Solid Lifters

I remember grinding KZ2 achievements with him and chatting about alternative control methods for the PS3 because the regular controllers were becoming too hard for him. Such a kind soul. I already suspected his condition got the better of him, but never got confirmation. R.I.P. old friend.
My beer delivery was dropped off, SL would have approved I like to think.


Particularly of the 13% Atom Oblivion Imperial Stout.
I never knew him personally, but his posts were always entertaining to read. RIP Solid Lifters

Makes me wonder about some other older members of the GT community that may have passed on. The sad truth about making friends on the internet is that you may never find out if they've died or not.
I wish I had a cigar to smoke tonight. Alas, I do not have one. However, it would not be a great experience because of the crappy weather we are having right now. It is sad to hear of the news. I do not remember any particular interactions with Solid, but I do remember seeing him pop up in many different threads. Between this and remembering Steve because of his love of Marvel, it is sad night. Instead of a cigar, I will enjoy some bourbon tonight.

RIP Solid
This is one of those things that I think about with folks who were active but seem to have disappeared; have they merely grown busy with life or did the unthinkable happen?

I always appreciated Solid Lifter's posts about food, and on that topic, it was him that recommended one of the best burritos that I've ever had when I was visiting his neck of the woods in SoCal. It's sad to see that he's no longer with us.

RIP Solid Lifters
Thank you for this, TM.

I had a bad feeling about Solid went he went missing for so long . . . sad to hear conformation of this. I do hope his boys are okay. Since I posted in the 'Food thread' so many times he was certainly a part of my life - and my wonderful memories of GTPlanet. RIP, Dennis . . . you will never be forgotten.
RIP Dennis, sad news. I hope he had some fun on these boards, I know I have over the years. GTP is my home, where I hang my digital hat :) It looks like SL had excellent taste in beer, though I'll drink anything except Pine Sol Gin. Thanks for the investigation work TM 👍