SRF GT-MES Season 14 | Finished

Kassel, Hesse, Germany

Welcome to the SRF Gran Turismo - Mixed Endurance Series!
Our Gr.2 & Gr.3 multiclass racing concept is back for a new season, season 14!
There've been many changes since the end of season 13 - most notably our new logo but also new rules regarding the tires, and the return of BMW!
If you have any questions about the series, our organizers @sota59, @Emilius_73 and @Nilsemann2002 are there to help! Feel free to post them below or send us a DM! :)
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Kassel, Hesse, Germany
The SRF GT-MES is a championship with 8 races per season, with the races being hosted on a weekly basis. It features Gr2 and Gr3 cars, competing in 40-minute endurance races. As missing races is very likely, only points from the 5 best finishes will be counting towards the championship. Extra points are going to be awarded for the final race.
While balance of performance will be off, all cars will be subject to manually adjusted power/weight settings. After a race, point and weight adjustments will be distributed to the drivers, with more of each going to the higher-placed competitors. A maximum of 2 drivers can race with the same car manufacturer per class, and manufacturers can only appear in one class.

GT-MES is part of Sim Racing Federation, and follows the SRF guidelines and uses their driver-license system.
GT-MES adjustments and penalties listed later in the document linked below:!AqAqGgRNcV-oiWGZ6ZyeoxMYqE30

Race Type: 40-minute endurance race (1h for the final race)
Start Type: In-game rolling start
Tire/Fuel settings: 5x/5x
Mechanical damage: Heavy
Visible damage: On
Tuning: On
Tire Selection: RM-RS-RSS (see *TYRE RULES!*)
Corner cutting penalties: Weak
Flags and other penalties: On
Boost: Off
Slipstream: Realistic

To get on the entry list, please dm me, @Emilius_73 or @sota59

You should tell the following information:
-Car (make sure it’s available)

  • May 29th Nurburgring GP (Fine 12:00)

  • June 5th Sardegna Road Track - B (Dawn 05:15)

  • June 12th Spa-Francorchamps (Afternoon 16:45)

  • June 19th Red Bull Ring (Dusk 17:30)

  • June 26th Interlagos (Daytime 13:45)

  • Juiy 3rd Blue Moon - Infield - A (Afternoon 13:00)

  • July 10th Autopolis (Sunset 18:15)
  • July 17th Le Mans* (Evening 21:00)
*Final race of the season, 60min and 1,5x points

All times given are in GMT

7:00 PM - Lobby opens and Qualifying begins
7:25 PM - Qualifying ends, and short Warm Up starts
7:30 PM - Race begins
8:10 PM - Race ends
- Technical details are being checked, the race result will be confirmed and points given shortly after the race
- 1 hour time period to report accidents to admins, accidents will be reviewed

Gr2 Cars:

  • Black official window-decal

  • Black GT-MES number plate on sides and front - Special for champion

  • White headlights

  • Race number on roof of the car, personal style

  • SRF-logo’s in rear- and front-bumpers, clearly
Gr3 Cars:

  • White official window-decal

  • White GT-MES number plate on sides and front - Special for champion

  • Yellow headlights

  • Race number on roof of the car, personal style

  • SRF-logo’s in rear- and front-bumpers, clearly
Single livery restriction, small changes (10%) allowed

Gr.2 Numberplate:

Gr.2 Numberplate (Champion):

Gr.3 Numberplate:

Gr.3 Numberplate (Champion):

The mandatory number font can be found on this profile:


Helpful video regarding livery making by @sota59


1 point for the fastest lap in each category
1.5x points for the final race at Le Mans, which will have a distance of 60min instead of 40min

At the end of any race, drivers need to adjust the weight of the car (driver’s choice) to accommodate to all skill levels across a particular class and will be applied as follows:
Place in category/ticks
1st: +5
2nd: +3
3rd: +2
8th (Gr.3) / 6th (Gr.2): -1
9th (Gr.3): -2
- Success Ballast stays for the drivers next 3 race starts. A maximum of +15% weight added is possible.
- Ballast reduction (Negative ballast for 6th (Gr.2) and 8th/9th (Gr.3)) will not be given for drivers that have won race or scored 2 podiums during the season.
- If a driver finishes on a position to be given negative ballast, they will not receive said ballast reduction if they get the fastest lap in the race.
- Stewards are holding the right to not to give ballast relieve (Negative ballast for 6th (Gr.2) and 8th/9th (Gr.3)) to drivers that might have earned them under suspicious circumstances.

Participants are expected to report accidents or cheating inside 1 hour after the finish of the race.
Admins may review accidents without them getting reported.

Each accident will be judged by stewards, and they will give penalties they see fitting to crime. Previous accidents during the season will work as preferences as season goes on. Repeating crime will mean harsher penalties.

- Warning
- Qualifying ban
- 5 second-penalty

- 10 second-penalty
- Drive Through-penalty
- DSQ from the race
- DSQ from the championship

- Failing to follow BoP given to them, will earn driver straight DSQ from that race.
- Failing to use all 3 tyre compounds will also earn driver straight DSQ from that race.
- Unsporting behavior will earn driver harsh penalty, deliberate crash will earn driver DSQ from race and the championship + ban to all SRF events
- Failing to show up to race without notification will earn you Warning -> Drive through penalty -> etc
- Rage Quiting will also be penalised

If a Drive Through penalty cannot be served, it will become -3 point penalty

- Driver must use all 3 tire compounds (Medium, Soft, SuperSoft) during the race.
- Supersoft-compound is limited to 1 set during the race. Supersoft cannot be used during qualifying.

DRIVE THROUGH PENALTY: Penalty will be served during drivers next race after penalty was given. It must be served end of the first lap, tyre and refueling is not allowed. Failing to serve it, will multiply the penalty

SLOW DOWN PENALTY: Penalty cutting corners, must be served before the race finish, and will be served off the racing line, in safe spot.

LAPPING CARS: As per SRF rules, penalty for a lapping accident will fall normally for lapping car. Do not force yourself past slower car, and do not block faster car. Gr3 drives on his own racingline.

RACE RESTARTS: If admin decides race cant continue after the race start, he will call restart. If race cant be restarted within 30 minutes, race will be postponed to next week, or shortened.

BYE WEEKS: Drivers will only obtain points from their 5 best finishes from 8 races, allowing some drivers to miss the race. Unless driver does not inform conductors about missing a race, he will be given penalty.
It is also considered good sport to inform about missing the race early as possible, atleast day before, and informing only hour or less before session, will result in penalty.

MANUFACTURER CHAMPIONSHIP: Manufacturer will get points from its best result in class race, and unlike drivers championship, manufacturer will get points from all 8 races.

- The qualification period is for all drivers to put in the fastest lap they can to qualify for the race start.
- All drivers must respect other drivers on track and if they are not on a 'hot lap' must be aware of other cars on the track and make best efforts to move off of the racing line for another approaching competitor.
- Race conditions still apply - cars may not stop on track with the exception of recovering from a spin and waiting for an oncoming car to pass.
- If no longer qualifying, please return to the pits - this can either be done through pause>exit or by driving around to the pits.
- Overtaking of slower cars is to be the sole responsibility of the faster car.
- Any drivers seen in contravention of the qualification etiquette will be given a warning and may also be given a grid penalty for multiple offences

If competitor has issues during stuck check, he is given up to 5 minutes time to reboot.
That competitor and other competitors reported to suffer from internet issues, will be set to back of the grid, to reduce risk to other competitors. If multiple cases, order is decided by admins, worst case starting from last. If there is restart, and competitor has proven not to suffer from issues anymore, he may return to his original position.

*Details in SRF Rulebook*
Admins will report license point changes to SRF after every raceweek. SRF may give driver race suspension, if his license drops too low. Drivers are not required to use decal’s related to their license.
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Kassel, Hesse, Germany

Gr.2 (2016 models):
Honda (2/2) N/A
Nissan (2/2) N/A
Lexus (2/2) N/A

BMW M6 GT3: (2/2) N/A
Jaguar F-Type Gr.3 (2/2) N/A
Porsche 911 RSR (2/2) N/A
Subaru WRX Gr.3 (2/2) N/A
Toyota (FT-1 VGT (Gr.3) / GR Supra Racing Concept) (2/2) N/A

Switching cars mid-season isn't allowed

Base BoP, applying to all cars (without success ballast)

Honda NSX CONCEPT-GT: 106% Power / 90% Weight
Nissan GT-R: 106% Power / 90% Weight
Lexus RC F: 106% Power / 90% Weight

BMW M6 GT3: 91% Power / 97% Weight
Jaguar F-Type Gr.3: 92% Power / 92% Weight
Porsche 911 RSR: 101% Power / 102% Weight
Subaru WRX Gr.3: 102% Power / 99% Weight
Toyota FT-1 VGT (Gr.3): 96% Power / 99% Weight
Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept: 88% Power / 92% Weight

#23 TSR_Tomsoft - Nissan
#27 TSR_JoeToGuy - Nissan
#21 Spookyluki - Lexus
#75 SirBottlejob - Lexus
#59 sota59 - Honda
#62 Nilsemann2002 - Honda

#4 de_luck4 - Toyota (Supra)
#79 GTO250GTO - Toyota (Supra)
#16 y_bearr_ - Porsche
#54 amuda74 - Porsche
#43 TSR_Swablu - Jaguar
#7 HoudiniMyers / G4 Rotary #32 - Jaguar
#57 thunderpigeon - BMW
#72 doc-shipman - BMW
#33 RTA_Saffa - Subaru
#99 RLH_Wesley99 - Subaru

Season 1:
Gr.3 - GT-EAGLE65
Gr.4 - sota59

Season 2:
Gr.3 - sota59
Gr.4 - Nilsemann2002
Manufacturer: Honda

Season 3:
Gr.2 - sota59
Gr.3 - xZePhyR96x
Manufacturer: Honda

Offseason Cup (December 2018, N100/N200/N300):

Season 4:
Gr.2 - sota59
Gr.3 - xZephyR96x
Manufacturer: Honda

Mazda Roadster Cup (March 2019, N100)

Season 5:
Gr.2 - sota59
Gr.3 - thunder-pigeon
Manufacturer: Honda

Season 6:
Gr.3 - xZephyR96x
Gr.4 - thunder-pigeon
Manufacturer: Honda

Season 7:
Gr.3 - xZephyR96x
Gr.4 - Nilsemann2002
Manufacturer: Porsche

Season 8:
Gr.3 - Kobr4K_21
Gr.4 - Road2FURY
Manufacturer: Honda

Season 9:
Gr.2 - G4Rotary
Gr.3 - Nilsemann2002
Manufacturer: Porsche

Season 10:
Gr.2 - jonimestari91
Gr.3 - Ryslan_Zharinov
Manufacturer: Honda

Season 11:
Gr.2 - jonimestari91
Gr.3 - RLH_Wesley99
Manufacturer: Mazda

Season 12:
Gr.2 - Nilsemann2002
Gr.3 - TSR_JoeToGuy
Manufacturer: Honda

Season 13:
Gr.2 - TSR_JoeToGuy
Gr.3 - TSR_Tomsoft
Manufacturer: Honda
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Season 14 is finally here! With field that has 10 Hall of Famers, including 8 champions, races will be epic and championship is going to be tight fight.
Calendar also looks interesting with Sardegna, Blue Moon Bay and Interlagos returning, but first, we head to Nurburgring for Round 1.
Nurburgring is one of the most technical circuits in the calendar, many highlight first sector as most difficult area to master. But as circuit has been main test-track for our drivers, and season opener past 13 seasons, drivers should have lot of experience. This will be also first season opener ever without single rookie driver, so everybody has some history to lean back to. Many of the drivers in the field have won in Nurburgring, but Nils that has won record 6-times, wont make appearence until later in the season.
One of the most interesting rule-changes this season is tyre-rules: SuperSoft will be 3rd manditory tire during the race, and it should produce some interesting moments during races.


Defending champion TSR_JoeToGuy made move to Nissan for Season 14, and his teammate will be TSR_Tomsoft, last seasons Gr3-champ. This is only 3rd time ever there has been 2 drivers with yellow numberboards in same team. Nissan is looking for its first ever Manufacturers-title. Nissan is second in wins with 21 and have had 2 drivers titles, but lack Manufacturers-title. Clear favorite for Gr2-title is TSR_JoeToGuy who is looking for his first title defence and 3rd straight title. He could become only second driver ever to win 3-titles in a row: ''It should be a close season. I see Tomsoft as my main rival, and I know how fast he can be. I'm targeting some good early rounds in the season to put me in a good place''. He has won past 2 seasons in Nurburgring, Season 12 in Gr3 and last season in Gr2: ''I hope to at least be on the front row. I think Quali will be close. For the race I'm hoping for some small errors from others that will help me out, otherwise it'll be a close race to the end.'' German TSR_Tomsoft will make his debut in Gr2 in his homerace, but he has some experience on these cars. He is also one of the favorites for title and it will be interesting to see how he will do, especially start of the season: ''I do hope that I do well in my first season of the Gr2 class. I don't expect a lot from myself, but one or another race win might be nice. Goal is obviously both titles and I think with Joe I have a very good pairing.''

won last season its 8th manufacturers-title, second in a row but also 11th drivers-title. Brand new line-up this season, well, not quite. sota59 has won 4 of his 5 titles in Honda, 3 in Gr2. jonimestari91 has won 1 of his 2 titles in Honda, also in Gr2. After 3 seasons in Nissan and most difficult season in long time, they return home, hoping to bounce back. sota59 was predicted to finish 3rd this season, and he is hoping to do atleast that: ''Return to top 3 in championship is main goal, consistancy will be key, but i also hope for race wins. If we get to Le Mans while being still in contention, everything is possible. This might be most difficult season to date''. sota59 is 2-time winner in Nurburgring, and despite being on podium past 2 seasons, he was not won there since Season 4: ''I had pace last season, maybe even to fight for win, but mistake kept me away. Focus is to cut mistakes this season, and start of the season might be hard after car change.'' His teammate jonimestari91 has had technical issues recently, and will miss atleast Round 1, but hopes to return soon. Team has big name replacement in wings, just in case....

Lexus was not in title fight for either title last season in Le Mans, but tied its previous best with 2nd in drivers-points and 3rd in Manufacturers-points. NWR_Spookyluki is racing under 3rd different team in 3 seasons, but back for record breaking 4th straight season in Lexus. With his experience he is best hope for Lexus to finally win titles, and is coming from his best season yet. If he can again reduce his mistakes, and get some lucky races, he could pull out good title-run. He is one of the drivers that has won in Nurburgring, back in Season 11, his first ever race in GT-MES, and he finished second last year, so look out for him to start season on top: ''Got a fair bit of practice, hoping for a decent result, happy with the one lap pace for now and hope we can have a good strategy.'' His teammate will change for first time, as NWR_Bottlejob jumps from Gr3. He might not have won races last season, but had 3 podiums and rumours is that he could be real black horse to win races, or even more: ''People will underestimate me because of my average performance in the Gr3s last season and I hope that my pace in the Gr2s will wipe the expected 6th places off their faces. In terms of my other goals, I'm hoping to get a win this season and outperform my teammate NWR_Spookyluki.'' He is also looking to start season with a bang: ''I'm feeling good about round 1, I'll be looking to kick the season off with a bang in qualifying before concentrating on clearing the Gr3 cars cleanly throughout the race''.


Subaru returned to GT-MES last season, and it went like their every season in the past. Drivers-title won but just missed on Manufacturers-title. This season they have brand new line-up, but very experienced and succesful. Season 11 Gr3-champ RLH_Wesley99 and 6-time race winner RTA_SAFFA. RLH_Wesley99 has finished in top 2 all of his 3 seasons, and is looking for second title. Car is very similar to car he won his title in, Mazda. Not great in terms of top speed, but corners it is almost unbeatable. RLH_Wesley99 says: ''Hoping to get some good battles for the podiums and possiblies wins this season. I feel it is possible to be in the top 3 in the standings when the season finishes''. His teammate RTA_SAFFA has been close to title couple times, but still looking for the first. His goal is to have fun this season, but hoping to get that title, admits Le Mans will be critical. Subaru did struggle in Le Mans last season due lack of top speed, but did unexpectedly well in Spa and Red Bull Ring, winning both. But they have to get points from circuit that suit them, like this weekend in Nurburgring. Atleast podium objective for both, RTA_SAFFA says he has pace, but qualifying could be tough for him.

Porsche at times last season looked like drivers-title might be on the cards, but both drivers lacked consistancy. y_bearr_ in the end was in contention in Le Mans due his 2 wins, but finished season 3rd in points, long way from championship winner. y_bearr_ is back for record breaking 4th season with Porsche, and will be one of the black horses. He should be fighting for wins, but needs to fix his consistancy issues, start performing with heavier car and avoid technical issues to be title contender. Especially this season with super stacked field, every point counts.''I am excited ! I think its gonna be a hell of a battle for Gr3 driver. So many quick driver and good track selection too. Some track favour car with top end speed, some favour car with agility. My prep has been good so far, I hope my connection will be good too''- y_bearr_ says. amuda54 joins Porsche, move that he has hoped for long time. He has couple podiums in his name, but known to struggle, times very badly. American says car suits him well, and people are expection to see improvement in performance and consistancy. Podiums might be too much to ask this season due very high level of the field around him, but never say never: ''I don’t like speculating, but I think I have improved since last season. I have adjusted to the new car well, it feels a lot better and easier to drive than some of the others cars I’ve driven before. Although I am predicting the first 2 races of the season will be difficult because I have never been very fast at those tracks, my goal is to be consistently in the top 5 and fight for podiums when the opportunity arises''.

Toyota had succesfull return to GT-MES. They got their first podiums, pole, fastest lap and eventually first win, as GTO250GTO lead 1-2 in Le Mans, also taking his first win. GTO250GTO is back, and other car will have surprise of last season, de-luck4. GTO250GTO is not optimastic of having as impressive season as last time: ''Looking at the Gr3 field, there are not many guys I can beat on pace. And with the new tire rules and pit times I doubt there will much variance with strategies. So I will have to try to make the most out of the races that suit the Supra''. de-luck4 made interesting move to Toyota, as Supra is known to be very tricky car to drive: ''Although i will not have time to practice for first part of the season, pace with Supra looks promising. So, my goal will be to stay close as posible to the leaders and use their mistakes. At the second part i will have time for practice, also leaders will gain balast, so maybe i can get podium or victory, who knows''. Round 1 will be damage limitation for both cars.

BMW makes its return to GT-MES after 2 seasons away. Their most succesfull season to date has been Season 5, so it was no surprise as they signed both drivers back, 2-time champ thunderpigeon and doc-shipman. thunderpigeon won BMW its only drivers title in Season 5, and even though title should not be in the cards this time, there is bit of excitement. After getting back to speed last season, earning pole and couple podiums, he is looking to have more consistant season: ''I'm hoping for a stronger start to the season that last time. I have a good set up and the one lap pace of the car is good. I'm unsure on how the race pace will be in comparison to the other cars. I am targeting a win this season, and I think my best chances are at Nurburgring, Spa and Le mans. If I can improve on my points score from last season, I will be happy''. doc-shipman will be making his return after racing last time in Season 6. He is 3-time race winner, including one in M6, but this season will be tough. But he is still optimictic there will be results sometime this season: ''Been out of practice for a little while and haven't raced competitively for over 18 months so just hoping I can lock in a bit of consistency in the first few races and pick up the pace. Hoping I'd be able to grab a couple of podiums or perhaps a lucky win - but that's hope more than expectation!''

Jaguar will be first new manufacturer in GT-MES since Toyota in Season 9. And they have some big names in their line-up. Season 9 Gr2-champ G4 Rotary will start atleast first 3 races. He did well in his first season in Gr3, last time out, 4 podiums and second in championship, but is not expecting miracles this season, even though some have predicted big things from him: ''As I'm not doing the full season I have no pressure to perform, I'm just going to have fun with it. Jaguar definitely isn't my favourite car to drive but I do have previous experience with it so I hopefully will be ahead of somebody''. He is hoping for podium in Round 1, but expects it will be difficult with so talented field. 4-time champion Nils is expected to drive second half of the season in Jaguar, but for now spotlight is on G4 Rotary and TSR_Swablu. TSR_Swablu has only 1 GT-MES race in his name, but he has already title favorite-tag on him. Testing has been good and he is sounding very optimistic: ''I'm extremely happy to be participating in the series as ive only heard good things about it. I know that the competition is as fierce as its ever been and I'm more than prepared to put up a good enough fight to hopefully challenge for the title! Ive been jumping in and out of practice sessions recently and i have a good enough idea of who will have strong pace, but at the same time i think with the practice ive done and the times i know im capable of i should have a good chance of coming away from R1 with a win''.


After epic Round 1, we go to Italy for Round 2. Sardegna will host race for first time since Season 9, this time to other direction.
After long pitstraight, there is series of quick but tight corners, with plenty of elevation changes. Short circuit means traffic will make race even bigger challenge, on top of fact that most of drivers have very marginal experience on the circuit.
Most prepared drivers should take big points, no matter how they performed last week.


Round 1 win went to TSR_JoeToGuy in Nissan, and after issues for his teammate early in the race, he took the win by quite a margin. TSR_JoeToGuy took his 3rd straight win in Nurburgring and moved to 2nd all time in wins in Germany. It was also Nissan's second ever win in Round 1, first since Season 5. TSR_Tomsoft had some issues early on, but got on it after first stint, and eventually made it to 3rd, just short of bringing 1-2 for Nissan. He is now one of the hot favorites to take win in Sardegna, he needs to figure out qualifying first though. He said: ''I'm hoping to get the job done and win round 2, car feels alright and I'm hungry for it, just not used to the circuit. Lapping cars will be difficult for Gr2 so I hope I won't be too affected by it''. His teammate is coming for dominant win, but repeat of that would be major surprise, even podium could be tough with success ballast: ''It'll be hard to do well with the ballast. From what I've seen I'm not going to be at the front on pace, due to the ballast from Race 1. If everyone has a clean race, think I may end up 3rd or 4th''

It was difficult start to the season for Honda, with jonimestari91 having issues, sota59 was carrying the team and only finished 5th: ''5th place is not ideal, but i could see it coming, one lap pace was solid, but consistancy was not there, and tiny errors lead to big time loss during the race''. With jonimestari91 unable to sort his issues, sota59 will be only driver again this weekend, but hopes are higher: ''I think i have found some consistancy and feel with the car, and i think speed is good too. But we will only find out in qualifying and race if this is true, anything less than podium would be very disapointing''. sota59 won in Sardegna in Season 9, will be interesting to see if he can do it when driving to other direction.

Not double podium for Lexus in Round 1, but they can be happy. NWR_Bottlejob hold on to second place in his debut in Gr2 and NWR_Spookyluki just missed out on podium. ''Absolutely exhilarating, really good strategic battle against Tomsoft. Unfortunately couldn't hold him away from a 3rd place but did help bottle get his 2nd, so happy with that'' - said NWR_Spookyluki. He can strike back this weekend after just missing success ballast, but he is not so confident: ''A new track, I have some experience from other series but not expecting a lot. Hoping I can stay consistent and let others make their mistakes, don't expect a lot so anywhere near a podium will be a good result for me''. NWR_Bottlejob is also not expecting much, double podium might he hard to do: ''Not entirely sure how this one will go, without any target times its hard to know whether you're on pace or not and wrongly assuming speed will lead to a meltdown on the night. Especially with the +3 success ballast from my 2nd place last time out I'll be entering with an open mind and looking for a clean race''.


Subaru started season well, as RTA_SAFFA made correct decision in pits and took the win, even if not fastest car on the field: ''I know I had the odds against me going into the race with Swablu being so quick and when we were in quali he really showed his pace. So my plan was always to start on mediums and try not to lose any positions. I caught a huge break into T1 where yBear got some contact and dropped him back just enough for me to stay second at my first stop. From there it was basically having no traffic to ensure my win. Great result for myself and look forward to the next''. It was his 6th win, and starts his return to GT-MES on top. Other returning star in second Subaru, RLH_Wesley99 having to settle for 5th: ''It was eventful, quali wasn't the greatest I have had and during the race I was consuming to much fuel compared to others limiting my strategy options, had some good battle with thunderpigeon and de-luck4 though''. Subaru should suit the circuit with its technical sectors, but RTA_SAFFA will have fight in his hands, lot of success ballast in tight field and possible technical worries, that he says could strike late in the race. This leaves it all on RLH_Wesley99's hands, who is hoping to kickstart his season: ''Hoping to found more pace for Round 2 and score a podium, I feel good on this track so I think I can do it''.

Jaguar and TSR_Swablu came to Round 1 as hot favorites, and pace certainly was there. Quite easy pole and then he opened solid lead. But strategy errors left him 2nd after the race: ''Went too long on the mediums and overfueled on the last stint which cost me the win, but i cant be too disappointed with P2 and FL. A bit frustrating to lose the race with a strategy error but nevertheless Saffa was great yesterday and deserved the win''. Despite missing win, he still earned some success ballast and that first win might need to wait for while: ''With ballast being on the car im sure its going to be difficult to get the result i want, but on the bright side of things i have gone over my race at Nurburgring and have realised what went wrong. Hopefully, if all things go well there might be a chance of getting on the podium''. G4 Rotary had some technical issues in Round 1, but now comes into Round 2 without any ballast, and some rumours say he is fast. He wont want to repeat his performance from Season 9.

Porsche had solid start to their season. y_bearr_ could not match leaders speed, he did good job and took 3rd place, but was disapointed: ''Bad race, my pace was slow. Good points, but can't do what I did in practice. Think too much about strategy''. He now has some ballast, and in past it has been major issue for him, but he is sounding optimistic for Round 2: ''This race gonna be very good. I don't feel the ballast but Rotary and both Supras are fast. So I think it will be Jaguar, Supra, Subaru and Porsche fighting for podium''. amuda54 in other car had difficult race again in Nurburgring, coming home 8th: ''I made a stupid mistake early on which made me lose a lot of time to the train in front, and got undercut by GTO. But I learned a lot from that race''. He gets some ballast relieve for Round 2, and should make step up, but dont expect miracles: ''This is the first time I’m running at this track, so it’s a new experience for me. I’ve adapted to this car really well and I’m really happy with my pace, even if my points tally so far doesn’t show it. I think that if I keep it on the road I can score some more points here''.

Toyota had solid race in Nurburgring, de-luck4 made his way up from 6th to 4th, and even led for long while after running alternative strategy to others. GTO250GTO struggled and finished 7th place: ''Hampered by my bad qualifying. I was a second off my pace. But last season this bad lap would still have me started 6th''. He says finding setup that is working is issue right now, surprising that he was driving this car last season. This weekend might be struggle for him, but let see if he can return to form in Spa and Red Bull Ring, where he and car excelled last season. de-luck4 is far more optimistic this weekend: ''Happy to see original circuit on calendar, because i am closer to leaders on those tracks, also Supra suits here very well. Only 2 things is challenge at Round 2: lack of practice and traffic during race. So if i can avoid incidents and make clean race, then podium is achievable''.

BMW made their return to GT-MES last weekend, and even if they did not get big points, pace was positive for thunderpigeon. He was fighting for 4th place all race long, but eventually slipped down to 6th place, losing 5th in final corner. That does not sound like great race, but in this field Gr3 has this season, pace he showed is impressive compered to last season. More difficult race expected this weekend, circuit should not suit BMW: ''I'm unsure on my chances for this round, having only raced this track once before a long time a go. I need to improve my end of stint pace following last week's collapse. I don't think I'll be on the podium but would like to be in the fight for it''. doc-shipman had difficult race in Round 1 as expected, but also showed some potential. He is expecting step up in Sardegna, so let see if he can get first points of the season.
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