Spintires Mudrunner - never laughed so muchPS4 

Thought I'd share with you all a great gaming experience I had last night.

Not sure if any of you have played Spintires Mudrunner, but it's a chill-out game with rewards being pretty much the satisfaction of a job done and likely the clearing of beer from the fridge. It's true that a bit of Spotify in the background makes the game all the more enjoyable.

Anyway, last night, instead of challenging just myself to the mud simulator (very good in this respect) I got online with a long standing race mate and we had a go at a bit of tandem pushing through the brown stuff...

And my word it was amusing, I've never laughed so much as listened to his chilling screams as his truck did a full barrel roll in the middle of a fast flowing river. The panic in both our voices as I reversed out and "I'm going under!"...
Just great fun, helped I'm sure by the beer and that my co-driver wasn't really up on the game. Don't take the mini-truck into the deep water mmmkay.

I can't really recommend the game, it's too short and has no depth (other than the rivers & mud) but it is an excellent game nonetheless and if you need some downtime from tire temps, radiator openings and full chat racing then this is certainly worth a couple of nights of play.

Hope others get to enjoy this lovely no pressure light harted game too!