Special Stage route 11 All night 2 !! guide

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  1. Seagull


    Since I had a day off work sick, I got a chance to get this race done!

    First off, the strategy I used in All Night 1 does not work here.
    Unlike the R class special models, I found that self modded cars can not maintain the tyre life to pit only once during the race.
    Without going into detail, I tried each of the cars that would be 'class A' preparing for this manner, none were suitable.
    I came close with a Galant VR4, but lost 1st place as the tyres wore down. (In hindsight, a two pit strategy could have worked)

    For this reason, I tried a different tack. The Good ol' GTO!
    I used a 95 GTO MR from the used showroom, but I doubt there is any difference but a visual one at the end of it.

    *The Strategy*

    Install all the mods, In particular fit hard swaybars and RACING SOFT tyres.
    lower ride height to minimum, up spring rate and damping by one, increase camber to 3.0 front and 2.0 rear. Adjust brake balance to front.

    The key is to use SOFT tyres. As the A.I. does not pit or suffer from tyre wear, using hards will not allow you to gain enough of a lead.

    Treat the race as a 5 lap sprint, going as hard as you can to achieve good times. Aim for at least one sub 1:50 lap. Lap 3 is the best time to achieve this. After 5 laps, pit immediately. The key is to make sure every lap is driven faster than your opponents, and driving on half worn tyres will slow you down.

    Total pit time is around 28 seconds (though much of this is still spent moving.) Using advanced mathematics (28/5=5.6) You must average 5.6 seconds per lap faster than them, which is fairly easy.
    By the end of the race I had lapped all but the first and second place cars. Easy!

    *Race Details*

    laps = 30
    time taken = 57 minutes
    Car Used = GTO '95 MR

    My opponents and their placing:

    - FD RX7 Type RZX
    - Lancer Evo III GSR
    - R33 GTR Vspec
    - Chaser V
    - Civic SIRII

    *Additional tips (copied from last thread)*

    -Have breaks often - the pixels and low framerate aren't good for concentration or your eyes!
    -Learn to drive in manual - You will have much more control over deceleration and can shift early when tyres start to slip.
    -Don't wall ride - there are so many chained corners on this track that it will slow you down. Entry and exit speed matters more than apexing in this not so precise GT game.

    ( Gran turismo 1 endurance guide )
  2. SportWagon

    SportWagon Premium

    I think maybe the most interesting car I ever won this race with was the S13Silvia'88 K's.

    Game: nissan
    Day: 82
    Date: Aug 11, 2001
    Car: tuned Warm White 2Tone Nissan Silvia K's 1800cc '88 (S/S)
    Race: SSR11 All-Night II  Endurance Race
    Qualified: 1st 1:54.235new  (+6.415) Cr20,000
    Result: 1st
    Money: Cr150,000
    Prize-Car: silver NISMO GT-R LM
    1st:* S13Silvia'88 K's       56:18.752<--new nissan time, okay
    2nd:  Supra RZ                +163.412  (59:02.164) 1 lap
    3rd:  FDRX7 TypeRZ            +167.459  (59:06.211) 1 lap
    4th:  Lancer EvoIII GSR       +202.742  (59:41.494) 1 lap
    5th:  R33GT-R Vspec           +218.613  (59:57.365) 1 lap(2?)
    6th:  Civic 3door             +352.418  (62:11.170) 2 laps(3?)
    Pits: 10,20
    fl(12): 1:46.418new
    With a GTO'95MR I managed 51:42.040, but that was likely with heavy wall-riding.

    Try your tuned GTO'95MR in the Grand Valley 300. It can win.
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  3. m2595


    I've just completed the race again for the 3th time. This time I used a fully tuned Cosmo with hard tires. It was quite tricky I should say. :D
  4. Seagull


    This race is pretty easy once you figure out the right way to do it! :)

    wow, how'd you pull off that one exactly? I tried modding up a silvia amongst other similar cars but couldn't get the lap times out of them. Sounds worthy of a guide.

    And 51 mins is a blistering time, good work. For Grand Valley I might try something else for variety's sake, but will see, it's the last race I have left.
  5. SportWagon

    SportWagon Premium

    The 1988 Silvia K's specifically is a giant sleeper in the North American version, anyway.

    Tunes up to something like 500hp without excessive turbo lag, and is light to boot. But, in general, all the K's are better than the Q's.

    The tuned GTO'95MR at Grand Valley was just a case of learning to take advantage of its ridiculous horsepower advantage, and keep on the track and out of trouble. Perhaps a little riding of that fence in the tunnel? :dopey:

    Winning the Grand Valley 300 with a tuned Cerbera was perhaps my best accomplishment, and yet my driving was still shy of some. Like the people who had won the Normal (no, not the Tuned) series with an Eclipse!

    Good first cars to try in the Grand Valley 300 might be the Cerbera LM, or almost any other LM prize (except the Chaser).
  6. gtmaster08


    United States
    This was what, a 30 lap race? Yeah, the all night I was rather easy for me since all I did was just bought a Subaru Impreza LM Edition (the store's "Special Model") and raced with it. Also, I pitted about every 5-6 laps (sometimes if I got lucky with my skills I could even drag out a 7th lap but then I knew I had to pit then) but more or less I just kept the car gunned when I could. But as for the all night II, that was a tad harder since my first response was a R32 Skyline Vspec which failed for me (though I chalked it up to a loss of steam since that night I was up till almost 3am playing:ouch:) so then I tried a NSX '97 and it did better for me but I still got second place as I sometimes oversteered.:crazy: So then finally, I just went with a tried and true method for me, and broke out the WRX STI version III sedan which predictably got me in first. Still, never was too much of a fan of enduros except for the Gran Valley 300KM since it gave you a kick butt Castrol Supra.:tup:
  7. SportWagon

    SportWagon Premium

    I guess maybe you're talking about the Grand Valley 300. It's 60 laps of approximately 5 kilometers each, hence 300.

    The All-Night II is the one for tuned cars only; no race-mods or special models. It is only 30 laps. ("only")
  8. gtmaster08


    United States
    Yep, that is true. Like I said though, only car I got for me to work was the Impreza STI Version III sedan since at the time I was still trying to tame FR vehicles, thought little of FFs, and MR vehicles was a bit troublesome for me to handle. So 4WD cars were more or less my main weapons in the competitions.
  9. Vytel


    Hello everyone!
    I'm pretty new to the forum, although I've been lurking' around for some time.
    Wow SportWagon, you're really awesome :bowdown:
    I'm trying to beat this race with the Nissan Silvia '88 K's too, but I just can't lap under 2 minutes (I admit I'm crap... :()
    I'd like to learn from you, perhaps you got a replay-lap to share?
  10. Mouc



    First post on the forum, after I recently fired up the PSOne & Gran Turismo again, more than 20 years after discovering it. Crazy how I get same great feelings & even better :)

    I'd like to precise that at least in my PAL version, A.I.'s cars do pit. I tried 3 times with a fully tuned RT/10 to win this race, but I could'nt. Got beaten each time at the end, not enough of lead. Decided to follow the 2 first A.I.'s cars to understand their strategy, and found out they do pit at 10 laps, and then 21.

    Finally decided to do the same, and it worked. Happy I am, as it was a personal challenge for me to win it with a N.A. engine (I got sick&tired of turbo ones) :)

    Details of this run:
    1st @ 2 min 00 sec: FDRX7 Type RZ
    2nd @ + 0,634 sec: RT/10
    3rd @ + 0,779 sec: R32 GT-R Nismo
    4th @ + 1,107 sec: NSX'92
    5th @ ???: Lancer EvolIII GSR
    6th @ ???: Chaser V

    Race results:

    1st @ 59 min 10 sec: RT/10
    2nd @ + 5.98 sec: NSX'92
    3rd @ + 10.31 sec: FDRX7 Type RZ
    4th @ + 42.54 sec: Lancer EvolIII GSR
    5th @ + 52.83: R32 GT-R Nismo
    6th @ + 121.46: Chaser V

    It was quite tricky to keep good handling starting 8th lap with the Viper, hopefully I removed the N.A. tune stage 1 (& put the Normal flywheel), wich helps to manage 11 laps with only one pair of rear soft slicks. The car was "only" 518hp for 1111 kilograms (specs from race's entry list)