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Lightweight K-Cup on SLP

Designed in mind for the "slow car fast" folks, the Lightweight K-Cup takes advantage of Gran Turismo's smallest sports cars to bring you door to door action where every decision counts!

Come on by and have some fun with these bite-sized cars!

Eligible cars:
Daihatsu Copen Active Top '02
Honda Beat '91
Honda S660 '15
Suzuki Cappuccino (EA11R) '91

Upgrade Parts Required:
Wide-Body Modifications are prohibited. Aero parts are prohibited.
  • Comfort: Soft Tyres
  • Snow tyres
  • Sports Air Filter
  • Sport Brake Pads
  • Weight Reduction Stage 1
  • Sports Clutch + Flywheel
  • One-Way Limited Slip Differential
  • Ballast
  • Fully Customizable Computer
  • Semi-Racing Muffler/Silencer
  • Height-Adjustable Sports Suspension
  • Fully Customizable Manual Transmission
  • Racing Exhaust Manifold
  • Copen and Beat only: Power Restrictor
Required tires: Comfort: Soft.
Required Wheel Size: 15 Inches maximum, Wide Rims and Wide Offset where possible.

K Cup BOP:

Copen: 96% Air Restrictor, no ballast

Beat: 99% Air Restrictor, 49 kg ballast (any position)

S660: 92% ECU, no ballast.

Cappuccino: 96% ECU, 106 kg ballast (any position)

Livery Rules
You may create any livery you want as long as it is:
  • AUP appropriate
  • Does not remove or replace the decals already present on the base.
Suzuki Cappuccino
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Honda Beat
Showcase Tags: src kcup beat

Honda S660
Showcase Tags: src kcup s660

Daihatsu Copen
Showcase Tags: src kcup copen

Race And Room Settings
Qualifying - 10 minutes, Reverse Grid on Race 2
Race Duration - 15 minutes
Pitstop Requirements - No requirements
Ballance Of Performance - No
Start Type - Grid false check
Grid Order - Fastest First
Slipstream Strength - Real
Real Visible Damage - On
Mechanical Damage -Light
Tyre Wear - 10x
Fuel Depletion - 5x
Variable Time - 1x
Initial Fuel - Default
Grip Reduction - Real Grip
Finish Delay - 150 seconds

Penalty Settings
Shortcut Penalty -Strong
Wall Collision Penalty - None
Auto Correct Vehicle - Off
Car Collison Penalty - On
Pitlane Cutting Penalty - On
Race Ghosting - None
Flag Rules - On

Weather Settings
Dynamic Weather - On

TC- Off
ABS - On
Driving Line - All Breaking Indicators & Area - Off
Replace Car Leaving Track-Off
Stability Management - Off
Countersteering Assistance - Off
Respectful Communication:
-Treat all drivers, stewards, and league officials with respect and courtesy. Avoid offensive language, personal attacks, or any form of discrimination. Maintain a positive and friendly atmosphere in all league communications.

Clean Racing:
-Maintain clean and fair racing at all times. Avoid aggressive driving tactics that may cause incidents or collisions. Show consideration for other drivers and their racing lines.

-Display good sportsmanship and accept race outcomes gracefully. Avoid excessive celebrations or derogatory comments towards other drivers. Congratulate and acknowledge the achievements of fellow drivers.

Awareness and Concentration:
-Stay focused and maintain situational awareness during races. Avoid distractions that may lead to erratic driving or collisions. Pay attention to flags, signals, and communications from race officials.

Adherence to Schedule:
-Arrive on time for scheduled race sessions to ensure smooth operation. Notify league officials in advance if unable to participate in a race. Respect the designated start times and adhere to the race schedule.

Fair Gameplay:
Do not exploit game glitches or cheats to gain an unfair advantage. Follow the designated rules and settings of the league. Report any suspected rule violations or incidents promptly to the stewards.

Driver Etiquette:
-Allow faster drivers to overtake safely and without impeding their progress. When being lapped, make it easy for the leading cars to pass without causing unnecessary disruptions. Be aware of your surroundings and anticipate potential incidents to prevent avoidable collisions.

Reporting Incidents:
-Promptly report incidents or rule violations to the stewards. Provide accurate and detailed information to aid in the investigation process. Avoid false or malicious accusations against other drivers.

Adherence to League-Specific Rules:
-Familiarize yourself with all the specific rules and regulations of the league. Follow any additional guidelines or restrictions provided by the league organizers. Keep up-to-date with any rule changes or updates communicated by league officials.

Race Conduct:
Track Limits:
-Drivers must respect the track limits as defined by the game. Cutting corners or gaining an unfair advantage by going off-track is not allowed.
-Penalties will be assigned by the game based on track limit violations.

Re-joining Track Safely:
-After going off-track, drivers must rejoin the track safely and avoid impeding other drivers.
-Rejoining must be done in a manner that does not cause a collision or disrupt the flow of the race.

Mandatory Pitstops:
-All drivers must make the required number of pitstops during the race as specified by the league.
-Failure to comply with mandatory pitstops will result in penalties.

Contact with Cars:
-Avoid unnecessary contact with other cars.
-Drivers should exercise caution and try to prevent collisions.
-Deliberate contact is strictly prohibited and may result in penalties.

Brake Checking:
-Drivers should not engage in sudden and deliberate braking to cause a collision or disrupt other drivers.
-Maintaining a consistent and predictable driving behaviour is expected.

Swerving on Straights:
-Excessive and unnecessary weaving or swerving on straights to block or hinder other drivers is not allowed.
-Drivers should maintain a predictable racing line.

Forcing Other Drivers off Track:
-It is prohibited to intentionally force another driver off the track or into a compromising position.
-Give sufficient room for other drivers to race and avoid unnecessary contact.

Horn Beeping:
-Excessive and unnecessary use of the horn is discouraged.
-Horns should only be used in situations where it is necessary to communicate with other drivers.
-We allow horn spam before the race countdown begins, but only up until the in-game red lights come on.

Corner Rights:
-When defending or overtaking, the driver must be at least half a car length ahead to have the right to claim the racing line.
Drivers should exercise caution and avoid making sudden movements that may cause collisions or compromise the racing line of other drivers.
The leading driver has the right to choose their racing line in corners, and the driver attempting to overtake must ensure they have enough space to make a clean pass without making contact.

-Retaliating against other drivers for on-track incidents is strictly prohibited.
-Seeking revenge or intentionally causing harm to other drivers will result in penalties.
-Maintain a composed and sportsmanlike attitude, focusing on fair competition and resolving conflicts through proper channels

Bump Drafting:
-Bump drafting is allowed unless otherwise specified. However:
-The driver in 2nd may not bump the driver in pole.
-The driver in 3rd and any other driver in lower positions may bump the car in front of them. However, we would recommend being careful with this as netcode issues present in GT7 can cause a huge accident over a small bump.
-No bump drafting in qualifying.

Penalties, Enquiry Process and Contact Concessions:
Minor Penalties (1 Point):
-Minor incidents that break general conduct.

Medium Penalties (5 Points):
-Contact with other drivers.
-Failure to comply with mandatory pitstops.

Major Penalties (10 Points):
-Intentinally forcing other drivers off track.
-Brake checking.
-Swerving on straights.

Extreme Penalties:
--First offense will result in a disqualification and a 2 race suspension
--Second offense will result in a permanent ban from Spec Racing Club

Enquiry Process:
All enquiries are active for 48 hours.
After the final race of any race night, drivers and stewards can submit enquiries by messaging the Steward supervising the league (@Obelisk) via a private message on GTPlanet.
-Submit a video clip of the incident, showing all cars' point of view (POV) with Car Info Only on.
-Use Chase Cam where possible to provide relative car positions.
-Include at least 10 seconds of footage before and after the incident.
-Stewards may request resubmission with driver names turned off if an external opinion is needed.
-Qualified drivers (including the involved drivers) can discuss the incident within the active enquiry period in the official Discord.
--"Qualified drivers" are defined as drivers who have completed at least 1 full race in the relevant league.
-After the 48 hours period has elapsed, the Stewards will review the incident and discussion, then issue final judgments.

Contact Concession:
If a driver accidentally forces another driver off track, they are encouraged to give the position back to the driver they hit. Returning the position to the other driver will reduce the contact penalty by 50%.

Bump Drafting:
Bump drafting is allowed unless otherwise specified. However:
  • The driver in 2nd may not bump the driver in pole.
  • The driver in 3rd and any other driver in lower positions may bump the car in front of them. However, we would recommend being careful with this as netcode issues present in GT7 can cause a huge accident over a small bump.
  • No bump drafting in qualifying.

In the event of network or lobby issues resulting in races being flagged:
We are defining race length as our metric here, with 75% of total race length being the point of reference. This is 11 minutes for standard races, and 45 minutes for endurance races.
  • If a race is interrupted and is less than 75% total race length, half points will be awarded to the grid according to their positions at the moment of lobby failure.
  • If a race is interrupted and is over 75% race length, full points will be awarded instead.
  • Fastest Lap Bonus is fully applied regardless of race length.

Everyone is welcome to join! We're looking forward to another fun season!
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We had a test session tonight that went excellently! Photos at the end of the post. :)

The Copen Cup will be kicking off this Thursday at 5 PM EST with the first two rounds at High Speed Ring Reverse. We've got a grid of seven drivers to start things off and are super excited to see how things go!

I'll have a practice lobby available either tomorrow night or on Wednesday night so folks can get acquainted with the cars. We'll see you all on track this Thursday. :)

I will probably jump across to this series once the current mx5 season has finished, i cant commit more than one evening sadly. So will aim to join the Dec 22nd race.
Please sign me up.
I'll add you in right away. Your number will be #2 unless you want to select a number for yourself :)
Edit: You're already in with #37, good to go.

Hi, i would like to join. I have the car all set up to spec. Would I be able to race tomorrow with you guys.
Absolutely! If you have a Discord account, use it to sign into SimLeaguePro and then fill out the Request To Join on the Copen Cup page. We'll see you on track tomorrow night. 👍

If you don't have a Discord account or don't want/are unable to register on SLP, just let me know. I can write you in. Your door number will be #3 - if you want a different number, let me know or put it in the request.
Edit: Welcome aboard - accepted as door #66! We have a Discord server in the OP, feel free to jump in and say hi to your fellow drivers.
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Pardon the double post.

I have a practice lobby open right now for tomorrow's event! It's Practice/Quali/Endurance Race, lobby name "Copen Cup - Season 1 PRACTICE", on HSR Reverse.

Edit: Lobby closed. See you all tomorrow.
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Rounds 1 and 2 are now over! We had some incredible close racing with battles for position all over the grid!

Congrats to Kounterstiir for winning the first two rounds back to back!


And our Points standings after week 1!













I will be hosting a practice lobby at Tsukuba @ 5:30 PM Eastern tonight so drivers can prepare for week 2 of the Copen Cup tomorrow evening.

Tomorrow's schedule:
4 PM: Race lobby opens
5 PM: Last call for drivers
5:05 PM: Quali 1/Race 1, followed by a 10 minute break, then Quali 2/Race 2
Another week of excellent racing, another three-wide moment...These cars are the gift that keeps on giving.

Congrats to Wisy and F12 Josh for winning rounds 3 and 4 respectively!


And our Points standings after week 2!

Race photos courtesy of SRC founder @coxbox, over on IG:
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We have another new driver onboard for the Copen Cup!

Also: Due to the MX5 cup preparing for their final round this week, I'll be moving the Copen practice lobby to tonight at 5:30 to 6 pm EST (accounting for traffic conditions in my area). We're at Kyoto - Miyabi this week.

One last note: Due to a lobby issue where game performance is degrading between consecutive sessions (which I now realize is coming through as tiny screen freezes on my end), we're probably going to have to close and reopen the lobby between both rounds this week.

Practice lobby open as of 6:08 pm

Lobby closed.
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Race lobby is open!

Schedule as usual:
5 PM - final race prep
5:05 PM - last call, qualifying starts, then race starts after quali
5:20(?) - 15 min break following Race 1, then Quali2/Race2.
Copen Cup is going on break for the Holidays so everyone can have some time off.

To say this league has been a success over the past four weeks of racing is an understatement. We've had incredible racing since day 1, and it continues to be an entertaining league. I'm proud of our drivers for sticking their necks out on the series to begin with, and I am very proud of the door to door action we keep seeing. Here's to another year of jelly bean racing!

And since I need to catch up a little:
Congrats to Kounterstiir for another clean sweep!


And our overall results as of week 3:

And our final week before the holidays...
Congrats to Kounterstiir and Wisy!


📸: Wisy_toom

And our current standings!

Happy Holidays from the stewards and organizers of Spec Racing Club!

We had a blast at the endurance event last night! To say it was a success is an understatement. :)

Congrats to Yenkoo85 for winning the Jelly Belly 1 Hour!

Scores as of Week 5! Our Joker system will kick in on Week 6.


And a couple of funny moments during the race:
Hi Guys, any chance I could drop in for the race tonight? Haven't been available most Thursdays recently but I'm free tonight :) Number 8 car if it's going please!