Sony Thinking of Bringing First Party Titles To Pc

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I think this may have been more of a problem before, but with people not buying as many PCs and going to smartphones, there's less of a threat of consoles dying out. Even though consoles are getting closer to PCs, there's still a bit of convenience and not worrying about if this game will run on your system. If Jimmy's friends are all on Xbox, he'll want an Xbox.

Also, consoles still allow for the resale of games if you stick with physical games. PC games are largely tied to a key.

I have a gaming PC and I would still consider buying a console. I imagine it would take a greater leap for somebody that doesn't have a gaming PC to be sold on it.
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Nope. I need a PlayStation to play Gran Turismo. Therefore I buy PlayStation. I don't need an Xbox to play Forza so I don't buy one. I have got a Switch. Guess why? That's right, system exclusives. Buying a games playing machine for any other reason does not strike me as being rational.
Didn't realize you were the deciding factor on that.

I like watching/purchasing hard copy UHD movie's, Can't do that on Playstation. I also like seeing which console my friends may dip in, and weigh that into my choice as well. I'd prefer to play with friends than have an exclusive or two - I'd likely get one or the other down the line after some time, but it's also a factor for me as to which one I'll get first. There's only a handful of exclusives that I actually am interested in on either platform, so that's not really a major selling point for me. So whatever one can get me the all-around home entertainment system is more compelling to me than one or two exclusives.

The Switch is the outlier for sure, like mentioned. I got it because I wanted a handheld, something to do while I'm away from my TV, or even away from home. Exclusives are not the major factor for me, but they are at the very least, one factor.