T300 (Alcantara & Others) Magnetic Shifter Mod

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    I noticed in recent weeks that the paddles on my T300 Alcantara wheel were feeling a little squishy and had perhaps lost some of the snap they had when I first started using the wheel a couple of years ago.

    I then stumbled across this video on YouTube:

    In summary it's a mod where you remove the built in return springs for the paddles and replace their function with neodymium magnets. The guide is very easy to follow, adaptable I'm sure for other rims, and really the difference in the feel of the paddles is night and day. They are far more tactile now and have a great snappy feel to them.

    I picked up some generic neodymium magnets from ebay for a few quid - 50x20x8mm which have worked out really well in terms of fit and strength. If you want a stronger pull then of course you can go bigger on the magnets. I would not go wider than 20mm however as you need to leave some room so that you can tighten the locking nut easily to secure the rim to the base.

    Here is how mine looks now - the magnets are secured with adhesive pads (perhaps 0.5mm thick):

    . IMG_20200121_013947.png
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