Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak Monster Sports 1995

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    StarLight Garage presents another Pikes Peak car since these cars are very popular nowadays and the 2014 Pike Peak event is "knocking on the door".
    What we need in GT6 is not only more Pikes Car but in fact the track itself will be a significant addition to the game. Let's hope we will get it soon including maybe this car since we already have the 1998 Escudo.
    Also thanks for JogoAsobi for sending an article about the Monster Sport Company.


    Nobuhiro 'Monster' Tajima, Japanese nickname 'Monster' Tajima, is a hillclimb racer, tuning shop owner, rally team manager and former rally driver who is best known for his participation in Suzuki's rallying program as well as his triumphs at the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb.

    Tajima is also the founder of the Monster Sport where he builds in his impressive workshop all kind of cars and it was this Suzuki Escudo from 1955 who put the basics for the later famous V6 Escudo from 1998.

    The car is built in an era where experimentation met danger and pretty much every single aspect of this hand-built car seems to follow this general guideline. Because his long term association with Suzuki Sports, the goes to the mountain in Colorado as a Suzuki-badged car.
    As raw as it looks, every surface on the Escudo is sculpted to generate as much downforce as possible.

    The Escudo sits on 17×10-inch SSR mesh rims fitted with special Yokohama rubber measuring 285/680 at each corner. Further the car have a Cd of 0.9.
    The wheels alone give an impossibly cool stance and look to this off-road beast. Every body panel is made out of extremely thin carbon fiber to keep weight down and where extra reinforcement is needed Kevlar was used.
    Aiding as much traction and stability as possible is the massive rear carbon bi-plane wing. It’s held up by two carbon fiber stays, which themselves are affixed onto a secondary tubular structure that bolts directly onto the space frame that the whole vehicle is built around.

    A chrome Molybdenum steel space frame which supports all other componentry, from the steel and aluminium double wishbone suspension arms to the multitude of radiators needed to cool the engine and the 4WD driveline.

    The tiny 1,590cc engine that powers the Escudo has a decent dose of boost, the four-cylinder mill is able to deliver a mighty 450PS. It’s obviously not built for longevity and as long as it can function at its best for about 10 minutes, it has done its job well.

    Monster Tajima wasn't really going to show up to Pikes Peak with a 450PS Escudo. Oh no. He needed at least 900 horses to get the job done, which is why there’s another boosted G16A engine sitting up front! This motor runs the exact same specs as the rear one, and has been made to work in perfect synchronised harmony. It’s a big feat pulling off someone like this – especially making it all work to its best in a competitive environment. With a curb weight of 900 kg, the Escudo boasts an impressive power-to-weight ratio of 1 kg to 1PS. That’s 1:1.

    The throttle pedal is also mechanically linked to each of the two engines and mounted on a hinge that operates both throttles at the same time with the same progression. Sounds easy right? Well, it’s not! The clutch pedal too has to operate the two multi-plate clutches at the same time.

    900ps total (450ps each engine)

    2x Monster Sport-built Suzuki G16A

    Custom straight cut gear set x2, triple plate carbon clutch x2, EMCD center differential, front/rear LSD

    Custom double wishbone layout, custom dampers and weighted springs

    Wheels / Tyres
    17×10-inch SSR mesh 2-piece wheels, Yokohama off road race tyres 285/680R17

    Carbon fiber custom body panels and aero

    Chrome Molybdenum steel space frame, 900 kg curb weight





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    One more Pikes Peak Monster! :cheers:
    Certainly has my vote!
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    In action...

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    This looks like the second generation model (introduced in GT2), that uses two V6 engines. The one posted by OP is a first generation model that uses two 4 cylinder engines.