Stock Seasonal Time Trial #59 (600PP 4WD, 600PP RC – 12/01 to 1/26)

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  1. Hastatus


    This is a thread series for the seasonal time trials that focuses on completing the challenges (i.e. beating the gold target times) with stock versions of the cars. This means that instead of maximizing your PP with upgrades and focusing on getting the fastest laps on the in-game leaderboard, you are attempting to complete the challenges with the bare minimum amount of 'car' and money-spent as is possible.

    With the new more open ended format means that part of the challenge will be finding a stock car that has the lowest PP or lowest price depending on your view. It is also difficult to predict which types of tires a car will come with before purchasing.

    Warning: Some of these challenges are getting to be extreme and should be approached with caution! :banghead:

    In order to participate your car must be stock.

    1) A stock car is essentially any car as it is when purchased from the dealership or won as a prize: it will have had no modifications, added parts, or adjustments done that affect how the car performs.
    2) No oil changes are permitted: if you have had an oil change you must wait until the effects of the HP boost have been removed by driving over 300 km.
    3) You must use the original tire type that came with the car, unless dirt or snow tires are required.
    4) No changes to any “Car Settings” are permitted: they must ALL be left at their default values. [Note: cars that come with Fully Customizable Suspension that were purchased or won prior to patch 1.11 must have the suspension settings restored to default in order to be updated with the new stock suspension settings.]
    5) No SRF or ASM is permitted: other “Driver Assists” are permitted.

    Basically, the ONLY changes you may make to a car include: painting the car and changing a car’s racing number. Any other changes means your car is not stock.

    Stock Seasonal Time Trials #59:

    4WD Non-Race Car and Tuner Car Super Lap: 1:21.000 - Deep Forest Raceway - 600PP - SH - repeat - 1:22.000

    Race Car Super Lap: target 1:30.000 - Red Bull Ring - 600PP - RH - repeat
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  2. Hastatus


    Lowest PP Cars from last time:
    600PP 4WD at Deep Forest Raceway:
    521PP - 1:20.758 - Nissan GT-R Concept '01 - mcsqueegy

    600PP RC at Red Bull Ring:
    579PP - 1:29.776 - TVR Tuscan Speed 6 Touring Car '00 - Ryk

    My results so far with a wheel and an automatic transmission:

    600PP 4WD NRC and Tuner cars at Deep Forest Raceway:
    521PP - 1:22.359 - Nissan GT-R Concept '01 - SH - 4WD - 447hp - 1560kg
    572PP - 1:18.606 - Tommykaira ZZII '00 - SH - 4WD - 542hp - 1000kg

    Could not get anywhere as close to mcsqueegy with the Nissan: mcsqueegy was the only person to break 1:21 last time (the old time to beat was 1:22). ZZII is obviously an easy gold here.

    600PP RC at Red Bull Ring:
    - 1:29.750 - TVR Tuscan Speed 6 Touring Car '00 - RH - FR - 495hp - 885kg

    Made a slightly faster time than Ryk making this the car to beat: I had not driven this car before. This car handles much better than I have always thought it would.
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  3. lfm58


    RBR is a quite new circuit for me and so, before to make TT w/ Toyota or Chappy, I decided to run some nice stock racing cars:

    600PP RC at Red Bull Ring:

    - 01:27.407 - Ferrari 330 P4 '67 - RH - MR - 455cv - 792kg
    597PP - 01:27.573 - Nissan GT-R GT500 Stealth Model - RH - FR - 553cv - 1050kg

    They are fully different in terms of speed, acceleration, speed but was very funny to chatch Stealth w/ P4.

    Further Gold scores:

    600PP RC at Red Bull Ring:

    - 01.26.796 - Alpine Vision Gran Turismo Race Mode - RH - MR - 450cv - 900kg
    592PP - 01:29.510 - BMW Z4 GT3 '11 - RH - FR - 516cv - 1190kg
    588PP - 01:28.543 - Ford Mark IV Race Car '67 - RH - MR - 511cv - 1000kg
    582PP - 01:27.969 - Jaguar XJ13 '66 - RH - MR - 518cv - 998kg
    560PP - 01:29.852 - Honda NSX-R Prototype LM Race Car - RH - MR - 519cv - 1120kg

    I got worse feeling driving classic Ford than Ferrari.

    600PP 4WD NRC and Tuner cars at Deep Forest Raceway:

    546PP -
    01:20.582 - Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 '08 - SH - 4WD - 560cv - 1395kg

    Some laps with Nissan GT-R Concept '01 too but only Silver running around 1:22.6.

    All these scores are not optimal as I did max 10x laps for each model.

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  4. BWM


    600PP 4WD NRC and Tuner cars at Deep Forest Raceway:
    535PP - 1:20.829 - Nissan GT-R SpecV '09 - SH - 4WD - 493hp - 1680kg

    Could not get the concept one right. And the '07 was 0.760 away.

    600PP RC at Red Bull Ring:
    - 1:29.765 - Lexus PETRONAS TOM'S SC430 '08 - RH - FR - 479hp - 1100kg

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  5. StirlingMoose


    Sorry to say I'm not greatly inspired by these two.
    Deep Forrest - Love the track but 4WD, :yuck:. Only found two cars that were remotely entertaining to drive, the ZZ11 (too easy) and the RUF CTR2 (barely scraped a silver).

    600PP race cars I like, but RBR, :yuck:. On a more appealing track I would definitely have been bringing out my favourite classic racers. @lfm58 has beaten me to it in all the cars I would have chosen for a 600PP RH event anyway, so I'm not going to bother. Instead I picked something that doesn't often get used, something from the days when Lambos were Lambos and men were men.

    600PP RC at Red Bull Ring:
    - 1:29.584 - Lamborghini NOMAD Diablo GT-1 ‘00 - RH - MR - 591hp - 1200kg

    So back to the seasonal races for me. There are still plenty of cars I want to try, and I'm going to have some time to do QMs.
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  6. lfm58



    Pity you don't like the RBR circuit.
    However I don't believe to be faster than you expecially with powered classic FR cars as Jag, P4,...