suzuka group 1 race - menu book 42 - advice?

Anyone else find this race really difficult? I'm trying with the Mclaren VGT Grp. 1 but 6th is the best I can do (thats if I get a race where the rain isn't too heavy) My best lap is around 1:48:XX. I was hoping the Toyota GR010 would be a good car but I'm really dissapointed with it. Anyone got any tips or advice? Car choice, setup, race strategy, etc... I'm playing on a controller. Thans for any help. much appreciated
it's really hard. I;ve tired many things and many times. Also playing on a controller.
I agree with the others - either the Super Formula or Tomahawk. Both will smoke the AI.
From memory I had TCS at 5 and Soft tyres (are these allowed? I can't remember) and with all the grip I could thrash the car around the corners. When the rain came, I changed to Heavy Wet.
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I did this with the Peugeot 908 HDi FAP, My first try I got fooled into thinking it was going to be a hard rain and pitted too early losing a lead and never catching back up. Next attempt I kept my RH on until I had to pit for wear changed to IM and kept them on for the end of the race where it rained but not hard enough to need W tires. It was a fun race and got me out of my rut of only doing the money races. Gave me enough confidence to go back and finish my IA and get my S licenses too.