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    tvr speed12

    Recently I've been trying to finish special condition races and I have been having a lot of trouble. I learned about the dodge ram trick after a lot of google searching and tried it too. I just think its unfair to use that trick.

    So can anyone tell me how to tune a rally car or a regular car (except for dodge ram) so that I can have a easier time finishing the special condition races?
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    Try gtvault. But search around a bit for a good setup.
  3. tvr speed12

    tvr speed12

    I was hoping for a long list of all the changes you should make to each part of the car but instead I got "try gtvault"

    I checked all of the gtplanet tuning section and it wasn't their except for the evo rally car thread but i don't have that car making it irrelevant to me.
    I searched for a long time not being able to find anything but thanks anyways now I know where to look.

    EDIT- I just searched gtvault and i got a few results
    I'll post it here for everyone, the link is http://www.gtvault.com/gt4/tuning-guide/

    spring rates- low approximately 5-6 kg/mm
    ride height- more than 140
    shocks-front bound:5,rear bound:7, front rebound:6, rear rebound:7
    camber- 2.0-4.0
    toe- (less understeer) front -2, rear -1, (less oversteer) front 0, rear -1
    stabilizers- 3 or 4
    brakes-12 or less
    LSD- low or none
    ASM- 0
    TCS- 0 or very low
    Gears- shift them to the left about 5 steps from the default
    Downforce- as much as possible but even on front and back
    VCD- start at 30% and reduce up to 10% depending on your driving

    Thats all the site says for rally and just remember that it all depends on your car infact i don't even know if he's talking about rally cars or regular cars for special condition. if you have any problem with any of this stuff then remember I didn't make up all of this information and I haven't even tried this setting yet.
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    I apologize for popping the thread but I couldn't find better place to ask.

    I'm going to set few hypothesis regarding the snow or dirt racing in GT4. If someone with knowledge or experience could confirm they validation and provide some explanation, I would be grateful.

    Hypo 1:

    Higher ride height increases amount of weight transfered to the tires. As a result, higher is better because it pushes more weight towards tires, allowing them to stick to surface easily.

    Hypo 2:

    Camber on a rally car is not required because speeds are low and tires stick to the surface with full patch.

    Hypo 3:

    Skiny tires and less weight is the best combination for sliding around. That is why fully tuned Kei cars are potentialy very fast.

    Hypo 4:

    Softer springs, dampers and stabilizers allows tires to follow the flow of the bumps and curbs but if too soft, even on dirt or snow, a car will roll around, unable to grip the road.

    Hypo 5:

    Relation between two cars on tarmac in terms of general lap times is identical on dirt or snow.

    Currently I'm trying to prepare few light cars for dirt racing (Sirion CX 4wd, Alto Works) but it is not working as I hoped. If I get over this, I may learn a lot.