Slovenia Slovenia

    So far I went to school, got a bad grade, went to the bank on the way home and then I ate lunch. Oh and I also solved some crossword puzzles. Nothing special so far.
  5. granturismite

    Australia Central Coast,

    Stinkin' hot. Just very very hot. must have been about 40 degrees C in the shade
  6. Prince.M5

    Malaysia Kuala Lumpur

    Monday, 31st of January 2011:

    Nothing much actually. Got school holiday today, wake up with some PlayStation especially getting done the GT4 Survivor Series, internet, clean up my Hot Wheels, later some tuition, watch American Pickers and now here I am.

    This thing is like a diary...
  7. eSZee

    United States Chicago, iLL

    Woke up quick at about noon, just thought that I had to be in Compton soon. Errrr, woke up late, barely made it to school. Drove around a strip mall for 30 minutes looking for a friend's lost cat. Now I'm making some chicken and cooking some brown rice. After that homework and some GT5 before dinner with the girl.
  8. Z o n d a


    Had a math exam. and a french exam on friday and a science exam a day before french exam. That week sucked.
  9. sumbrownkid

    United States Stockbridge, Georgia

    Saw a guy passed out in my neighbor's backyard, naked, with his rear cheeks smiling at me in all glory. This was my first view out the window, no lie.

    My brother shot him in the ass with an airsoft gun though to wake him up.

    In the word's of borat: Great Success!
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  10. lbsf1

    United Kingdom Warwick Uni
    PSN:lbsf1 GTP_lbsf1

    Went to school had an average day at school, decided to walk home, then got cold as the sun went down, really can't be arsed to do my homework, It will be done at some point this evening though. (I hope)

    EDIT: Homework done.
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  11. Z o n d a


    LMAO sumbrown kid ahahaha
  12. kikie

    Belgium Thuis

  13. ranhammerR34

    United States Indianapolis

    Went to work for only 5 hours.. then on the way home.. my car developed an issue or two.. so I'm not happy plus I have a monster winter storm on the way. However, I got my Tax Refund Check from the US Government!! :D --- Randy
  14. AlexGTV

    Greece Salonica

    12 hours in front of PC screens, 10 hours of sleep, 2 hours on the phone.
  15. raz_10

    El Salvador Caliphornia

    So far so good!
    Dropped off my son @ school!
    Got to work in time (for a change :)) it was slow until we had to move some of the new employees that moved to our building on Friday. (They did not like their cubes I assigned them :grumpy:)
    Went home for lunch, did a littlew GT5 racing.
    On my way back to the office I found a dollar right outside the front door. :D
    only an hour more of work!!!
  16. GT_Prologue5


    Moderate, had a French Quiz, Science study guides, forgot to get a Biography for History, and worked on keeping my Stokc Tracker up-to-date in Intro to Business.

    Fine day for moi.
  17. Cale

    United States Rochester, NY

    I got my Jew schedule today.. and I have a half day every day. Waaaaa?
  18. Crash

    United States Puget Sound

    It's been a good day, it's been a good day.

    Thanks for asking. ;)
  19. Omnis

    Staff Emeritus
    United States Sort of Back

    Shomer Shabbas!
  20. kidd0218


    Its pretty good so far. I'm thinking of having a nap after this. I've been playing Dead Space 2 since last night, well early in the morning too. I started playing it at 3am, put aside my GT5 set up and sat down for a good scare.
  21. GT_Prologue5


    Meh. Better day to sit at school, but pinching dress shoes killed my feet all day. Have a headache from reading Karl Marx- His Life and Thoughts at about 40 pages in for a Biography assignment. (we get to choose our own) Interesting for a philosophical guy, but very, very confusing.

    That's also why my picture, etc. look like this.
  22. Prince.M5

    Malaysia Kuala Lumpur

    Tuesday, 2nd of February 2011:

    Holiday, and boring one... Woke up late, and have to clear up the store in my house. Was expecting to find some Hot Wheels cars but - I only found 1. Rather dissapointing, went back to sleep... LOL what a day.
  23. terminator363

    Bulgaria Canada

    I had a great day!
  24. Daniel

    Online Now!
    New Zealand Auckland, NZ

    Had my first day of Year 11 in the right subjects. I'm learning Philosophy (with 2min of mediation before the lesson :lol:), English (Richard III), AS Maths (Year 12 Maths), French and Biology (got a teacher I don't really know). Oh, and Year 13 I.T. which is going to be a bitch this year.
  25. Kurumi


    My day went pretty well. I woke up at 12pm today after playing GT4 14 hours straight the night prior. Went to town with my Dad to get groceries and persuaded him to buy me a chocolate bar and hot chocolate mix. I ate my Mars Bar, and had my daily hot chocolate. And I had hotdogs for supper, and chocolate cupcakes for dessert. A great day today :), too bad the next semester starts tomorrow: Grade 10 English, Foods, Math, and Science. That means more homework and less GT4 :(.
  26. Skython

    New Zealand Wellington

    Starting 5th form (year 11 for people who think 5th form is 5th year :dunce: )

    Today, I received my timetable, got ID photo taken and plonked into a form class, and you know when there's that special someone you can hardly survive without, meaning you REALLY want to be in their form class, well, I was put in a form class FAAAAAR away :( and then found out I only have one class with them... so not including lunch breaks, that's only about a few hours in class, but then again, I do need to focus this year, but still :( :( :( :( So my years all been the same.

    First month: Holiday, yay, BUUUT, we have a New Zealand summer which means, 3 days of sun, the rest of the summer being rain, and wind.
    Second month: Okay first days, go to school one day: DAMMIT, and another: DAMMIT I'M GONNA DIE :D

    So yeah, that's a summary of my day, and all the ones this year, thanks for letting me bore the hell out of you :D

    EDIT: Great, now the TV's going bonkers, It's on for about 10 seconds, then off for 10 seconds. :mad::mad::mad::mad:

    What an idiot I was to think that, form class is only 15 mins, so what difference does it make
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  27. Omnis

    Staff Emeritus
    United States Sort of Back

    My day was pretty good. Got lectured on Friedel-Crafts reactions and then went and pwned a physics test. Pretty sure I did anyway.
  28. Prince.M5

    Malaysia Kuala Lumpur

    I had a good day, spending the rest in the recreation park... Got to eat good stuff, and also found a rare Red Bull can (I don't think it's rare for you guys) that can never be found anymore in Malaysia. Yeah!


    We used to get a can that looks like this:

    And I found:

    Happy! Also the taste is a bit different too...
  29. kikie

    Belgium Thuis

    Great! :grumpy:

    Found out today that I have tendinopathy of the right elbow. Started 3 months ago and only went to get Rx and an echo the day before yesterday.
  30. Muzaffar

    Malaysia Malaysia

    Well its not rare actually, more like imported... (I have a few places selling it here) Still haven't tried it myself, but being 3x the price of a normal Red Bull it was putting me off a bit... :grumpy:
    Tried mixing Red Bull and Coke once though! :dopey:

    and how was my day today? Fair enough it was okay I guess, went out the whole afternoon in KL getting my clothes altered, bought some stuff and thats all. However later in the evening I managed to catch a cold, and currently I can't stop my nose from running like a tap! :banghead:
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